Written by Lena


As a married female it is very difficult to share with others my sexy past where I know it will totally shock and possibly disgust. However I wouldn't change a thing. In finding this swingers site it has been an amazing way to share my past with others while at the same time keeping my anonymity and is such a turn on for me and hope for others too, to tell all. I am presently on my own while hubby is overseas so have been busy on this site revealing all.

I am married and live in Christchurch and have been bi since my first lesbian experience at age 15. From that day to now my life would not be the same if I couldn't be with other women. However when in my 30's I was a bit of a dirty girl and had the confidence in myself and how I looked to do whatever I wished with other girls when opportunities arose, which was often. My children were at school and I had freedom to explore. My husband and some friends know that I am bi, however my husband knows almost all things of my past and still supports and encourages me to be with women. I do not involve him with my girlfriends for being bi is about me. It is just part of my sexual being. Yesterday in the early hours of the morning I was so turned on that I got up and sat naked in front of the computer and wrote about a time I had with 3 other girls and a guy. However it is not that long ago that my husband and I had a swinging experience that I know we will never forget.

We were out with another couple at a restaurant in Christchurch which is now closed called Henry Africa's. It was a warm summers night and we met our friends who we got to know in the days before children. We were very comfortable in each others company and often our discussions as couples would turn to something sexual. I find that when I have a little too much to drink I get horny and like to shock if the atmosphere is right. This particular evening was no different and to my husbands surprise I came out to our friends that I was bi. They were initially a little taken back but then became very interested to know more. Rachel was sitting opposite me next to the window and her husband was opposite my man. During the evening I felt several times Rachel's foot rub up the inside of my leg, I smiled at her but said nothing but new it was just a signal for me to know she was Ok about it. In between courses as was common when a girl leaves to go to the toilet the other usually goes too so nothing was thought of it when we both excused ourselves. In the bathroom Rachel told me that she had never been with a another female but was so turned on by my bi reveal. We decided to tease our husbands and removed our underwear squeezing our nickers in to our closed hands. When we sat down again we each placed our nickers in our husbands laps, I am sure they new then they were heading for a big night in some way. During the rest of the evening Rachel continued to rub her foot up my leg but a little higher than earlier. I suggested we go back to our home or theirs after dinner just as we have always done but this time not before suggesting our pool was warm. Fortunately our children were at their grandparents for the night. When home it just seemed natural that we should go in to the pool naked, Rachel and I had sunbathed topless together before at the beach so were pretty at ease. In the pool we got a bit touchy feely and then when Rachel and I hugged the guys wanted us to kiss. Neither of us needed much persuading and was quite passionate. We decided that we should go inside and take things further in the lounge. Here were the four of us good friends and absolutely naked and very turned on. My husband took the lead and started to lick at my pussy and Rachel husband did the same to her while we were both beside each other on the couch. We were both getting excited and I turned to Rachel and we started to kiss again, this time thought it was sensual. I asked her if I could swap with her husband and go down on her which she was happy to let me do. I am a bit of an expert at pussy licking and with two fingers inside her she cam very quickly. The evening just got more and more erotic with us fully swapping with our husbands and when they rested Rachel and I would turn to each other. She absolutely loved it and I think was so tuned on that she craved for more. I went to my special cupboard and got out a big plastic sheet that my husband and I used, a bottle of baby oil, some towels and the most important in any bi girls handbag, a double ended soft dildo. Our husbands were happy to watch while I laid the plastic sheet out on the floor and Rachel and I started to pour oil over each other. I am a little more curvy than her but not overweight and my boobs were full and still perky. I lay her down and then started to rub myself over her sliding up and down stopping only to kiss. I turned her over and from behind spread her legs and lifted her bottom up so that I could eat her from behind. I started to lick moving from her arsehole to pussy, when I started to stop she pleaded with me to keep going, this time I just concentrated on her arsehole putting just one finger in to open her and then darting my tongue in and out. Once on our backs again I reached for my foot long dildo and put one end inside my pussy and suggested the other end was for her. Without hesitation she grabbed the end letting it slide effortlessly in to her. Our men by this time were hard again we lay them on their backs and climbed on firstly with our own husbands and then we swapped. When were sexually exhausted it was time to have showers, our shower was big enough for two but not four so Rachel and I had the first one together where we cleaned each other while still kissing and touching and then we had turns with the two men joining us. She was so happy with herself to have experienced the evening. When it was time for them to leave in the early hours of the morning we declared that this was the start of something great between us. For the next 5 years after we would have foursomes together and when we were arranging to meet it was always with the knowledge that we were going to be together sexually. Sadly through work they moved away from Christchurch, I have seen them once since, we did have sex but wasn't the same as before.