Written by maturefun2809


Ive had to keep this to myself for a long time.The friend that use to come visit us for threesomes lived about an hour away from our place.My husband use to make the arrangements for our little rendezvous`s so I was usually left out of it and only knew he was coming the day before.It got to the point that I loved having him join us so much I think he could tell I was really smitten.I loved the way he fucked me and just couldn't get enough of it.One day when he rang the house asking for Jon,,who wasn't at home,,we chatted for ages and I admitted to him that I really loved fucking him and couldn't wait till the next time.He asked me to call in to his workplace and say hi next time I was passing through but suggested we kept it from Jon,,that it was our little secret.So the next Saturday I set off to go shopping,,I must have caused suspicion the way I was dressed,,tight skirt,,tight top and really high heels,,anyway,,I did my shopping and called into Jerry`s work about mid afternoon.We chatted in his smoko room for a few minutes and he made a move on me.I knew he would,,,,I hoped he would,,,he pulled my skirt up,,undid my top and kissed and sucked my nipples as he played with my pussy.I was aching for him and just wanted to please him.He lay me on the little table and lifted my legs up high as he pushed his lovely big cock all the way into me,,,I was in heaven and he whispered little obscenities to me as he fucked me,,,he knew I liked that and now that we were alone he could really go for it.A few more minutes went by and I sensed someone else entering the room,,I looked over to see Jerry`s workmate Bill approaching me,I had presumed we were alone,,,,Jerry said,,,shhhhh,,its ok and kept fucking me,,,I wasn't expecting anything like this but just wanted to please Jerry.Bill dropped his jeans and held my head as he fed his cock into my mouth,,,"suck his cock Linda",,Jerry said,,,,,"suck him good baby,,then he can fuck you",,,,,,it was so exciting,,,I was going nuts with pleasure and as soon as Jerry came,,he slid out of me and motioned Bill to come around and take his place.Bill was a huge guy,,,long thick cock that nearly split me open but I was loving the fucking he was giving me too,,,hard and fast,,my tits swaying back and forward as Jerry had me sucking his cock.Bill lifted my legs up even further and pounded my cunt hard until he too emptied himself into me,,,,,,it was amazing,,I really knew Id`e been fucked that afternoon,,,,,