Written by Just me



I have always had this fantasy of other guys having sex with my partner. I scored myself an absolutely stunning woman 24. Not long after we talked about it we started doing it. She absolutely loved it when it was happening, it was only the next day when she was a bit shy about it all.

One night we went out to a club and she was all over my male friend. The whole night, At the end of the night she asked him to come back to ours. when we got home she went straight for the shower and said she is going to sleep. Me thinking it was strange I went in bed and she was laying naked freshly shaven. I instantly asked if she wanted my friends cock and she said nooooo he wouldn't want to. I went outside and got him and she started sucking his cock. I have never heard her scream so much. It really turned me on. She then said leave the room so she feels more naughty. I listened at the door and heard him say where should i cum. She replied all over my tits. He was too slow and it went all over her pussy. I then walked in and he said you need to finish her off. I then went down on her and enjoyed eating her come filled pussy. It was nice

The next morning I went to work and I left them alone all day. It was a weird vibe when I got home. Later that night when we were in bed I told her my friend would have been touching himself in the morning over you. She then went on to tell me a very detailed story about how she went for a shower and then he asked if she wanted help and she got fucked from behind. Then later on on the couch she was laying there and she asked for a foot massage. which turned into a full blown sex fest. She then told me about the third time in our room again.

She has denied this story but when she is really horny she says it was real.

There has been another night where she asked me if she can suck another friends cock and i told my mate to go in the room. He said thats weird she has already asked to suck my cock. 15 minutes later I went in the room and there she was sucking his big dick so hard. I then let them fuck while I touched myself. I want to be able to talk openly about our desires...

Anyone else have similar stories?