Written by loser


So boss sees the state of my wife still horny from kev so demands ,scene as she is a bad girl she should blow him again ..She never says no...So he learns this and plays on it ..She come home chewing gum each day so i dont taste the cum and to strengthen her jaw.Then Gay asks me if i mind her to go to kia iwi lakes for the weekend with some work mates ...So she

wheres her tank top white mesh ..No bra....Fuck she looks hot ..So she has a great weekend away and when she gets home she tells me that the 2 married guys gave her a glass of wine and where taking turns pashing her and feeling her up..she said they fucked her outside on a picnic table at night the 2 of them ..taking turns . and seemed to sleep the arvo on sunday off exhausted .Another busy week ,She picks the 3 kids up from school , and gives me her lunch and tells me she was too busy to eat lunch ..I am now getting really worried about our relationship she is much more brazen and dictates how things are.

So in the morning i notice she is sneaking a tiny plastic bag where she sneaks it out of the house and when talking on the phone the boss tells me that gaylene has a new work uniform ..A work bra which is totally see thru and G string ..She comes home and asks me to try on some sun glasses .I notice cum stains on the lenses as i wear them as instructed ....I am now catching on to these sex games that she is playing ..now she starts to dress like a street worker at 40 years old she looks hot.hoing to work .She introduces me to a worker whom she tells me was a prostitute an dsaid she used to have orgasims

with the punters ..and used to be a ship girl when the ships come in .So my wife starts slut training with her and she takes me to a house in the suburbs where she chucks the keys in a bowl and vanishes for 2 hours ..A lean lady dressed with a teddy gives me a lap dance while i wait ...