Its after 7pm... walking back into the office I see my Office Manager leaning back in her chair, I notice her knickers are pushed down to her thighs and she has her hand up her skirt...she doesn't hear me come up the stairs and into our office.

I stand at the door door for a full ten minutes watching her pleasure herself and from her breathing and the sounds she is making I think she's getting close to cumming

I'm staring at her hand between her legs.... trying to catch a glimpse of her sweetness... when I look up ... our eyes lock.... I expect her to be shocked... instead she smiles... throws her head back and moans..

walking into the room ..she doesnt stop..... instead she stands from the chair and then sits back onto my desk....

legs apart.... still caressing herself... Im transfixed

I sit down in my chair and she beckons me closer..until she can rest her feet on the arm rests

..... she sure is one sexy Office Manager... she has great legs, awesome boobs and very kissable lips

I have the overwhelming urge to kiss her but as I go to stand she tuts and says not yet.. the shows not over

I sit back down and she hikes her skirt even higher ... she slides he knickers completely off and flicks them into my lap... I have a perfect view of her delicious pussy... and her fingers as she caresses it and moans

Im getting incredibly hard... her breathe becomes shorter and she's moaning 'oh..oh..oh....oooooo....oh oh oh...yeeessss', her whole body convulses as she cums.....

I stand and release my belt, my cashmere wool suit pants fall to the ground and my raging hard on thrusts its way out of my boxers.

I turn her over and pull her hips back towards me... I reach between her legs and her pussy is glistening wet, so warm and inviting

on second thought I decide to lay her on her side on the desk...I step over her bottom leg as she lies on the desk... and pulling the top leg closer, just one leg raised which I support with my hand... pulling her close and pushing forward my cock rubs against her wetness

I take hold of my cock and rub it up and down the length of her

wetting the head and causing her to let out a stifled whimper of delight

pulling her closer with the top leg...I enter her and slide inside her ever so slowly

Im fucking her ... totally from the side

It feels amazing

from this position I can caress her clit and gently pinch her nipples as I slowly thrust inside her

I think she's loving it too.....