Written by Tom


I thought I would share a story of a 3-some that didn't go so well. Was a bit scary at the time, but now when I look back, it was quite amusing. This was before I lived in NZ, so not anyone on here.

I got talking to a couple, more specifically Angela, the wife, on the swingers website chat room. We got along, swapped pics and still got along and decided that we should meet up.

The day of the meet came and I was nervous and excited when I followed their instructions to get a taxi to the local fire station where her husband, Mick, would pick me up. He seemed pretty cool when he arrived and we had a good chat on the way. Telling me how sexy his wife is and what she likes. Started to relax a little more.

We arrive at the house and grab a beer. Angela was upstairs getting ready. I vividly remember the Masters golf being on in the living room throughout the meet. We sat and watched this while we waited. Angela cam down stairs and was stunning in a super short and tight little black dress. It didn't take long before we were kissing and removing clothing. Mike just sat and watched and did not say anything. Things carried on and got more heated, I remember her bent over the couch as I licked her pussy from behind, which she really seemed to enjoy. Occasionally I glanced over at Mick who was looking less and less happy. More to the point he was looking really angry. At this point Angela was sucking on my cock and now that I was hard talking really dirty to me and asking me to fuck her. I was getting a little fracked out as Mick was starting to mutter and curse at us. I broke things off and asked if this was all ok. There was no response from Mick, but Angela told me it was all good and that everything was fine. Well, being a bloke, my cock did the talking instead of my brain and we carried on. Mick looking more and more angry as we shagged on the sofa in front of him, balling his fists and cursing under his breath as we carried on. This was getting really scary now and I was desperate to cum and get the hell out of there. Problem was, the more scared I got the less the thought of getting off seemed possible. So try as I might, I could not cum. Angela was happy a long hard fuck was what she wanted. Problem was the more this went on, the angrier Mick got, the more horny Angela got and the more scared I got. In the end I remember Angela finishing me off with one hell of a great blow job. At this point, I pretty much gathered my clothes and made my apologies and ran out the house.

Weird thing was Mick sent me a message after asking if we could do it again.

Lesson learned, being watched by an angry man greatly improves sexual performance......