Written by Gudguyinnz


We had all been working up a thirst so decided to have a drinks break. Mr and I cracked open a beer and lay back on a comfortable recliner each, while Mrs ran off into the house (still butt naked) to grab a bottle of wine. Leaving Mr and I to relive what had just happened, we both sat there stupidly with a smile on our faces.

While Mrs was gone, Mr asked me what I wanted next from Mrs. I nearly spilt my beer he had just told me I could have her any way I pleased! My mind went racing and I think all I managed to get out of my mouth was something like: "I want her to ride me.."

As Mrs came back into the room we had a good perve of her incredible body. Her ass was firm and moved, in a way with each step, that made me want to grab it with both hands. Mr called her over and she bent over, with her legs together exposing her still glistening pussy, so he could whisper something in her ear. With a big grin on her face she poured herself another glass of wine and made her way over to me. She knelt between my legs looking up at me. With her drink in one hand, she ran her free hand slowly up my thigh. She found my semi hard cock and grinned as she could feel it getting harder under the pressure of her fingers. Next she took a sip of her wine and then positioned her mouth over my cock. Amazingly without spilling the wine she slid my cock Into her mouth full of wine. The cold sensation of the wine against the heat of my cock felt incredible. She got about a third of the way down my shaft before she opened her mouth and let the rest run down my cock. It was the most unexpected feeling, I was now rock hard again as she began to suck my cock clean. Once she'd made certain there wasn't a drop left she stood up turned around, facing away from me, and slowly sat down on my waiting cock. She was still nice and wet from our previous session and had no trouble taking the length of me in one stroke. As she sat back and leant against my chest I reached my hands around to play with her long hard nipples. We began to bump and grind awkwardly until we found a good rythym and then we really went for it. She was bouncing up and down my cock as I thrust deeper and deeper with each stroke. Out of no where she gripped my knees as her whole body tensed and let out a series of moans that drove me even deeper into her amazing pussy. She came all over Squirting in a series of powerful waves that were so hot I couldn't hold it in any longer. I came with a jet of hot cum as I grabbed her hips pulling her down on me enjoying every inch of her amazing body.

After finishing off our drinks we cleaned up with a towel and I had to head off soon after. We said our goodbyes and promised to make it happen again as we all couldn't stop smiling.

Unfortunately we never did get a chance to meet again and I lost all their contact information, but I still fantasies about the fun we had that day.

I hope you enjoyed my little story, If you did leave a comment ora like and I might write about some more of my experiences.