Written by trib4u (Mrs)


It all started off at work. I am despatcher for a trucking firm we do bulk haulage and many of trucks are based all around the North Island and a few in the South and locally. Being a female this world is very male dominant and females in this Industry for some drivers is bit too much to get their heads around. Never the less I work for my drivers and ensure to meet their outside of work needs along with the business.

One of my drivers offered to take me out in the truck for the day. He was tall and in shape and I got on pretty well with him. It was summer and I wore a singlet under my jumper not realizing I would be out of the air conditioned office. As we set off for good days work we drove towards our first destination. I loved being in the truck up high and the power and shear size. It was bloody hot though and I decided to take off my jumper and I was a bit weary of my nipples showing through my singlet but also anyone could see straight down and see my titties. I was too hot to care!

I noticed his hands on the gear stick and wheel and it sort of turned me on how big and perfect his hands were. I couldn't help but imagine him running his hands all over my titties and now moist pussy. My nipples were rock hard and he looked over and made mention of my nipple piercings and how different but sexy they looked pierced the other way than normal. I was surprised he even knew what way was normal and so started to quizz him about them. After telling me that his ex girlfriend had piercings the big shock came when he told me he had a Prince Albert and had recently changed his to a slightly bigger one and in gold. Immediately I felt the warmest of juices flowing out my pussy and immense tingling through my entire body. As we arrived to our first stop he got out and set up to get loaded as he walked around the truck and trailers I secretly watched him and as I gently rubbed on my clit and I could not believe how wet I had got.

I text my husband saying how great my day was and how good it was to be out of the office. I was trying to calmly speak about how horny I had got myself and why. I sent a photo of him to hubby with the caption " you wouldn't believe this guy has a Prince Albert huh" I also sent a selfie making sure to get my singlet and perky nipples in knowing he was going to respond. The loading was done and finally I had been able to calm back down. It had been 20 mins since I text hubby and hadn't got a text back which I desperately wanted to see his reaction.

He told me he would stop for lunch at a rest area 10 mins away which was ideal for the truck to fit it was a big area with BBQ tables and the river ran alongside and full of trees. I was looking forward to eating my salad and stretching my legs. The weather was so warm he asked if I would be ok to go down by the river and dip our feet in the water and have lunch. I of course was happy as I felt my entire body with pools of sweat and couldn't wait to feel the cold river water.

I found a nice spot and another couple were around 20 meters away sun bathing and having lunch. As we both removed our shoes I noticed his feet and was pleasantly surprised and glad he had normal looking feet. As we ate I couldn't help but feel as if we both were flirting during normal conversation and in the back of my mind wondering how much I would love to see his cock piercing. Then I remembered my phone was still in the truck and what if hubby had text back. Before I could get a chance to go get my phone he said if I would mind if he went in for swim and would I like to join him. This was the first upfront attempt from him to let on what his intentions were because he knew I had nothing to change into so was fairly obvious to me he and I were going to be naked. The thrill was overwhelming and my thoughts and emotions was running wild and I could feel the gushing of juices inside my underwear from my already soft warm pussy. As he stripped down to nothing I saw his semi hard cock and seeing the piercing through the head of his cock was surreal and I could think nothing else but how nice that would feel inside of me. As I removed my singlet and jeans he was making it obvious that he was watching me get undressed. As I removed my underwear I purposely ran my hand over my pussy and adjusted my clit piercing while sliding my middle finger ever slightly into my extremely wet pussy. My piercing glisten in the sun and slowly disappeared as I entered the water. I knew this was going to be the very next question but I instead complimented on how nice looking his piercing and cock looked and assured him not everyone would look that good. As we both relaxed and chatted it was like we were the only ones around even the sound of the traffic was silent and as big as the river was we both were only hands away from each other every so often parts of our body would touch and the awkwardness of saying sorry every time begin to stop as the body touching became more often and longer. Through the clear water I could see he was fully erect and I couldn't believe his self control not to pull me in closer to him and wrap me in his arms. The temptation for us both became frustrating and we both made our way to some rocks to sit on. We both knew where this could lead but he asked if I would mind if he wanked himself and would I mind poking my pussy till we both cum. This came as a surprise but I gladly agreed with the stipulation that he cums on me which he accepted with excitement. It didnt take long for me to cum in fact my pussy was craving so hard I orgasmed twice and something which never happened before I squirted when I cum and the intense was something like never before as cum ran out my pussy almost instantaneous he straddle over me and cum all over my tits and mouth the warmth of his cum and having his cock so close to my mouth with that piercing I just couldn't control my pussy from letting one more orgasm flow out. We both had one more dip in the river before getting dressed and finishing off our day. I checked my phone and hubby still hadn't replied so I knew he must be still in a meeting and I couldn't wait to tell him in bed later that night.

We both never spoke about it again and I never went for another ride. He started dating one of the younger girls in the office who was new. His cock and the feeling of his cum was never far from my mind. The taste of his cum was one I would never forget.