Written by Loser


Love languages ,well my wifes one is sex. Lucky for me she described her boyfriends to me ,Knowing i did not believe her.

Sunday came and she looked surprisingly sexy and said can you look after the kids. I noticed the green eyeliner the hem of the dress mid summer barely covered her shapely womenly arse as she teased me smacking her lips together with the red lip stick. She said just going to church . Well she arrived home at 4.30 pm ... and as she walked in the room with just me . She said i feel really fucked, as i gaze at her mid thighs and notice white cum as she speaks saying and i smell sperm with laughter as she strips off with much more of a sensual giggle. Her body language is that of a confident women now as she swings her perfectly shaped tits side to side,no bra ,no undies of course, as i stand with my mouth gaping open .She had been away 5 hours.

Gaylene asked me to move a fence so she had more time to entertain men in the waterbed. I said no i wanted to watch?..

She said she would think about it. The more sex she got, the more she wanted and i followed her around and managed to watch through an outside window when she serviced four guys at once and they would change positions on her slapping hands together to rotate and the mattress on the floor let them DP her . i creamed myself watching her boss and kevin with the greek and a new guy fuck her as she held on tight to the mattress as she orgasmed. She was wearing nipple clamps they put on her and her arse was red with slap marks. As she lay on top riding , grinding her hips into his pubes the chain tugging at her nipples as she rode faster and faster the new guy pulling her hair and fucking her arse .That sent her over the edge. I laughed because i knew , that i was the first to cum in her arse , Before she turned into a blonde haired big boobed slut. When i confronted her she sat on my lap in my car and leaned up against the steering wheel and showed me how she rode her men. Her boobs spilled out the side as i sucked on them. Fuck what a horny hot wife she is. No wonder she is always being late home . When i ring she doesn't answer her cellphone for ages and she keeps fucking him as i talk to her. She had the most perfect tits . and she was mostly honest to me and i was just a cuckold husband. Her body changed a bit when she did the gangbang and no one wore condoms , i picked her up with cum all over her face and in her hair. but she ended up pregnant out of that and for some reason it was all my fault. But she gave the child for adoption and keeps in contact .... but she was the dirtiest nastiest wife and complexion was great due to all the stem cells she had swallowed.

But i would never say anything bad, she was the ultimate women. Dressed real sexy and men couldn't help but want to jump her bones.