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14 Aug 2017

My Romantic Lover


10 minute read

It started with a wink on KS, and after a couple of messages transpired that Johnny would be visiting my town in the next week. So we arranged to meet for coffee, and after those first meet nerves we settled into some good conversation. We finished our coffee and I gave Johnny a hug and said how nice it was to meet him. As I returned to work he text and said he enjoyed meeting me too and would very much like to see more of me next time he was down in two weeks chat continued, revealing more and more about each other, what makes us tick, what we like, and don't..unfortunately as the two weeks drew to a close I was struck down with the lurgy and had to abandon the meet..Johnny was understanding and sympathetic..he would be back this way in another two weeks. So second time lucky. Over the two weeks Johnny had suggested he would treat me to a spa bath and foot massage, which I have to say sounded tempting. We arranged a time to met and I arrived at his motel where he had arranged a cheese platter and wine, music playing and ambient lighting. He invited me to sit and poured me a glass of wine. We chatted for some time, before Johnny asked if I was still keen on the spa bath..absolutely I replied so we stripped..albeit slowly from me so he could appreciate the red and black lingerie I was wearing..his hands on my body felt strong and soft at the same time. We soaked in the bath with jets going, he massaged my feet as I lay back and drank wine and ate off the platter. Time to get out, and we dried ourselves retiring to the bedroom. Johnny held me and kissed me before laying me down gently and working his way up my body with kisses and touch, brushing over my pussy, up my hips, across my belly, kissing my breasts and up my collarbone and neck..I could feel his hard cock against me..he made the same journey back down my body, to my eager pussy, he kissed and licked and sucked and teased me to my first of many orgasms..time for me to get to my prize, I wriggled out from under Johnny and went to work on his hard cock..staring by kissing my way up his thighs,licking his balls, a light lick up his shaft, my lips hovering over his sensitive tip, then kissed and licked my way up his torso, and back down , mentally taking note of his sensitive spots..then back to that throbbing hardness, slowly, ever so slowly licking up all sides, tenderly around the tip,taking him in my mouth so slowly and gently, all the way to the base,back up, licking down to balls and back, thoroughly enjoying the pleasure he was expressing, looking up and seeing him with his head back, eyes rolled back and ' oh god' coming out of his sweet lips. It's a good feeling and I just kept going, the delicious treat of pre cum, licking tasting and enjoying! I eased up on the poor boy and he said ' right your turn' so I lay on my tummy for a back and neck massage and then rolled over, Johnny had and electric massage wand that he proceeded to use on my clit and pussy, oh god!! It was intense and oh so pleasurable! At some point my toy that I bought along was also introduced..until I said enough, I need that hard once suited up Johnny slowly entered me, that wonderful first time, watching each other, feeling how your pussy is filled, how your cock is gripped.. kissing, squeezing breasts, changing positions, me on edge of bed him standing, my legs together, my legs wide apart, my legs up and over one of his shoulders, feet being kissed, outrageously sensual (who would have thought!) my legs pushed forward knees together, knees apart...time and time again I some point he pulls out and fills up our wine glasses..we have a drinks break, I see my chance and push him back and slowly slide down and ride him, fast and hard and cum, slow and soft and cum, almost not moving at all...and cum..all this time Johnny was wearing a cock ring, time to change and off with the cock ring..back to the edge of the bed and Johnny slides into my wet and dripping pussy slowly plundering me balls was devine, and so pleasurable, he held my legs and kissed my ankles and feet, and as his thrusts got stronger I knew he was getting closer, so engaged my pussy muscles and went to work on gripping him in unison with his thrusts. Soon enough he came, and collapsed into my arms, kissing my neck and saying wow. The second visit: Two weeks later and Johnny is back for an overnight visit. He had asked what I would like this time and was I open to trying something different, I enquired into what he had in mind...nothing too radical , maybe a blindfold and be tied up? Oh , sure I reply, having recently experienced sensory deprivation and it's pleasures, and as for the being tied up only if you stop when I ask. Absolutely was his reply. Anything else I'd like..? Oh a bed strewn in rose petals and feathers to tickle me with I said flippantly. He has a work dinner to attend first, so we arranged for me to met him and get the key, and I would go to his room and have a spa bath with bubbles, bought from the local sex shop, luxurious and with if I needed anymore encouragement! I get to Johnny' s motel and unlock the door ( and leave the key under the mat for him ) to find the bed strewn with red rose petals, then 4 roses beautifully laid at the foot of the bed along with 3 feathers similarly arranged and a blindfold...on the table was a platter of nibbles and a selection of wine to choose and a candle!Excitedly I ran the bath and added the bubbles, I moved the little table beside the bath with the wine, food and candle and slowly lowered my self into the hot luxury, soaking and sipping and sending the odd message to Johnny who was trying to finish up as fast as possible! After a good 40 min soak he text to say he was leaving the restaurant, my cue to get out and dried and dressed into my chosen outfit...I was part way through getting dressed when Johnny started unlocking the door, I screeched that he had to wait till I said come in! I hadn't allowed for the fact that getting into my slinky black cotton/Lycra outfit when hot from a bath would take a little longer ( you girls out there will know what I mean!) not to mention getting into stockings and suspenders..the easiest thing to put on were the crotchless panties! Finally I'm composed and lying on the bed amongst the rose petals, with a few on me, and I call out 'come in'..slowly the door opens and I see Johnny start to smile and his eyes get wider as he takes in the scene before him and the realisation that he has a fun night before him..and morning...for I was staying the night... After walking back and forth a few times, surveying what lay before him, and saying 'wow' a number of times , and 'where to start!' He poured himself a wine, took a generous sip, then came to the side of the bed , leaned down and kissed me passionately, caressing my left breast as he did so. Then down my neck to my right breast, teasing my erect nipple through the fabric, I moved the garment a little to allow my nipple to be conveniently in the 'slash' of the material and imminently suckable, then moving to do the same to my leader breast and nipple..Johnny's right hand was moving slowly down my body, I was writhing underneath his touch, tickling my hip as he went...then pulling away completely...prinh escapes my lips and I lift my head and open my eyes to see him taking another draught of wine..I lean to one side and I realise he is still partially dressed! This will not do! I reach up and pull him towards me , undoing his belt buckle as he removes his shirt, I pull down his trousers and as I can see my prize bulging in the restraints of his underwear, evidence of leakage..I free my prize and tenderly taste his pre cum, and lick down his shaft to his balls. I hear Johnny groan as I do so. I give his cock some well deserved attention. He takes control at some point and looks down and kisses me and asks 'are you ready?' I look into his eyes and see trust, 'yes' I reply. Johnny pulls me forward to the edge of the bed and gently takes one ankle, placing it in a rope loop, then the other, then hands me the blind fold, before moving around to tie my hands in a similar fashion above my head. He then moves away, and I can only imagine admires his handy work. All of my remaining senses are now on high alert , I am aware of movement, then the slight touch across my hips, thighs, inner thighs, his hot breath on my pussy, a brush of my breast, tender lips on my neck and collarbone, it is all devine, he gives me great oral , then moves away again, I know he is near but where? I then feel his cock on my cheek, I try to move it to my mouth but am limited in movement, he teases me like this, finally allowing my lips and tongue onto his cock. After some time I am released from my restraints and enjoy some wine, I remove my outfit and kiss my way down his body and tease his cock some more sliding it between my breasts, sliding my wet pussy along his length, then once again he's suited up , I slowly lower my self on to him, oh god that is a great feeling, I ride him slowly at first then hard and fast, then I turn around reverse cowgirl much to his delight. We swap positions many times, each time resulting in a new wave of ecstasy, at last Johnny can't hold back any more and thrusts in deep. We collapse in a hot and sweaty heap, and cuddle, we drift off to sleep for a bit, then around 4.30 I wake and snuggle up and move my hands down my lovers body, he responds by growing to my touch and kissing me, he runs his hands through my hair and says a husky good morning, I respond by slipping down the sheets and taking him in my mouth. From the groans I can tell it's enjoyed. Once again I want him inside me, so suited up and on I hop, such a great way to start the morning!

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