so, I have been out of the swinging game for quite some time, long story short I recently got back into it. on Monday I tried a dating app for people like us!

I matched with a lady, slightly older than myself, she was 30. her profile said she was single but her photos had a man in it so after some chit chat we got down to the nitty gritty. she is married and her husband likes her going on dates with other men. we decided to meet up that night as we seemed to get on quite well over messenger. both her and her husband were very excited at the prospect of her meeting me.

however both made it clear that it was just for a drink and a chat nothing serious would be going down. completely understand their point of view as there are so many people who just demand demand demand from this lifestyle and it's a big turn off for some people.

I met her at a bar and from the minute I saw her I felt an immediate attraction! she was wearing a thigh length dress and the perfect amount of makeup. she is 6ft2 so suits me fine as I am 6ft6!! we hug and I sit down and start talking. we chat about anything and everything and get to know each other. we are both clearly flirting touching each other and laughing away.

then drama! I happen to mention that I am only 26 years old and it puts her off quite a bit! the banter dies down and she moves away slightly, things cool off quite a bit and I feel bummed!

after another couple drinks and me swinging my English charm into play she asks if I would like to go get Wendy's, my kind of girl!

we drive to Wendy's and she goes to the bathroom (remember this bit for later) when she comes back she sides up to me and slips an arm around me. I turn to face her and look her in the eyes. instinctively I kiss her. just a small kiss but lasting. I know right what better turn on than Wendy's? ??

we get our food and go back out to the car, we get in and I look over at her. she is looking good, I reach over and pull her to me we kiss. its gentle at first but then becomes more passionate. after we get hot and heavy we pull away and laugh about wanting to eat our wendys.

after a munch she suggests we go for a drive, we set out, havnt said anything about our plans for the rest of the night but after our kiss I think we both know exactly what we want to do with each other.

we pull up at a park and get out to go for a walk we wander into the park with our arms around each other laughing and talking. half way through the park I stop her and turn her to me, pulling her in I kiss her deep and long. we start getting more and more passionate as we kiss, she shrugs out of her jacket and drops it in the grass my hands stray from her neck feeling her breasts through her dress, she isn't wearing a bra and her nipples are already stiff under my hands. she isn't wearing a bra, she was at the pub when did this happen??

part two coming soon!