Written by Naturelovers75



This is a true story from 2 summers ago. My wife had a quickly developing sexual relationship with one of her girlfriends, ill call her K here. She is a very good looking woman, taller than my wife, she has a nice body with firm breasts and lovely long nipples I often can see poking through her top as she greets me when she comes to spend girl time with my wife.

They tell me one day that im to be their driver for the afternoon, im to do as im told and have an open mind. We had lovely weather, about 28 or so, blue skys and not much wind. The deal was I was the driver, like a limo driver, so when we picked up her sexy friend K, my wife was already in the back.

I had the ute all set up with food, Vodka, wine etc, a large mink blanket and two single foam mattresses. As soon as we got going the girls started to enjoy each others company and some of the drinks in the back seat, I was watching some of the other cars to see if anyone was seeing what was happening. Im sure a car following us was on to it. I was to started to drive around some really scenic areas until after a bit they wanted to stop.

The first stop was at a small river bed, no one around so my wife began to fondle with K as she was leaning on the bonnet, freeing her breasts from her top and reaching up between her legs to touch her pussy, all in front of me but I was not allowed to touch, Im just the driver....

They very quickly got really horny, I thought she was going to make her friend come right there in front of me with her fingers but before she came my wife stopped and they decided they wanted a spot with a view and grass to lay on, Ok, as you wish ladies.

I had a place in mind and just hoped it was empty of people, not guaranteed on a nice sunny sunday. It was several valleys away so I had to stop a couple times, once, to refresh the drinks and let them have a pee and then again in a small town to get some fuel. The old guy pumping the gas sure did look at me funny after he got an eyefull of two partially naked women stroking each others necks and arms in the back seat!

I was very pleased to see no one at all at my spot of choice and quickly parked in what I thought would be the best part and set up the mattress and the picnic while the girls removed what remained of their clothing.

S was very quick to get K on her back with her legs spread with my wifes mouth working away on her pussy. She was quite dominant and would not let K get up to do things back to S. She had to lay there and be eaten, She began to use her fingers more and more until she was thrusting 3 fingers quickly in and out of her while munching her now dripping pussy. This time K was not to be denied her orgasm, she was pushing her pelvis up to mash her pussy in my wife's face until she came hard, squirting and moaning loudly.

I was of course loving the view, but was not allowed to even touch, I was bone hard yet trying to not force myself into the action so I ate some food and just enjoyed a great day with a fantastic view and wondered just how long can they go without cock....I really wanted to fuck my wife and I was hoping to get some of her friend as well.

They went quite long without cock as it happened. This didn't bother me at all, I knew id get it and it was a real hot seeing them come again and again, stop for a drink and a little rest before diving into each other again.

Eventually they were looking at me and giggling, whispering something to each other. They said; driver, take of your clothes and lay down. I did, and they both crawled across the blanket towards me and began to lick and touch me all over, heading slowly towards my throbbing dick. After many minutes of tease they reached my cock and took turns taking me deep in their mouths and using all their cock sucking skills to reward the driver, both trying to out do the other. This was incredible, a fantasy come true, my cock was so hard and they seemed to have aroused another half inch out of me.

My wife sensed my need for pussy and stood up and slowly impaled her little cunt on my rock hard rod, it was awesome, K was watching very closely, really watching it push in, stretching her, pushing her lips in and my balls eventually hitting her nice little ass hole. She is just a wee girl and it always takes a bit to get it in, super pleasurable for both of us.

My wife rode me deep and moved her hips to put my cock hard against the front wall of her tight little pussy taking her close to the orgasm that K made a certainty by rubbing her clit in a way only a woman could. Soon she was having a deep shuddering orgasm, squirting onto my belly and drenching my balls.

I kept pushing up to meet her grinding until she started to slow down and breath deeply, satisfied for now. She lifted off my pole and looked me in the eye and told me she wants to see me fuck her friend, to fuck her hard.

K was super horny from seeing S come on me and rolled straight onto her back, spreading her legs and exposing herself to allow me to push straight into her, her pussy had a different feel to that of my wife, this was very hot, especially when I seen the look of pure lust on my wifes face. K was super wet and so turned on I hoped id get her to come very quickly, especially as my recovering wife was now sucking and gently biting K's nipples. This drove her to her own orgasm, making me feel great and allowing me to take a little break.

They had other ideas, quickly rearranging them selves into a sort of sideways 69 position before grinding their pussys together in the scissors position, so hot I had to take some photos.

Once id had a drink and allowed myself to recover I joined the girls on the mattresses stroking and just sort of assisting them with my mouth and fingers, getting each other off again. Finally they seemed satisfied and we had some food together, the driver resuming his other tasks, refilling drinks and serving the food.

We actually put on some basic clothes at this time as another vehicle had arrived.

We used this time to go on short bush walk that my wife and I have used before, its very nice and cooler than it had been out in the park. When we stopped to take a couple photos one thing led to another and I ended up taking K roughly on the ground, still clothed but with her shorts pulled down and her panties to the side while my wife watched. I was not allowed to come in either of them so after she came I pulled out and helped her up.

We got back to the car after a while, including the girls walking down the country road topless for about half a km, they claimed they would stay like that even if a car came past but none did...

It was now quite late in the afternoon and we were all feeling very tired from the sex and fresh air so we packed up and took K home to her knowing and patient husband.

After tea, we headed off to the bedroom and made love. Fantastic, passionate, caring love and I finally got to empty my very full balls deep into my wife's little body.

This is a true story, K is no longer in our lives, her own situation changed but we always think back to those times and hope to someday find another hot woman in the central south island NZ to play with. So ladies, if this made you wet, why dont you email my wife and tell her.....