Our next trip to Thames Today has been as hot as all the rest of them since christmas.

We decided we were going to just go for a day out to get away from daily family stuff grabbed our fishing gear and off we went.

We got to Thames from Hamilton about 1030.and to our surprise the tide was further in than we thought.

Prepared lines cut bait baited hooks, out they went. This time the biting wasn't so great only one fish all day.so on went the sun screen Mrs tribe got abit frustred with the lack of fish action, and want human action but on walk way bit hard to be discreet.

to start with she made sure any man going past got great view of her split freshly shaved this morning.but to her surprise only 2 men went past. so with not being contented with that and getting very horny she stopped my gaze at the rods with her sitting on my lap put her hand down my pants and started to rub my cock. With her other hand she put my left hand between her legs and got me to start rubbing her clit. then the other hand being pl;aced down her strapless dress and on to her tits to caress her pierced nipples. No one could see much. but if anyone got close they would have seen her smooth split and tits being fondled.

we decided to stop it as getting pretty heavy and went down the rock so no one could see especially young people. Once down one the rocks out of most peoples sight houses and seagulls mrs Tribe said if at that stage she was so horny that she would of let anyone fondle her.

On the rocks she lowered top top of dress exposing her tits and started playing with them herself. While sitting back with legs wide open and in the air gave her tits and clit what they needed.

After that was all over with a big cum and noise and no one ever seeing or hearing we decided to pack up and leave.

on the way out of Thames she said she wanted to be fucked by a couple of cocks while fingering her self in car.

we got to Kopu where there was a small pull of area just over bridge on the turua side she asked me to pull up to see if any cars were there to see if a fuck could be had by strangers but no deserted so i was by my self fucking her while she cum again.

Once we finished there went to go home about 5 mins later she dropped her top of dress and drove nearly all the way back to Hamilton with her tits out fingering some of the way. The rest of the way fell asleep got just out of Hamilton i woke her and she covered her tits back up we got home back to normality and family. But what a great fun day out we had.