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19 Apr 2016

New Friends


21 minute read

The ad had been simple enough, "couple looking for mr right". I replied thinking that there was probably a rat's ass chance that anything would come out of it, but ya' know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. They would probably receive a thousand responses and it had already been up for almost an entire day by the time I saw it, so I imagined they most likely had selected some lucky dude already. But I took a few minutes and crafted a response that was a paragraph and a half giving my basics and trying hard to sound sincere, not just a crazy horndog looking for the first available piece of ass that came along. To my surprise it worked. Later that evening I received a response that told me a little more about them and what they were interested in as well as asked for more detail about me. I got back to them, sent along a photo, then was rewarded almost immediately with one of the two of them. They were pleasant, normal looking people, not traffic stoppers either of them, but certainly attractive enough that the concept of getting intimate with them had me hard in no time at all. His name was Dan and he and I made plans to meet for a cup of coffee the next morning around ten. We selected a Starbucks that was about five minutes from my place and ten minutes from theirs. At the appointed time I found him waiting for me at a table. After grabbing a cuppa, I introduced myself and sat down. Following some small talk I got to the point and asked why they had decided to consider me. "Well, you're right. We got a lot of responses to the ad, but most of them were kinda disgusting and we could tell from some of the others that they weren't what we were looking for. We've never done anything like this before, so we need to take it slowly with someone we feel we can be comfortable with. Your e-mail was articulate and Rachael liked your photo too." "Well, I'm flattered." "To tell the truth, we're not exactly certain how to proceed from here. She's not totally comfortable with the idea of just jumping into bed with someone else." I thought about it for a bit, then offered a suggestion. "How about meeting for a drink out somewhere to all get to know each other a little better?" "That's fine, but I still don't think she'd be into having sex after that." "What about if I just watch?" Dan gave me a puzzled look, so I proceeded to explain to him about a pair I had seen a couple times. They would make out, then undress and copulate while I watched. At some point I would also strip down and masturbate. The woman would watch me and as soon as I ejaculated, she would come like a freight train. He liked the sound of that scenario. "But let’s skip the drinks. Let me see when I could line something up for you to come to our place. I'll check with her first, but I believe I could get her buy-in on this." We switched topics and finished our coffees before heading out. It was several days before I heard from Dan again. - - - "Hey, what you upto this afternoon?" "Nothing that I couldn't cancel." "C'mon over. We're both horny as all hell right now and she's ready to put on a show for you." I was out the door and in my car in about thirty seconds. Within ten minutes I was pulling into the driveway of a white split level house in a suburb that bordered on one of the flashier sections of town. Dan greeted me at the door and no sooner had I set foot inside than Rach appeared. She was much cuter than her photo had indicated. Her dirty blonde tresses were several inches longer and highlighted with lighter streaks. She looked a little anxious, but still smiled warmly. Her attire was simple, faded jeans and a yellow tank top. Contrasting bright pink bra straps peeked out at her shoulders and she was barefoot. Rachael offered me a cold beer and after the three of us clinked bottles, she disappeared. Dan gave me a sly grin. "I don't think I've ever seen her so horny. I presented your idea with regard to watching us and initially she was kinda lukewarm about it, but little by little she has warmed up, to the point where an hour ago she pretty much demanded I call and request your presence." I sucked on my beer as Dan continued. "She loves to fuck, but lately it's taken a bit to get her motor going. This is the first time in months that she has actually initiated anything." A minute later Rach reappeared. Gone were the jeans and top, replaced by a short silk robe, tied at the waist by a sash. After sidling over to Dan, she took his hand and led him from the living room then up the half flight of stairs. I followed along and we ended up in what was obviously a master bedroom with king size bed, a couple dressers, and a single chair. The curtains were drawn closed, blocking out the bright afternoon sun, but resulting in a warm glow in the room. Glancing over at me, she undid the sash and I watched intently as Dan slipped the robe off her shoulders, giving me the first view of her naked body. Her breasts were small but well defined orbs with pale pink nipples that initially lay flat against their aureoles but grew fat and firm as Dan played with them. He held her tightly and kissed her, running his hands down her back to grasp her asscheeks. She ground her body against his and moaned softly. Dan peeled off first his T shirt, then his jeans and finally his briefs. A moderately sized cock sprang free and was immediately in Rach's hand. She stroked it and fondled his balls as he continued to pinch and play with her nipples. Their tongues wandered in and out of each other’s mouths and I could hear their breathing become more rushed and insistent. Rach slid slowly down the front of Dan until her face was even with his waist, then she went lower and in the process opened her mouth. I watched as first the head and then the shaft of his cock disappeared into it. She sucked away, the vacuum in her mouth creating hollows in her cheeks before she began a slow, sensual up and down as she fondled his balls. By this point I had also stripped and sitting down in the chair, began stoking my own rigid shaft, keeping time with the bobbing of Rach's head. I spit on my hand to simulate the moistness of her mouth. Eventually it seemed as though Dan was about to cum, but Rach halted then moved to the bed where she lay back with her legs dangling over the edge and spread them, displaying a thatch of brown curls as well as glistening pink vulvae that were begging for attention. Dan proceeded to do exactly that, kneeling on the floor and burying his face in her snatch. He was very demonstrative, making sounds and shaking his head back and forth as he pleasured Rach. She could no longer see me so I rose and stood at the foot of the mattress where she could easily keep an eye on me while I masturbated. Her eyes locked on mine and soon she groaned in ecstasy as she climaxed with Dan's face buried between her legs. After she had quieted some, Dan climbed onto the bed, pushing her backward while climbing atop and between her legs. Guiding his tool with one hand, he inserted it between her pink pussylips, shoving it all the way in, then driving it in and out with great vigor. I continued to stand at the foot of the bed where they both could clearly see. Rach's breasts jiggled away as Dan fucked her, pounding away for twenty minutes or so. She made little animal like noises, cumming at least once before he finally did, blasting his wad deep inside her. They lay there for several minutes as they caught their breath, then Dan looked at me. I'd stopped stroking myself, but my pole was still rigid, the tip of it glistening with pre-cum. Rach looked at me as well. Dan broke the silence. "Why don't you give poor Tony a hand with that thing?" Rach rose and after a quick trip to the bathroom came back with a hand towel in her left hand. With her right, she grasped my penis and slowly worked it up and down. Her fingers around my shaft felt incredible. They were soft and delicate yet firm and purposeful. She pumped away with her hand just as she had done with her mouth on Dan until I came, then deftly slipped the towel into position just as I gushed a big stream of gooey white ejaculate. She continued to work away at it until every last drop had been spent and I was reduced to a puddle of overstimulation. We all dressed and I headed home shortly after. I really hoped that there would be a return visit sometime and that they had enjoyed it as much as I had. The sensation of her digits stroking my rod remained in the forefront of my consciousness for several hours. I was dying to feel it again soon. - - - Several days later I was rewarded with another phone call from Dan. This time it was not so urgent and we made plans to get together after dinner. When I arrived, this time it was Rach that greeted me at the door, already wearing the silk robe. Dan was nowhere in sight as she led the way upstairs, undoing the sash on the robe as she did. As soon as we entered the bedroom it slid down and to the floor. Dan was lying on the bed naked, stroking a hard-on which she lost no time in attending to, wrapping her lips around it and sticking her ass up in the air in the process. This resulted in a glorious display of her lovey clam. I stripped down and parked in the chair again, stroking away as they went through their routine of her sucking his pole, then him lapping away at her twat before giving her a good hard fucking missionary style. This time though, after he had pumped his load deep inside her, she came directly over to me, took my cock in her hand, and began pumping. When I came she knew I was ready to and this time she pointed it directly at her chest. My jizz spewed all over her tits and after I was finished, she spread the gooey stuff all over. As I left, Rach was heading for the shower and Dan was about to join her . Descending the stairs I heard "We'll be in touch." - - - It turned out to be a couple weeks after that. They both caught the flu, which put them out of commission for a bit, but eventually Dan called and said they were "ready and rarin'" again. They both greeted me at the door and we ended up sharing some wine before heading to their bedroom. Rach was wearing a T shirt and a pair of pink boyshort panties the whole time, but they were quickly dispensed of once she was upstairs. This time they reversed the order and Dan lapped away at her pussy before she sucked his cock. They added a little doggy style to their routine before Rach ended up on her back with Dan slamming away at her until they both came heavily with a lot of loud noises accompanying their thrashing bodies. I was standing while I watched and after Rach recovered a bit she came over to me and grasped my cock gently. Then she sank to her knees and studied it intently as she stroked and caressed it. Much to my surprise she leaned forward and kissed the tip of it then swirled her tongue over the head, licking off the precum that had gathered there. Then she parted her lips and slowly drew first the head and then most of the shaft into mouth. It was heavenly feeling. She was an expert, knowing where I would be sensitive, never making contact with her teeth, her mouth hot and juicy. It felt just like a pussy, but with the added benefit of a tongue dancing all over the head and shaft of my member. I glanced over at Dan who smiled approvingly as she sucked away on me. Before too long I felt the rising surge of an oncoming orgasm. "I'm going to come!" Rach had one hand around the base of my shaft and kept her mouth firmly wrapped around the head as she pumped away, taking me over the edge. I blasted a huge load over her tongue and she swallowed every last drop. A few minutes later she disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Dan and I alone. "You look like one happy camper." Dan said, a grin on his face. "That was a lovely surprise today." I responded. "I had no idea she was going to go the next step. She's been talking quite a bit about how hot it is to have you involved. Our sex life has improved immensely too." "Oh yeah?" "Uh huh. In fact both of the other times you visited us we went for a second round as soon as you left. It's been a long time since I've been able to get her to keep going." "Glad to be of service." I said as I pulled on my clothes. "I'll disappear now so that you two can continue." "Thanks, talk to you soon buddy." - - - This time the call came the very next day. I had to cancel an appointment in order to join them, but I couldn't resist the opportunity. Dan had told me to just let myself in. I did so and headed directly for the bedroom. This time they were both already naked and in bed. I undressed slowly as they proceeded to make out, long languid kisses that involved a lot of tongue work. The covers slid down and their naked bodies revealed. I watched as they caressed and fondled each other all over. I could clearly see that Rach was very wet and that her labia were swollen and distended. This girl needed desperately to be fucked right then and there. Dan proceeded to do exactly that, first with her sprawled on her back as he rode her with vigor. After ten or fifteen minutes though, he spun her over onto all fours and mounted her from behind. Her breasts dangled and jiggled as he banged away at her. She was lost in the moment and was emitting little animal sounds. There was a space between Rach and the headboard. Trying not to distract them, I slipped up onto the bed and knelt there, stroking myself right in front of Rach. At first her gaze was glued on my manhood but then she looked me in the eyes with a pleading expression. I inched my way toward her until she was able to take my cock in her mouth. Dan continued to drive away at her and the force of his exertions drove her forward onto my shaft with every thrust. My hands rested comfortably on her shoulders and Dan gripped her firmly at the hips. She started to moan. When I eventually came, I too moaned in ecstasy. Hearing this must have driven Dan over the edge as well, as he also climaxed, bucking like a bronco rider as he did. I looked at Rach and she seemed to be in a place of total bliss, eyes closed and a smile discernible even though my cock still filled her mouth. Once we all stopped trembling in the sheer joy of a shared set of orgasms, Dan and I pulled out, allowing Rach to roll onto her back. Her body went limp and she started giggling which then turned into a full-fledged laugh. "I've never had two cocks at once. That was... heavenly." When I got dressed, Dan did as well. He saw me to the door and I asked him if they were going to do it again after I left. "I think I'm going to make her wait a bit today, tease her for an hour or two before we head for the bedroom again." I laughed and said "You're bad." After a pause, I added "Next time I'd like to try something new." "Like what?" "I want to start things off by going down on her." Dan grinned. "Let's see how it goes. I think she's probably ready for that. After all she's sucked your cock twice now, it's probably time for you to return the favor." "Kinda how I was seeing' it." He gave me a thumbs up and I left. - - - The very next day Rach called. "I'm naked and about ready to jump Dan's bones if you want to join us." "Wouldn't want to miss that." I immediately went to my car. At their house, Dan let me in and we headed for the bedroom. Sure enough there lay Rach, naked and playing with her nipples. She smiled at me and both Dan and I undressed. He leaned over her and kissed her, first on the forehead, then each nipple, and finally on the lips. Reaching for her knees, he spread her legs wide apart then gestured for me to make myself at home. I lay prone between them, my face at her thighs, my mouth mere inches from her sex. Inching forward I kissed each thigh, followed by a peck on her soft sparse pubic curls, and finally her labia. A small shudder ran through her body. Reaching out with my tongue, I began softly lapping away at her lips, getting them moister and moister. Soon they parted easily and the inner pink softness blossomed in front of me. I probed with the tip of my tongue, found her vaginal entrance, and penetrated into it as far as I could. She was delicious and juicy. Moving upward, I located her clitoris and tickled it with the tip of my tongue. As I felt it engorge, my stimulation became more forceful and she began to writhe in pleasure, arching her back to force her crotch more firmly against my face. I worked a hand up between her legs and inserted a finger into her, continuing all the while to stimulate her love button with my tongue. I explored her inner cavity and added a second digit. Stopping the stimulation of her clit, I finger fucked her for a while then resumed my position with my face buried between her thighs before focusing solely on manipulating her clit, flicking away at it with a combination of long slurping movements and rapid staccato like jabs of my tongue tip. I could feel the orgasm rising in her. She continued to force herself against my face until suddenly she squealed. Her thighs clamped around my head and her juices flowed in my face. I'd never seen a woman so wet. "Dan, I think she's ready for you." Dan took up his positon between her legs and slammed away at her like that for a bit. This time when they flopped over with her on all fours her head was right at the edge of the bed. I stood in front of Rach and offered my tool to her. Into her mouth it disappeared as she greedily administered to it. Dan was first to cum this time, but Rach was close behind and as soon as I felt her crescendo I did as well, again blowing my wad deep down her throat, gagging her a little in the process. She coughed but immediately recovered and gave us another example of her infectious laugh. - - - On Sunday my mobile rang around two thirty in the afternoon. It was Dan and they were interested in getting together. I was an hour outside of town, so it took me until almost four to get to their place. He met me at the door. "I was thinking." he started. "I'd like to go back to the beginning when you just watched, OK?" "OK" I replied, disappointment settling in. The entire drive I had been dreaming of my face between her thighs and the wonderful way she tasted. Dan continued. "But this time I'll be the one watching and stroking myself." Wow. I couldn’t believe I'd actually just heard this. He was going to turn his sweet wife over to me and sit there and watch? "Really?" "Really." Upstairs, Rach was just coming out of the bathroom, wearing a bright yellow cotton thong which she proceeded to peel off as Dan and I undressed. They then embraced and kissed before he coaxed her onto her back on the bed. Stepping away, Dan gestured an invitation to make myself at home. Settling in between her creamy thighs I began ministering to her pink folds with my tongue, probing until I found her love kernel then tormenting it until she erupted. With every visit her orgasms seemed to be more intense and this was no exception. Glancing over at Dan, I rose slightly, moving my body upward into a position that permitted me access to her rigid nipples, first tweaking them with my fingertips and then licking and sucking on them. Rach responded with a heaving chest and moans of delight. After a few minutes of attending to her breasts, I moved further upward to kiss her neck and earlobes, then chin, cheek, and finally lips before settling in for some serious spit swapping and tongue wrestling. At this point, my swollen cock was pressed firmly against her patch of soft pubic fur and we proceeded to grind our crotches against each other. Repositioning myself, I let my shaft slip lower and then between her thighs so that I could slide it back and forth against her sodden quim. She was totally lost in the fever of the moment, a woman in heat wanting nothing other than to have her cunt filled with throbbing manmeat. I looked over at Dan. He was stroking away on his swollen shaft, a huge grin on his face. I watched as he mouthed the words "Go for it." Repositioning myself again ever so slightly brought the tip of my cock directly into contact with Rach's pussy. With a little push, the head entered her and she squirmed slightly, attempting to impale herself further on the shaft. I pushed more, burying the entire length deep inside her. Rach gasped and opened her eyes. I think she suddenly realized that it wasn't her husband's member inside her, but then she relaxed and gave herself up to the pure pleasure of the moment, wrapping her hands behind my neck and interlacing her fingers. I began to slowly pump away. She was delightful inside - hot, tight, and slippery. We settled in to a slow, languid rhythm cock sliding against vagina, occasionally hitting against her cervix. At one point she whispered in my ear a simple "Fuck me Tony, mmmm... fuck me harder, just like that, yeah.". When she came, it was explosive, with a wail that came from somewhere deep inside. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my hips and she squeezed me tightly with both her legs and arms. That drove me over the edge and I too erupted, blasting my seed deep inside her. We lay there like that for several minutes while our hearts stopped racing and we caught our breath. Remembering that Dan was there, we both looked in his direction where he sat, no longer stroking his swollen member, but still grinning from ear to ear. I slid out and off of Rach and she slipped off the bed to head for Dan. Reaching for his cock she grasped it and it twitched, immediately spurting a geyser of creamy white goo that splattered all over her chest and abdomen. My juice was now running down the inside of her thigh as well and she scooted off for the bathroom. The sound of the shower running soon issued forth. Dan gave me a thumbs up and headed in the same direction. Returning with two moistened washcloths he handed me one. I mopped off the residue of lovemaking and dressed. "That was incredible. I loved watching." "It was pretty intense." "She was like an animal with you." I just smiled and tied my shoes. As I started to head out, Rach emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her torso. I gave her a long embrace and she countered with a similar kiss. "I'm so glad we decided to include you in our lovemaking Tony.” "Me too."

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