Written by hornynicky


Well as you will know Jenny is my very close friend and we both operate small businesses, Well about 6 months after I finished being fucked by Roger and he had moved out, Jenny was separating from Barry and she and I were having regular girl sessions. It was a Thursday afternoon in November I was in Hastings calling on a possible client when I thought that I would drop in on Jenny for a coffee or a wine, it was about 3.30 and a hot day.

I rang Jenny but got no answer so I thought that she might be outside by the pool, so I just went around to her place.

When I got there I rang the doorbell still no answer however her car was in the drive, I assumed she was in the workshop out the back or at the pool, I walked up the side of the house to the workshop, she was not there so I walked around the corner to the pool area.

I turned the corner to find Jenny sitting upright on the sun lounger facing me naked , she was riding up and down on this huge cock, she looked up and saw me and stopped, she said "Nicky what are you doing here?' I just stood there with my mouth open not knowing what to do or say, then the guy she was fucking looked around her and smiled and said "hello Nicky how are you?" yes that is right that big huge cock belonged to Roger my sons mate who I had been fucking earlier that year and who had moved to Hastings, he had meet Jenny on a couple of occasions when she visited my place when Roger was staying with us.

After Roger moved to Hastings they apparently meet at the New World supermarket where he was working, after Barry left Jenny they started fucking each other.

Here I was staring at Jenny impaled on Rogers huge cock which I had fucked earlier, I could feel my juices starting to flow and my cunt getting wet at the sight of them together. finally Jenny said" look I know about you and Roger he told me, he knows about you and I so why don't we just have some fun together today" Roger agreed so I just walked past them into the house and went into the spare bedroom and put on a bikini that I always left at Jenny's place, I then went back outside and joined them, by now Jenny was sucking on Rogers cock, I went over to them and started finger fucking Jenny's cunt which was now so stretched that I could fit 4 fingers inside her, Roger pulled down my briefs and started finger fucking my wet cunt, he could only get 2 fingers inside me as I was still quite tight, I did however want to have that cock inside me again, Jenny was gagging on his cock because of the size of it, she then asked Roger to fuck me and then that she wanted him to cum inside her arse, Roger got me onto my back on the 2nd lounger, he spread my legs apart and started rubbing his cock up and down my slit getting me really wet then he gently pushed the head of his cock inside my cunt, as he went inside me I gasped as I had forgotten how big he was and how he stretched my cunt to its limits, he then slowly started fucking my cunt long deep thrusts slowly getting faster and deeper, meanwhile Jenny is pulling on my nipples and I have my fingers back inside her cunt pounding her hard, she is so wet I can hear my fingers making sloshing sounds as they go in and out of her, after several minutes of Roger fucking my cunt I start to orgasm, as usual with Roger I cum over and over about 3 times in total. When I finish cuming Roger pulls his cock out of me it is covered in my juices, Jenny takes it into her mouth and sucks and licks my juices from it before coming over and kissing me.

Roger now lays down on the lounger and Jenny straddles him, she slowly lowers her arsehole down onto his huge cock, I watch in wonder as it disappears inside her arse, she pushes down and down until she must have 5-6 inches inside her arse, she is moaning aloud all of the time that she is impaling herself on his cock, she then stops and commences riding up and down on his cock, after about a minute she says to me that she wants my fingers inside her cunt as she wants to be fucked in both holes by her best fuck buddy's, I move next to the lounger, and reach down and slip 3 fingers inside her cunt and start finger fucking her, that is when I feel Roger push 2 fingers inside my cunt and start to finger fuck me, then he has 3 fingers inside my cunt, I have spread my legs wide apart so that he can do whatever he wants, that is the signal he wanted and pushes 4 fingers inside my cunt stretching it wide like when his cock is inside me, now I have Rogers 4 fingers inside my cunt and I now have my 4 fingers inside Jenny's cunt, we are all just pounding each other, Jenny is riding his cock and screaming and moaning as she pushes down deeper onto it, she wants the full length of his cock inside her arse, I am cuming over and over with Rogers fingers in my cunt, I can feel Jenny's cunt contracting around my fingers as she has a massive orgasm as she pushes hard down on Rogers cock, that is when I feel Roger let loose with his load deep inside Jenny, I can feel his cock pulsating through the walls of Jenny's cunt as he shots his load into her, jenny is just beside herself being wracked with orgasm after orgasm, she finally recovers enough to stand up and take Rogers cock out of her arse, I have nearly collapsed from multiple orgasms with Rogers fingers inside my cunt.

Roger is laying there completely fucked, that is when I go and sit beside him and tell him what a bastard he is, he looks at me and asks me why I said that, I told him it was because he had not kept his word when we were fucking that he wouldn't tell my sons other mates about us fucking and he had.

He just did a small laugh and said that he had got drunk one night when my son was not there and they had been talking about the Yummy Mummy completion for the year and that I should win again, he said jokingly that he had scored with my on several occasions and that I was an awesome fuck. he said he thought that they took it as a joke. I explained to him that they had not taken it as a joke but as a challenge to see whether they could score as well.

I then looked at him and told him that known of them had a cock as large as his, I then turned and walked away to the spa.

I hope you have enjoyed this story Nicky