Written by bronpaul


Monday 2nd Jan 12; We were talking about bed, 10.00pm, and a car comes in the drive. Wondering who that could be this late and so soon after New Year’s I went out to investigate to find our most special friend had decided on a whim to pay us a sneaky visit.

Christy literally flow into my arms and planted the biggest wettest kiss on me. Wow. Yummy. After a kiss and cuddle for Bron we were all inside relaxing on the couch with drinks, chatting like we hadn’t just been apart for the past 6 months.

We must have chatted till at least midnight before we decided it was time for bed. Christy played the tease of course, asking if the spare bed was made up. Cheeky, she knows that when she stays with us she also sleeps with us (otherwise what’s the point in having a king size bed). So we all piled into the shower, giggling like school kids, excited to touch and feel each other again.

No funny business though, we were all pretty tired from the partying we had all just done the days prior, so with a little regret we all agreed that it was ‘sleep’ time. But, nothing was to stop us kissing and cuddling though, which is what we did until the small hours when all three of us finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, legs tangled together.

Tuesday 3rd Jan 12; The following morning was a gentler start, Bron got out of bed carefully so as not to wake us, and snuck out to look after the kids and keep them occupied, allowing Christy and I to have a little sleep in. Seeing as she left so “quietly”, we were awake with not much on our minds except for more touching and kissing, which we did without hesitation.

We were definitely very horny for each other, but as Bron wasn’t with us we tried our very best to be good. We just kept it to kissing, touching, a very little taste for me (mmm, I just love the taste of her pussy). Christy was so wet, just the smell of her was enough to drive me wild, and I know when Bron got a smell of it, she would be as hot as hell for her as well.

After an hour or so of dry grinding against each other and a lot of passionate kissing we decided that the day had better start somewhere, so with some moaning and groaning (and not the good kind) we forced ourselves out of bed. It is lucky we have a very big house, with the kids nicely occupied in the lounge Christy easily slipped out of our bedroom and out to the lounge 5 minutes ahead of me. When I emerged I found Bron and Christy having a sneaky kiss and cuddle in the kitchen, OMG, instant hard on.

So the day progressed much the same as any other during the Christmas Holidays, some house work, a little work outside on the property and I had to go to work for a few hours that evening to check on staff.

That evening was a nice home cooked meal, plenty of wine for the ladies, a few rums for me, lots of great conversation, play with the kids, etc…. (heaven for any man I would think).

Once the kids were down the conversation obviously turned slightly more adult, with fantasies, etc being discussed, giggles about the first time that we supposedly seduced Christy with a game of strip poker when we were all a little too drunk one night, but we didn’t last there for long. The desire was so great I am sure that if anyone had shown up they would have known instantly that they had interrupted something between the three of us.

We downed our drinks and headed to the shower without much hesitation, stripping each other off while kissing and touching. Mmm, the shower was nice and hot and with plenty of soap the body rubbing was on. Bron and Christy were rubbing their tits together giving them a good work out against each other, while I stood behind them and twisted their nipples together. Each of them took turns to reach down and feel my cock, with Bron driving her hand down along my shaft with some force, feeling my full hardness.

It wasn’t long before the steam from both the shower and us got too much, so it was out, drying each other off, more touching, kissing while making our way to bed.

Bron and Christy got into bed while I finished turning lights off, etc and then I stood and watched the show for a while. There was some heavy kissing and touching going on. Bron and Christy were facing each other and I climbed in behind Christy rubbing her back and arse, reaching over to pinch their nipples together. Christy obviously enjoyed my attention and squeezed my cock a couple of times and also rubbed her arse back against it. I got the hint and dipped my fingers into her hot tight pussy and felt how wet she was. After a few minutes I decided to tease her with my cock, being nearly 8in long (I am told) with very good girth it is the perfect ‘tool’ to tease her with. I was rubbing it between her legs when she sat back against me. She was so wet my cock 'popped' in. OMG, man she was tight and being a horsy girl has very good muscle control. You know when you get so hot for it you cannot control your hips. That was me, I just started a slow pump. As soon as I did she was moaning to Bron who wanted Christy to describe what I was doing to her. Christy moaned out "fuuuuccccck, his cock is fuck, is argh, is in me" (I was worried Bron would be a little angry) but instead got down between Christy's legs, spread them and watched my cock slide in and out of her. She then started rubbing Christy's clit and running her fingers around my cock and balls, spreading Christy’s juices everywhere, a little moaning herself. THEN, she stuck her head between Christy's legs and started licking her clit and pussy, man, talk about tight, Christy's pussy muscles clamped tight straight away with the feelings that Bron was sending through her. BUT, (I assume like every man thinks) I had to push their boundaries, I slipped my cock out and slid it up over Christy's clit, thus Brons tongue.

Bron pulled away a little at first, but it did not take long for her to wrap her hot mouth around my cock and suck it deep into her mouth, sucking hard, sucking very hard…… WOW

I then slipped it back into Christy and fucked her hard for a minute or so, whipped it out and had Bron suck her juices off me again, then Bron forced my cock back into Christy's pussy for a couple of strokes just so it would get covered in her juices so Bron could suck them off again. That was it for the next few minutes, Suck, fuck, suck, fuck, suck, fuck, on and on it went........ I had to pause a couple of times to 'contain' myself, but not for long. I was very proud of myself, in something straight out of an AAA+ porn movie, I must have lasted 15-20 minutes before I finally felt my balls go hot and tighten up, so I quickly pulled out of Christy and blew my load all over Christy's pussy lips and Bron’s face.

That was enough to send Christy over the edge, just the feel of my hot cum all over her pussy and Bron now rubbing it all over her lips with her fingers, Christy came very hard, so hard I had to hold her down so that Bron could push her more and more over the edge. When we did finally allow her to stop climaxing she couldn’t close her legs because her pussy was so sensitive to the pressure of her thighs.

Bron slipped up the bed and Christy rolled over onto her, pulling Bron to her and sucking and licking all the juices off Brons face.

While Christy was grinding her still orgasming body on top of Bron I slide my hands up Bron’s legs and started to play with her inner thigh, teasing her legs open for my attentions.

As Brons legs spread open my hands continued to travel up her thighs contacting her pussy and causing her to jump, mmm, she was open and so very very wet that my fingers slide over her lips and clitoris with very little effort. Christy, lying on top of her used her legs to force Brons legs open further, allowing me full access to her pussy, allowing me to push my fingers into her. I started a slow pump with my fingers while Christy kissed her, squeezed her boobs, licked, sucked and lightly twisted her nipples.

After a few minutes of this Christy wanted to get some of the action I had and slid of Bron to slide her hands down to touch and feel Brons wetness. Between the two of us we played with Brons clitoris and fingered her very wet pussy while Bron just lay there and moaned.

It didn’t take too much time with that sort of attention, Bron was orgasming fairly quickly, and just as she had done to Christy, Christy did to her, fingering her harder and faster as her orgasm washed over her, driving her to greater and greater heights all while Bron was climbing the bed to get away from our fingers.

We all just lay there after that, cum drying on all of us, holding hands, touching and silly smiles on our faces.

I was the first to move, sliding out from under all the limbs to head into the bathroom for a quick clean up and bring some warm flannels back for the girls, who I found wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing and giggling to each other. After a quick clean-up for them I recovered the sheets and blankets from the floor and climbed in, sandwiching Christy between myself and Bron. We lay there, chatting about silly stuff, soft touching, bodies all wrapped together once again.

During the night I woke a few times to feel Christy beside me, wrapped in my arms still, with Bron backed up against her on the other side, wrapped in Christy’s arms. I was also woken a few times by some ones hands having a sneaky squeeze of my cock, stoking me to hardness, a giggle, Christy I think, then hands with Bron then rolling away to turn over and slip back in against Christy again, and Christy moving slightly away from me to take a better hold of Bron (cheeky girls).

Wednesday 4th Jan 12; The following morning we all woke together, slightly earlier than normal to softly, silently touch each other. That feeling again on hands on me, but recognising several hands, both Bron and Christy, Bron whispering something and Christy giggling quietly, then hands moving a little faster on my cock, god, this is going to be a great morning.

Christy gave a sneaky giggle while looking me in the eye, then rolls completely away to lie on top of Bron, rubbing her lathe incredibly sexy body all over Brons, their tits mashing together. Mmmmmm, just drinking in the sight of it is enough to make my cock twitch with excitement.

I decide to get in on the action and even though the girls were playing hard to get I have easy access from the bottom of the bed where I begin to play, tease and pleasure. Using my fingers on both girls at once I soon have Christy arching her back to stick her arse in the air further, giving me better access while Bron slides her legs open as far as she can. Using both hands I am in heaven, finger fucking both these sexy girls at once, running my fingers over their pussy lips, smearing juice’s everywhere, sliding my fingers in and out of them, gaining encouragement from their moaning.

After about 10-15 minutes of my attention Bron grabs Christy under the arms and pulls her up, telling her to straddle her face so Bron can taste Christy’s pussy. Just as Christy lowers her now dripping pussy onto Bron’s face, Bron reaches down and spreads her own pussy and demands my cock.

Bron licks, taste’s, “Mmm, I can taste cum baby, your cum. Mmm, I can taste your cum and her pussy at the same time, god, fuck me, fuck me with that big cock”.

With Christy riding Bron’s face and me slowly sliding my very hard cock in and out of Brons wet pussy, all moaning, grunting and in sexual heaven. Christy reaches behind her and runs a hand over my stomach, down over my hips where she can feel the rhythm of my slow fuck, grabbing my hip to pull me into Bron and help guide the speed and tempo of my thrust’s. I run a hand up over Christy at the same time, cupping one of her pert C cup tits, feeling the hardness of her nipple in my palm, pinching it gently and rolling it between my fingers.

As we move I realise we are both moving together, same pace, same tempo, I fucking Bron in long hard strokes and Christy riding Bron’s face. One of the sexiest, erotic things I have ever done, and with the sounds of Bron’s muffled grunts and moans, I found myself having to catch myself, having to slow and clench my pelvic muscles to stop my orgasm building prematurely. But not for long, Bron’s hand reaches for her clit which I know she does when she is very turned on and desperate for an orgasm, Christy’s hips are now moving independently of my tempo, her moans getting deeper, more of a grunt, Bron wrapping her arms around Christy’s thighs, pulling her pelvis down hard onto her face.

Christy is the first to cum, forcing her legs open and bucking wildly against Bron’s mouth, spasming with soft grunts between gasping for air, but Bron is not far behind, again reaching down to frig her own pussy, driving all over her fingers at once over her clitoris, spreading her lips wide open allowing me to see my cock sliding rhythmically in and out, faster and faster. By now Christy had slide of Bron’s face and Bron is begging me for my cum, Christy pinches my nipples and plants a passionate kiss on my lips.

Looking Bron directly in the eye I pull my cock from her spasming cunt and spray one of the biggest loads of hot white cum all over both my sexy ladies, which they gratefully receive, rubbing it all over each other’s tits and tummy’s.

Falling panting to the bed we lay there for a few minute’s desperately trying to catch our breath. I rolled over and planted a big passionate kiss on each of them, first Bron, smelling and tasting the juice’s from Christy’s pussy, then Christy, letting her smell and taste what I had just tasted from Bron. Wow, involuntary twitch of the cock which was noticed by both who giggled and asked if I would like to go again. God I would have loved too but just then I heard the stirrings of the kids and knew I did not have long for a shower before I needed to attend to them.

Christy followed me to the shower where we soaped each other quickly, washing, getting out and drying off. Christy got back into bed with Bron and pulled the sheets up to cover them as I went out to begin my day.

Not long after I returned to the room with coffee’s for each to find the door locked and some gentle moaning and giggling going on behind a locked door. Oh well, ‘Girl Time’. I left them to it, not seeing either of them for nearly an hour.

I learnt afterwards that Christy started kissing and touching Bron again, getting her horny and then suggesting they play with some of the many toys that Bron has. They both ended up getting each other off with the toys while talking about their dirty little fantasies, a few of which they both agreed we had just fulfilled.

The day progressed much the same as the day prior, laying around, beautiful cooked lunch, play with the kids and some small clean up jobs around the garden.

Later that day Christy and I decided that we were going to one of the summer concerts at The Mount, so after a quick phone call to secure some free tickets, started to make our preparations.

The concert was great, lots of people, dancing, etc… we had a great time. We were careful to begin with, while it was still day light and made sure that if anyone who knew us saw us that we were just good friends out for a good time, but by the time it was dark we were a lot closer together (and not just because the place was packed and all those young hot bodies pushing up against us). Dancing with each other, bodies touching and hands wandering I soon found myself wishing that Bron had come with us.

After the concert we went into the bar and had a few extra drinks and listened to the house band for an hour or so. But, that was never going to last for long, with all the bodies that had been banging into us and all the body touching that we had done to each other we were in a mood to get home to Bron. On the way Christy teased me by flashing her perky tits and telling me why she finds Bron and I so sexy and how she loves being with us. She even stuck her fingers down her pants and made me smell the sex on her fingers. Dam the distance.

Once home and inside we found Bron snoozing on the couch. We quietly woke her by kissing her softly on my lips. Christy then untied her dressing gown and started to suck and nibble on her nipples.

I went to get a drink and when he returned I found the girls totally engrossed in each other. They kissed and sucked around each other’s bodies for about half an hour while I sat and watched, then I decided to leave them alone for a while and headed to the bedroom to get things ready. When they finally realised I wasn’t there and came looking for me, they found me in the bedroom watching some TV.

I started the shower and sat to watch the girls undress each other. We all climbed in took turns standing under the water, getting wet while the other two soaped each other up. God, the girls kept grabbing at my cock. The feeling of both their hands on me at once was so hot, squeezing me hardness and pulling my foreskin back, hard, making my cock feel and look harder and bigger. Bron sat back for a while and watched Christy and I play with each other, getting really soapy and really horny. We were kissing very hard, tongues probing each other’s mouths like crazy. Then I stepped back and pushed Bron into my place, where Christy spun her around and pinned her against the wall and grabbing at my cock to pull me up behind her to sandwich her between Bron and I.

Christy and Bron were exploring each other and Christy started to play and finger Bron’s pussy with one hand while stroking my cock with the other. Then Christy took my hands and put them on Bron just before squatting down between us. My hard cock was right beside her cheek and she turned to lick the head of my cock once or twice, but she was down there for Bron. Very soon I was holding Bron up while Christy fingers played, probed and teased. I was kissing Bron’s neck and nibbling on her ear when she started to moan out for more fingers, “mmm, more sweet, I want more of you in me, god, pleeaaasssseeeee”. Bron gasped, “Fuck, what she doing, argh, fuck yeah she’s stretching me so wide, mmm”. I had to look, Christy had all her fingers except her thumb inside her to her palm. I decided to see how far I could push them both again, and seeing Christy’s lovely slim hands I whispered to her “I dare you to put your whole hand inside her pussy”. She wasn’t phased and didn’t miss a beat, tucking her thumb in she slowly but forcefully slide her hand inside Bron. “FUCK, whhhhat isssss sheeeee doiiiing”, “My love, she is fisting you”. Christy must have taken Bron’s wobbly knee’s and moans as positive encouragement because she started a slow in out sawing motion with her fist, going well in past her wrist within a few pumps. That was it for Bron, her hand found her pussy and as she usually does when she is so horny and hot for an orgasm, frigged her clit so hard and fast she was cumming and squirting all over the shower within minutes. Oh my god, what an intense orgasm. Luckily I was holding her up and was able to help her to the side of the shower where she could sit down. Standing back up my cock came in direct contact with Christy’s cheek again which she then sucked into her mouth and gagged a little as she tried to take it as deeply as she could. Wow, we were all so sexually wound up no one would have been able to stop us.

I pulled my cock away from Christy, teasing her by letting it run over her lips a little, taking her hands and pulling her up to kiss her as passionately as I possibly could, pulling her body to mine and lifting her off her feet slightly so that I was not bending to meet her mouth.

All three of us kissed, touched and teased while we finished washing and drying off. We then moved onto the bed where there was a lot more kissing and touching. All of a sudden Christy pushed Bron’s thighs apart and went down on her and licked her pussy. Wow, she had never done that before and we have found out since that that was the first time Christy had tasted a pussy directly from the source. By now Bron was gagging for cock, so while Christy licked, sucked and generally loved her first taste of fresh pussy I knelt In front of Bron and presented my cock for her mouth. Wow, she gave me the best blow job, one I won’t forget in a while.

The antics of the other morning was still very fresh on my mind, so I thought that if the tables are turned will it play out the same. I asked Christy to hold off a sec, rolled Bron onto her side and slide in behind her so I could push my cock into Bron. Grabbing Christy’s head, I pushed her back down towards Bron’s pussy, where she quickly got the idea and with a very sly sexy grin on her face went straight back to eating pussy. I didn’t want to push Christy too much though and just settled into a slow steady fuck, while Christy licked sucked and fingered Bron’s clit. Christy even slide several fingers into Bron’s pussy beside my cock, which made her pussy muscles clamp tighten around Christy’s fingers and my cock.

Bron couldn’t handle too much of that, with her pussy still very sensitive following the very recent fisting she had received she cam hard in no time, spasming and twitching with a satisfied sigh.

We then turned our attention to Christy. She loves to watch us kiss so laying her between us Bron and I kiss passionately, deeply and for a long time before we each sucked one of Christy’s nipple each. We also both took turn’s playing with her clit until she started to move her hips. We know for a fact that she loves Bron using her vibrating dildo on her so out it came. Christy rode that dildo for at least half an hour, while she and Bron both played with my cock, squeezing it, stroking it and bringing me so close to cumming so many times I thought my balls might burst.

But, once Bron had made Christy cum on the dildo a couple of times Bron told her to get on her knees and supported Christy’s torso across her chest, also telling me to get behind her. Having some idea of what I would like to have happen, I grabbed a condom and did as I was told.

Bron reached around and found my now covered cock, and almost hungrily pulled me towards Christy’s very well used, very wet pussy.

God, even after the punishment she had just had from the dildo at Bron’s hands her pussy was still tight, and as I slide into her I am sure she tightened up more. As soon as Christy felt my cock slide into her she started bucking around, so Bron wrapped her arms around her and hugged her tight so I could maintain a nice steady pace, all the while feeling Christy cum again and again. She must have cummed another 3-4 times before I couldn’t hold off any longer. My cock swelled and released a load I was stoked to call mine. But, the feeling of my cock cumming inside her for the first time sent her over the edge again and her grunting and groaning kept me going for a little while longer than I would normally had. So hot.

Again, we collapsed into a sweaty satisfied pile of bodies, holding onto each other until our breathing and hearts had slowed. Rolling over I took the condom off and headed for the bathroom for a quick wash and warm flannels.

Sleep came easy with very few antic’s during the small hours with all of us far too exhausted.

Thursday 5th Jan 12; In the morning we were all too exhausted from the night before to do much but kiss and cuddle. Bron was out of bed first, leaving Christy and I to cuddle a little longer, but only a few minutes before I too forced myself up to face the world. Rain, wet, cold, what a crap day.

Christy stayed in our bed for a sleep in and after delivering a coffee and getting the biggest most beautiful smile and kiss for my effort, I left her too herself.

When she did finally emerge Bron and I had set the kids up with breakfast and DVD’s and were having a little cuddle of our own on the couch while we waited for her to get up for a cooked breakfast.

The day consisted of cuddles under a blanket on the couch, watching movies on Sky and just doing odd jobs inside.

That night we decided to feed the kids and put them down early and then all three of us cooking our own dinner together, sitting and relaxing to eat, drink, chat and have fun.

After dinner we all ended up on the couch under a blanket, Bron wrapped in my arms and Christy in hers. Heaven. I cannot even remember the movie we watched, but cuddling, touching, tickling, we watched the movie to the end before the girls headed to the shower while I feed the dog, locked the house, etc…

When I finally got to the bedroom I found both girls already in bed, cuddling together, so I carried on into the bathroom to shower and shave by myself. Taking my time I could hear the girls talking and laughing together, turning me on a little.

When I finally emerged Bron and Christy were just lying in each other’s arms kissing and whispering. Climbing in behind Christy I wrapped my arms around both of them and pulled them tight too me, mmm the smell of them both was wonderful.

Turning out the lights we just lay there together, drifting in and out of sleep, occasionally touching, occasionally kissing. At some stage in the night Christy rolled towards me and snuggled in against me, running her hands over my chest, down my stomach and with a little giggle over my cock. Bron slipped in behind her and draped her arm across the both of us and we all must have drifted off to sleep again.

In the small hours of the morning, busting for a pee I slipped out from under Christy and did my business and when I came back she was laying on my side of the bed holding the covers open, indicating that I should get in the middle of her and Bron. Yummy. Sliding over her body, making sure I contacted as much of her as I could in doing so I slide to the middle of the bed where Bron instantly lifted my left arm and snuggled in underneath, Christy doing the same on my right side. I was now lying there, fully awake with two of the hottest, sexiest women I have ever known tucked under each arm. If I thought I was in heaven earlier in the day I was wrong, nothing would have made me move from that spot.

The girls kissed across my chest, but being dark I could only hear the sounds and feel their movements. They were holding hands, interlocking their fingers together on my stomach when one must have decided to sex things up a bit, as their joined hands started to slide down until they were both cupping my (growing) cock and balls.

Feeling me harden, they both started to move their hands around, over each other and me, one stroking my cock while the other ran her hands over my balls and each other. Bron moved first, sliding down the bed, but Christy wasn’t too far behind her. Man, the touching was driving me wild, but as soon as they started to take turns sucking and stroking my cock together, I was on a sexual high once more. This must have gone on for a few minutes before the sensitiveness of my cock (after all, we had just spent the past 3 days and nights fucking) started to get the better of me, and as soon as the girls started kissing with my cock between their lips, moving up and down the length of my shaft while licking and softly biting, that was it for me and my balls tightened and released in seconds. Feeling my shaft swell, both girls pulled back and Bron grabbed the head of my cock, catching must of my cum in her hand, the rest squirting free to land on my stomach.

Bron jumped up to wash her hand and Christy stayed exactly where she was, head resting gently on my hip, her long hair spread out up my side. Bron returned with a flannel which Christy took from her and cleaned me up, giving it back to Bron to take back to the bathroom.

Returning to bed, Bron turns out her light and both girls resume their positions under either arm, refusing to let me reach anything other than their sides or the small of their backs. This is what they wanted. I made comment and tried to move to pleasure them but neither of them wanted to, they were happy exactly where they were.

Friday 6th Jan 12 - After another couple of hours sleep the house was starting to rise. Bron slipped out from under the covers and left Christy and I to sleep awhile longer, which we gratefully did, wrapped in each other’s arms once again.

I am not sure how long we did sleep or who started moving first, but I woke to find my hands travelling over Christy’s body and hers exploring mine. Opening my eyes and seeing her right in front of me definitely made me smile and looking up at me, seeing me smiling caused the same reaction for her. We Kissed and cuddled for a while until we heard someone at the door.

It must have been driving Bron crazy, thinking about what we could be doing to each other while she wasn’t there so she was sneaking back in and in doing so sparked off the fun. Asking what we were up too, Bron stripped off her dressing gown and climbed in behind Christy, pinning her between us. Looking Christy directly in the eye and demanding to know, Christy gave a small shy account of our touching and kissing, telling Bron how she loves the feel of my hands on her, and that when my body reacts to her touch how turned on it makes her, and now how the feeling of being sandwiched between the two of us makes her feel so secure and safe.

Bron looked me in the eye and we knew exactly what we needed to do. Please her, and just her, centring all our attention on her, which is what we did.

Pulling her back to lie on her back, Bron reached down to cup one of her tits then slide down to suck her nipple into her mouth. Following suit, we gently suckled each tit, licking and flicking her nipples gently with our tongues, running our hands over her body as gently as we possibly could. Keeping it soft and gentle, I slide my hand as far down her thigh as I could reach, running my fingers back up the inside of her thigh as softly as I possibly could, feeling the goose bumps rise as I went and also causing her to spread her legs slightly and moan softly “god, what are you two doing to me”. Giving the silent treatment we just continued with our attentions, kissing her lips occasionally, which also allowed us to look into her eyes and see the raw passion she had for us.

Bron started running her hand up and down Christy’s thigh as well, causing Christy to spread her legs slightly further, yet not quit far enough for easy access to her pussy, so instead of pushing, we just continued to play and touch, running our tongues over her nipples, neck and lips while our hands ran over her tummy, hips and thighs.

This went on for several minutes while Christy moaned softly and squirmed under the gentle weight of our bodies beside her, until her horniness must have started getting the better of her. As her legs started to spread wider and wider our fingers started brushing the outer edge of her pussy lips, our hands occasionally meeting on opposite sides of her vagina to push her lips together, sending little twitches through her hips and forcing her to spread her legs completely open, also opening her pussy to our direct touch.

Now speeding things up a little, we both went directly for her pussy with our fingers, feeling how full and wide her lips were. She was literally dripping wet so we knew our attentions would have her begging us any minute. So, keeping it gentle and soft still, we take turns to softly stroke her pussy lips and run our fingers around the opening to her vagina, but not touching for clitoris or using any pressure had her pushing down against our hands, wanting more, and causing her to beg, as we wanted.

“Please, please, give it to me, please”. Bron said “What do you want sweet, what would you like us to do?”

“Please, Fuuucccckkkkk mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pleazzzzzze”. That was enough for us, using my fingers to probe the inside of her pussy while Bron circled her clitoris with her fingers, Christy was orgasming in seconds, clamping my fingers tight inside her.

We both slide down under the covers and took turns eating her pussy, sucking up as much of her juice’s as we could get, fingering her with two then three fingers while keeping my mouth clamped on her clit, letting Bron suck and lick the juices of my face before she took my place.

As the grand finale, Bron reached over and took Christy’s (now so named) vibrating dildo from her bedside table and inserted it into Christy’s spasming pussy, causing her to jump, but realising what it was, she was soon pushing herself back down onto it, getting up onto one elbow and rotating her hips against it, moaning and grunting loudly to her fourth or fifth orgasm of the morning.

Flopping exhausted back to the bed and with the vibrator still inside her (off), we left Christy in bed while heading to the shower by ourselves to have a wash. Not that much washing was done with Bron quickly sucking and stroking my cock of until I blasted a hot sticky load all over her tits, and me fingering her pussy and playing with her clitoris until she squirt her orgasm all over my fingers.

When we were finished and dry we returned to the bedroom to find Christy fast asleep again where we left her to recover.

There really not much left to this little story now, Christy showered and got out of our bed an hour or so later, showered and dressed. We all ate breakfast together, smiling like randy teenagers but quietly disappointed that those were Christy’s last few hours with us.

Later that morning after she had packed her bags and we had carried them to her car, we all kissed and cuddled, touched and held each other in the privacy of the bedroom. Very reluctantly we wished her a safe drive and made promises of definitely spending time again, very soon (which is a whole other story.

That night Bron and I fell into bed exhausted, but falling asleep in the sheets that we had just spent the last week in was going to be a challenge. Over the smell of our sexy week we could both smell Christy’s perfume and scent, making sure we were both randy enough to need pleasure before we could find asleep. Struggling to rise the following morning we both agreed that it was for the best to strip the bed, washing the sheets that held her scent, ensuring that the following night’s sleep would come more easily.