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I enjoy older men, not only are they generally good company in that they know how to engage in the to-and-fro of conversation but they take their time, they understand that to rush is to kill seduction. An ‘older man’ is an ambiguous definition but for me it’s almost a fetish, someone usually at least 60. Like me, they enjoy the frisson of flirting and tantalising conversations in low tones in crowded cafes or tables in sunlit garden bars, all the more beguiling because of the innocent setting and the disbelief by any observers that there could be any provocative intent. Older men become invisible sexually, they aren’t often the shiny-eyed fantasies of youthful lust that older women are, yet while many retain their sexual drive and desires, in the eyes of many they’re simply old and past it.

I don’t recall when I first began to lust for men who according to society had long shuffled off their sexual coil but I’m thrilled that I’ve turned my desires into reality because they really are worth pursuing.

I had been chatting with Ian in the chatroom for a while, he was 72 and we’d talk about all sorts of things as we both have a broad range of interests and over time shared some details about our lives. He’s a fascinating and intelligent man and I enjoy our conversations immensely.

I was keen to try naked sunbathing but was reluctant to try it on my own and really didn’t know where to begin. I said as much one day in the chatroom and was promptly invited to Papamoa by a fellow chatter but it was a last minute arrangement and it really wasn’t going to work. Dave suggested that I go with him, he’d be visiting the area the following weekend in his motor home and he’d be happy to ‘show me the ropes'. I immediately said yes because I was interested to meet him and the thought of being naked on a public beach with him was both exciting and reassuring.

The day arrived and it was stunning, we’d arranged to meet at a Papamoa beach reserve carpark where he’d spent the night and he was going to cook me breakfast and then we’d hit the beach. I wasn’t sure what might happen which simply added to the excitement, I wore my favourite loose summer dress with nothing underneath. It was a hot day and if he wanted to enjoy my loose breasts and looking at my nipples over breakfast then I was definitely ok with that. He greeted me with a tight warm hug and a grab of my bottom, I told him I wasn’t wearing any underwear and he was delighted. The rear of his motorhome was still set up for sleeping, with the seats folded down into his bed and the rear doors were flung open to enjoy the sea view. He set about cooking breakfast and I reclined on his bed revelling in the thought that nobody passing by had any clue about the intention of our meeting.

Breakfast was delicious and was soon packed away. “Follow me” said Dave. “in your car, down the road. I’ll pull over and stop beside the clothing optional part”. This was helpful because I really had no idea. Moments later we were there and made our way along the boardwalk to the sand. It is an unusual beach in that there isn’t really much of an expanse of sand. I was wondering if I’d have the courage to slip out of my dress with such little privacy from the gaze of the many people passing by but following Ian’s lead that’s exactly what I did. I applied liberal amounts of sunblock and lying back on my towel, naked, felt amazing. Feeling the breeze and the sun on my bare skin was so liberating and erotic that I felt I’d really turned a page in my life. If people wanted to look, well that was their prerogative, I was content to lie in the sun chatting and laughing with Dave and letting the day roll on. Occasionally there would be a lull in the crowd of beach walkers and I’d feel his hand caress my thigh, it was the most natural thing in the world to open my thighs so he could reach my pussy and gently part my lips to softly stroke my clit. On top of the sensory delight of the sun and breeze, this was dizzying and intoxicating. He’d roll on his side and reach out to pull and tweak my nipples, making them harden even more, alternating between my nipples and my pussy. This gave me an opportunity to lazily stroke his lovely thick cock for a while, bringing him to attention. Then people would appear at the shoreline and we’d stop, lest our actions bring unwanted attention. This added such delightful friction to the day and kept me on edge.

After a while of lying in the sun it was time to have a swim. I would have to brave the distance between where we were and the water which seemed miles to a novice like me but Dave grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, down the beach and into the surf before I could be nervous. The warm sea water felt incredible on my bare skin. It truly is a most erotic and, ironically, earthy feeling to be naked in the surf and I absolutely recommend it to everyone. We splashed around for a while then headed back to our towels to dry off under the sun utterly refreshed.

We continued to subtly stroke each other when opportunities were available through the afternoon, it was such a pleasant and erotic day. Soon it was time to be heading home though. He was staying another night at the reserve with all the other motor homes and needed to stake his claim before the car park was full. He invited me back for dinner in his motor home and I gladly accepted because I was dying to get my hands on him and have his on me away from the prying eyes of beach walkers.

I followed him back to the reserve and he pulled into a gap between two other motor homes and I parked further away. We climbed in and he pulled the curtains. Any naked activity wouldn’t be seen but it would clearly be heard as we were so close to other motor homes and people were moving around the car park organising their meals and themselves for the night. I slipped out of my dress again and he joined me naked on his bed. Finally! Again I was so excited to be so close to other people who had absolutely no idea about the debaucherous activities going on within earshot, especially with a lusty older gentleman who should be past such things. His fingers found my clit with practiced ease and his mouth alternated between my nipples. I was in heaven and soon had my hands full with his cock and balls. I’m usually quite a moaner so I had to consciously make no sound as people passed by outside which of course just turned me on even more. Our mutual masturbation session was incredibly hot, Ian was as excited to be watching me stroke myself as I was watching him and it wasn’t long before we were both climaxing, a delicious finish to a wonderful day. Ian, ever the gentleman, insisted on cooking me dinner before I left for home. I was delighted to have had my first beach session with such a sexy gent and I was hooked!