Written by GreenE8


Its a true story happened in life 2 years back . Meet a new friend who just joined my company. I n few days we become very close friends. As we used t hang out and drink and clubing, On fine night of clubing he mate a girl. A cute sexy , young around 22 years . She really had very cute face. It was like once you start looking to her you will never move ur eye. Anyways, in few days my friend and her starting going out and in few weeks they started sharing the flat. Since, I was first person to meet her we all three become a best friend . We used travel.

Now here the erotic story starts , once we all three were having few drink which end up finish 2 bottles of JD. you guys can imaging our status now . I become little horny and started taking about sex , my personal experience which they both were enjoying too. She lighted the cig. and mentioned about her personal erotic behavior of been nude. My friend was wasted as and he become so into her story he striped his cloth and looking to that she too. I was as horny I made my cloths go as well. Later his was our usual routine after work I used to be go at their place and stay nude. We all three enjoyed a lot been nude.

While we used to be nude we used to cook, dance , drink and travel some place in sunny where we can enjoy sun and relax. But in me it never happened to have sex with her. But ya i used to masturbate in front them which was natural and they never apposed. The life become so relax and fun . I started staying at their place it was happened to be we all 3 used to be in cloth only 10 hours in a day when we were out and nude for rest day and night. Slowly after few months our attraction of swinging sex started which we tried.

we all three where together for 7 months , now they have moved to Australia for work and they both are still together with baby. We usually have video nude chat.

I had most amazing time in that 7 months and due miss the girl who as doll and cute.