Written by KiwiBanga


Have you ever walked into a pub and straight away noticed a girl and thought to yourself , I am going to fuck her tonight.

Well that is what happened this night.

One Thursday night after work . me and a friend decided to head to the pub for a couple of quiet beers.

As we walked into the bar , I noticed a girl standing at the bar with her friends , she was beautiful , she had long black hair , brown eyes , maori and a body with all the curves in the right places. She was wearing a black knee high skirt with black knee high boots , a purple blouse that was almost see through.

There weren't as many people there that night as there usually is on a Thursday.

We walked over to the bar and were bout to order our drinks when the girl I had told myself I was going to fuck , , said that the place is dead. I replied to her and her friends , Yeah it looks that way , how long have you been here. Apparently they had only just arrived themselves and had just got a drink before we walked in.

The bartender served us and just as i took a sip out of my beer , the girl who I liked asked me if i had my car here. I told her we had got a taxi. She then replies that's okay , I have my brothers car and then she whispers to me that she wants to go to the car with me to get something out of it. I say okay then.

We both didn't tell our friends where we were going and head outside to her brothers car that was parked in the far corner of the car park. As we get closer to the car with me following just behind her , she reaches behind and grabs me from between my legs. She begins to unzip my fly and takes my cock out of my jeans. She then hitches her skirt up and climbs into the back seat , with me in hot pursuit as she lays back on the seat. My cock was hard as fuck from seeing her lift her skirt up to show me that she had no knickers on underneath,

I climbed in after her and slid my hard cock straight into her moist pussy. I started to slowly work my cock in and out of her hot shaven pussy , slowly getting faster and harder with each pump as i went deeper inside her.

Her moans of pleasure were crazy , as she kept telling me to fuck her harder. I began pounding her pussy so hard I could feel the knob of my cock hitting her pussy lips as it went in and out.

My balls were slapping against her ass with every penetrating motion , her nipple were erect with excitement. I unbuttoned her blouse to suck both nipples , she screamed cum cum cum inside me , cum inside me. Fuck i want you to cum so hard inside me. It was at that time i felt her gushing out of her pussy onto my balls. The warm feeling of her nectar rushing out onto me made me explode so hard inside her that I could feel my hot load of cum powerfully forcing its way out into her creamy filed pussy. She looks up and says to me good boy , good boy that was fucken hot.

We get sorted and head back into the pub. My friends asks me where have i been for the last 20 minutes. I tell him that I was outside talking to an old friend. I tell him that I have to go to the toilet before we leave. As i get my cock out for a piss , i noticed that it had a big load creamy cum mixed with a faded red colour. I wipe y cock off with toilet paper and realise that she must of had her period or just finished it. We finish our beers and head into town.

The girl asks me where are we off to and i tell her , she says we might see you there later then.

Didn't see her there , but met up with an ex girlfriend and went home with her for the night.