Written by KiwiBanga


Well this one happened not long after i moved to a new city

I had been busy all week with work and hadn't had much time for fun , so on friday i decided to head to a local nightclub. Everyone said it was the place to go if you want to unwind.

Well on this night they had a band playing , they were a very good band and they seem to be able to bring all the girls out when they played. The band were having a break when i arrived at the club and i went straight to the bar and got 2 handles of lion red as it was busy and i didn't want to go back , i walked over to a couple of mates who i knew were playing in the band that night and asked how the night was going ? Mike the lead singer said that it was quite , but good and that there were a lot of island girls here tonight.

The band started to play again and i was standing at a leaner with a mate when a couple of girls came over and asked us for a dance , my mate didnt get on the dance floor but i did with both them , we were just dancing and next minute the song changed to something with a slower beat , both girls sandwiched me and started to tease me on the dance floor working me over , as my hand would go to grab one of them , they would twist a different way and kiss my cheek as they moved around. So i managed to grab one of them and started to grind myself against her she started spreading her legs a bit so i could get my thigh in the right place for her to rub her pussy against me on the dance floor , she was wearing a black tight knee length skirt , a tight pink top and black knee high boots . She was a beautiful samoan girl with a hot sexy body.

i took a break from dancing and went to have a drink , i just had a couple sip's of my drink when the girl i had been dancing with came over and asked if could come outside with her for a talk , as it was loud inside. So out i went and when i got out there she grabbed my hand and lead me to some bushes right outside one of the club windows , there wasn't anyone near the window when we went into the bushes. She lifted her skirt and said fuck me , i want you to fuck me , you got me turned on when we were the dance floor "she said". I slammed my cock so hard into her i heard her moan of utter pleasure to just have a cock deep inside her , i just started to fuck her so hard and deep i couldn't stop myself , the moment of doing it in the bush right outside the club was a turn on.

We were fucking each other so hard , when next minute we heard her friend calling her name , she said fucken cum inside me hun cum inside me and with that we both came together as we could hear her friend getting closer , she tidied herself and walked out of bush just before her friend got to close to see me in the bushes. They were leaving and heading into town and were looking around for the girl i was fucking. She hadn't told her friends that she was going outside to talk to me. I walked out from the bushes and her friend saw me and asked what we were doing and we said just talking next door. Her friend said yeah right .

I then went to the men's room to tidy up and found blood on my cock with her cum over it. I didn't even get her name and never saw her again until i saw her on TV a few years later hosting a show.