Written by loser


Things where a little tight on money .So i suggested my wife get a job as our business had ended and we only had a small

mortgage ..So my wife of 21 years come home very proud that she had scored a job ..A beautiful blonde with 36 c bust size 10

nice waist thin and curvy bum..really nice legs .Anyway her boss shows her the way to the chip maker where she is to work and all goes well for a couple weeks .Our love life has become quite boring ..missionary every so many weeks ..She tells me it is hot as hell where she works .So i suggest she just wears thin t shirts and said one of the ladies used to only wear a bra when she worked and nobody worried about it in a bakery .So short story she starts to wear see thru tops with bra ..The boss is joking with her and dears her to go out with a customer as she says her husband takes know interest in her any more .So she does this and she makes the mistake of giving this guy a kiss ...and tells the boss ..the boss says hes going to tell hubby if she doesnt give him a blow job out in the hallway ....So whats a girl to do ?She nails that blow job and comes home and decides to tell me the truth and says she would like an open marriage ...So i agree and we dont talk about it .So next day same time at work and boss teases her your boyfriend is back and he has a speeding ticket trying to get to her in her lunch break .She jumps in his paint van where he kisses her again as she wants to only show appreciation through a blow job and not fuck as

it not cheating if you just give a blow job ..How ever kevin is straight too her tits and unleashes them and sucks them which turns her on..and she gives him an enthusiastic blow job .His wife doesnt do that ...So my girl tells me has a huge glumpof man cum and she cant swallow it all quick enough and some stains her clothes ...So kev drops her back to work and the boss