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I can remember the first time I read Marty’s profile, I was so turned on that I was shaking when I sent him a message. He was the stuff of my wet dreams, in his early 70s and sexually active in a way that would leave many younger men gasping. I couldn’t wait to see what might eventuate between us. He replied quickly and we exchanged messages getting to know each other. He is a grandfather but also a bisexual pain slut who was likewise keen to meet me, though he was guarded and quite reserved. I think he was hoping I was genuine but expected to be disappointed. I am keen to explore sexually so I was thrilled to have his guidance and support on Fetlife, where I learnt I’m a sensualist, my senses dominate my life experiences which is absolutely true and I love to give pleasure, in whatever form the receiver wants. With Marty, that was pain. My world was opening up!

I finally met Marty when I moved to his region, we met for coffee midmorning and he was respectful and well dressed, easy to chat to but I knew something of what lay beneath and was thrilled when he suggested we find a room at a local motel. I was more interested in finding a local field or grove of trees to enjoy him outside but he wanted a bed and probably a plug for his mains-powered vibrator. Once inside the motel room this unassuming man metamorphosed and with his bag of toys fingered and ate my pussy with a skill and enthusiasm that had me writhing on the bed and applied the most powerful vibrator to my clit which had me in ecstatic spasms. I gorged myself on his fat cock and finally he fucked me soundly and powerfully. I was in awe and delighted to have made his acquaintance. We finished off the afternoon with a meal at a local restaurant and I went home with a huge grin on my face and a full wank bank. On another occasion when Marty was in town, he introduced me to forced orgasms; applying that wonderful vibe to my clit and not taking it away until I’d cum 10 times. Definitely an experience to treasure.

Our lives took us in different directions after that but I'll always remember him!