Written by loser


So I was saying from kevin dropping my wife off after lunch, Her boss whom couldn't keep his hands off her and it was agreed

that with an open marriage anyone could fuck her that wanted too. Wore jeans to work that day with a black see thru

lace and transparent top ,Upon checking her washing secretly when she got home There was at least three lots of cum stains

on the top ,Gay did not wear it home she had a braless white knitted top that is incredible sexy her nipples where peeping through the holes of the croushea mini top showing bare mid drift as she come in the door I saw cum stains on her denium mini skirt she had no under wear on .She said to me what a fucking day ,They fucked me all lunch hour today for over an hour .I was gob smacked and taking in her ruffled hair ,God she was so fuckin spunky ,No wonder as soon as we get to the fuck parties she had her hands in the air as her top would be discarded .She was telling me about this greek guy ,That Kevin and paul had sorted to fuck her next Friday ,Apparently he was 10 inches long ,She is the best at blow jobs because she was trying to strengthen her mouth from the many guys that were starting to jamb their cock in her mouth . I mean whangarei is a small place and you wouldn't want any details getting out .But as long as she was happy I was and she learnt quick that the married guys couldn't wait to go to Friday night fuck parties .Didn't bother wearing a bra or under wear as they don't last longer than one minute when we both enter the room .The other girls don't really match up to her sluttiness and one rides my cock in the kitchen while she services the guys in the lounge ,Mostly because her tits are amazing and womanly waist nice arse just got the body as she gets older looks better .Just wished I had the chance to dress her up more .

I would make her go too bars and pickup strangers and fuck them in front of me .I told her I wanted her to shoot porn for me . Because she is better than most porn stars ,She took four guys home and got stopped by the breatherlizer she got off .