Written by Jenna


About 5 years ago while in my early 30's my husband and I were in Thailand where he was attending a conference in Pattaya. We were staying at the Royal Cliff Hotel which was beautiful but slightly away from the main town. I had an afternoon free to myself to fill in and decided I would pamper myself. I inquired at the concierge and was given a number within the hotel to ring to arrange a time at the spa and unwittingly agreed to a Tantric massage which I had never heard off.

I arrived at the spa and was directed to an area to disrobe and put on a beautiful light gown and to wait in a very luxurious waiting area. It wasn't log before this beautiful Thai girl came and led me by the hand to a private area of the spa where another girl was waiting to greet me. I have a curvy but well proportioned body and felt comfortable and confident. At the edge of the steps to this small pool one girl stood in front of me an opened my robe pushing it back off my shoulder while the other was standing behind ready to take it off completely. I was standing there naked, they each had on a light robe and very brief bikini style underwear. Taking a hand each they stepped with me down in to the pool, their light robes clinging to them with their petite breasts clear for me to see. In the pool I was gently laid back to be against the chest of one of the girls while the other directly in front of me spread my legs moving closer in to me. They both cupped water over my shoulders and breasts sliding their hands down my arms but not once touching my pussy. I was so at ease and relaxed just laying there being sensually touched by two beautiful girls. I am not bi but have had an experience with another girl and was very comfortable with what was happening.

After what seemed ages we emerged from the water and both girls dried me and led me to the massage table where they asked me to lay on my stomach. Underneath my stomach and groin area they placed a triangle shaped sponge covered by a towel. This raised me so that my bum was in the air slightly higher the the rest of me. Oil was taken from a bowel and ladled on to me. The scent of the oil was amazing and added to my already heightened senses. After my back legs and arms were well massaged who ever was behind me got on the table and opened my legs kneeling between them, and then proceeded to run oil down the crack of my bottom and over my pussy. Then it started, first my lips were pulled aside and gently rolled between her fingers and then her fingers gently entered me. I was loving every second of it and had an immediate orgasm. I don't know what prompted me to do it but I lent back with my hands and pulled by bum checks apart, something I do for my husband but not sure what possessed me to do it then, as soon as I had done this oil was poured directly over my hole and in slid one finger and the two. I had two of her fingers in my pussy and two in my arse yet I felt sensual not dirty, it was the most erotic feeling I have ever had. Another huge orgasm followed with such a rush that for the first time ever I let out a little squirt of pussy juice.

I was then asked to turn on my back, both girls were by each side of me and totally naked. and then got on top of me. They were so light that at no stage were they putting any pressure on my body. They used their bodies to rub more oil in to me sliding their open legs over my mine with their clits gently sliding back and forward over my nipples. I was breathing heavy and moving with them. One girl got off me and stood behind me while pulling my legs back towards my head. Soon my pussy was being ravaged by this little soft hand putting an extra finger inside me with each inwards slide of her hand. I asked for more to the point her complete fist was inside me without two of her fingers working on my g-spot. Another orgasm and yet another squirt, this time over her body, she just smiled like it was nothing. After this covered in oil I expected that were were going to shower, but wasn't to be, at least not yet.

I was led in to a another more darkened room adjacent, all three of us naked. They placed me on this machine like a rocking chair that had a dildo facing upwards, one of the girls moved the machine and i could see that as you rocked it the dildo would slide up and down. Again they held me suggesting I should get on, which of course i did. With my large boobs bouncing with the movement this giant cock like dido was going in and out of me. This time the gently manner of the two girls had gone one was standing behind me pulling on my boobs, squeezing my nipples hard the other rubbing my clit. This time I felt horny and dirty all at the same time, This time when I came I was exhausted, I had had enough. We showered together they returning to their gentle manner drying me completely. They helped me on with my robe, I kissed them both and left two hours after I had arrived. A memory that will never be forgotten but now shared.