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My Dear Husband wrote of our first ever experience,18 months ago, that changed the direction of our relationship, this forum (KWS) is the first time that we have publicly revealed our experience while still retaining anonymity, therefore after reading his post and many others he suggested to me that maybe i would like to recount an experience that we enjoyed together about 3 months after we parted our ways with Martin.

I never really considered myself overly attractive so my determination to set a high personal standard of physical fitness has ensured that i have been able to dress in a manner that is appealing to the male eye.With make up and a nice outfit Hugh(hubby) always was extremely complimentary of my appearance and this was confirmed for me by not only Martin but the other men that i had met for coffees prior to meeting Martin.

Martin was a truly tremendous man and fortunately he met another woman as i was certainly growing feelings for him.It was those feelings that made me very apprehensive about continuing a lifestyle that we were enjoyed with Martin but then i found after a few months that i was actually interested in experiencing the pleasure that we had had with Martin with another male, but i would have to take greater control of my emotions.

I was aware that Hugh was very keen for me to meet another man but after his third request i told him that i would not be pressured and simply what would be would be.

I had finished work on a Friday night and one of the girls at my work was having a leavers drink at one of the bars and a group of us were going to give her a send off.We went to a bar that is vibrant on a Friday night and it wasn't long before a party of males from an adjoining tables involved themselves in our conversation.I became acutely aware of this man out of the corner of my eye that was hanging on the outside of the group quietly enjoying i suspected the foolish antics of his male acquaintances.He was not a handsome man in the George Clooney sense but he had a composure that i was immediately attracted to once i plucked up the courage and engaged him in conversation.It seemed to me shortly after we started chatting that he may well have considered that i was interrogating him but i established that he was married.I must have been chatting to him for what seemed ages because i soon realised that his buddies had moved on and there was 3 of the original 9 girls left.I knew quite alot about him, age marriage children occupation in really what was not that long but i felt a real easy way in his nature and i was sure this was a man that i wanted to know more about.He said that he had to head home about 9ish and i gave him my business card and said if he ever wanted a coffee and a chat to give me a call as i found conversation so easy with him.He was aware that i was married and i assume he thought very little of my approach and he returned the gesture with his card "to shea" he replied.

One week had passed and alas the phone did not ring but i confess to hoping that every time during the day that my phone rang that it may well have been him, finally i plucked up the courage to call him myself and he was surprised to hear from me, so much so that we chatted for over an hour on the phone until we agreed to meet for lunch at a central cafe to us both.

I met James two days later for lunch and again we chatted for ages, i confess that i was amazed at the ease of our conversation and one lunch soon became 3 lunches and i was considering that i did not want to jeopardise my new found friendship by making a move that could well spell the end.I was taken by the fact that James was not like many other men i had met over the years who clearly had one thought in mind.

I revealed after my third meeting with James to Hugh that i had been meeting for lunch this man and Hugh was immediately wanting to know if he was to be our new play friend, which frankly pissed me off as i felt Hugh was not respecting me.

Two months after meeting James he mentioned in the course of one of our phone conversations that his wife was going to Auckland for the weekend, finally i thought here could be my window of opportunity and i asked him if he would like to join my hubby and I for dinner Saturday night.Since Hugh would be joining us i was sure that James may not read to much into the offer and i was delighted when he jumped at the offer.I went home that night and told Hugh, this time he took a more guarded response i felt.

Come Saturday i was amazed how excited i was about the up coming evening and i flicked through 20 dresses to find one that i considered sexy but not to over the top.

I showered, shaved, wore my best lingerie, spent ages on my make up and prepared for the evening,Hugh was well impressed and in his mind was convinced we were in for an exciting evening.

We met James at the restaurant and he was extremely complimentary of my attire,Hugh and him shook hands and it seemed that they immediately struck an accord with each other, so much so that i was starting to feel left out.After an hour James went to the toilet and Hugh remarked that he did not think this guy would be the sort to join us, he was too straight up, i guess that was my attraction to him.

We were at the restaurant for 2 hours and the more time i spent with James the more i wanted him but i wasn't sure how to go about getting him.I suspected that chance was on my own so when James went to pay the bill i suggested to Hugh that he fakes a headache and allows me to go for a drink alone with James.

We had already booked a room in town for the night so if fortune was going our way i could bring James back,Hugh agreed but said he did not like my chances.We sprung Hugh's Headache on James and not surprisingly he was happy to go home alone and let us get some rest together but Hugh insisted that he didn't spoil the evening, it was still early and i don't get out that often so finally James agreed and we parted in different directions, i said i would text later.

James and I headed into town and found a bar that wasn't to crowded and we ordered drinks, i suspected that he was self conscious because he was out with another woman he might bump into someone that recognised him so i asked if this was the case and he said that yes it was but since we were doing nothing wrong he was quite content, at this point my heart sank as i was certain that he was not interested in me in the same way as i him.The bar seemed to get busier and i suggested we head off and while walking to the car i put my arm through his, asking if this was ok and he was fine.We jumped into the car and i asked if he wanted to try somewhere else and he said sure but not quite as busy so we drove around areas that we knew there were smaller bars until we found one.We were at the bar getting a drink when i bumped into a woman that i worked with some years back and she was with her partner, she was unaware of my marital status so i simply introduced James as a friend and we started chatting until a booth came free and we grabbed a seat together.

We chatted away and i knew that if anything was going to happen i would have to initiate the first move so i dropped my hand under the table resting it on the inside of James leg, he made no attempt to move it so i did gradually until my hand was resting on his cock, still completely poker faced as i started rubbing his cock until i could feel it straining against the fabric of his pants it wasn't long till his hand decided to apply the same attention to the inside of my legs until it to started rubbing the outside fabric of my pussy, i was on fire down there and decided that it was time to fuel the flame.Jenny said she was going to the toilet so i said i would join her, once i finished my pee i removed my panties and stuffed them into my clutch purse and we returned to the guys and assumed our conversation and hand positions that left James in no doubt of my desires when his hand moved up my leg reaching my now unclad very wet pussy.His face never flinched whereas i could barely contain myself as he slipped his fingers into my pussy, i so wanted this man.

We remained at the bar for a further 15 minutes during which time James had two fingers buried deeply in my love canal but i wanted so much more so when Jenny said they were going to part i said we were likewise, regrettably James had to extract his fingers but i was now confident that i was about to lead this spider to my web.

We raced to the car and once inside we became very hot and heavy, our tongues probing each others mouths, hands groping, i unzipped James zipper and released his cock from the restraints of his fabric and began sucking his cock, loving the taste of his manhood until he started moaning that he was going to come and then i sucked harder until my mouth flooded with his seed, i swallowed every every last drop as i drained this wonderful man of all his goodness, but we both wanted more.

I did not want to risk telling James at this point about Hugh and my arrangement so i thought why not get a room in the same hotel that way i could go back to Hugh later on, i would text Hugh what was going on and i would explain all.James wanted me but my secrets were proving a bit difficult to talk around but we were both so hot for each other we really wanted to make it happen.I called Hugh outside the car and in abbreviated form told him what was happening, he was a bit miffed but if he wanted James to join us both eventually he had to trust me, finally he said ok.I went back to James and told him Hugh was really out to it and he wasn't concerned about me at all he had taken some disprin and was sleeping.

We raced over to the hotel and there were plenty of rooms available, James said he had enough cash to meet the cost so we grabbed the key and headed to the room.

We were like teenagers racing into the bedroom trying to tear each other out of our clothes, i tugged James clothes off and he too mine, this man was in his late 40's and he was beautiful, there was absolutely no hair on his body other than his head and a tuft at the base of his thick 7" cock.I had never experience being with a man that was this clean shaven, his body was firm i was desperate to have him inside me.i lay naked on the bed with my legs spread and i told James to fuck me, as he positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy i was raising my hips to draw him into me but he was teasing as he rubbed his cock at my pussy, then i felt the head of his cock enter me, my whole body was shaking in anticipation of more and he did not now disappoint as he fed all of his wonderful cock into me.James was buried deep within, then he started slowly fucking me, i was moaning with a pleasure that i truly thought i had not experienced before and it seemed like moments and i found that i was having an intense orgasm wracking my body, my intensity was such that James too said that he was going to come and i wrapped my legs around him locking him inside me so that i could draw the very last of what was within.We lay clutching each other, breathing heavily, James cock felt so good, his skin so close to mine felt so pure, i did not want this moment to stop and i sensed that the feelings that i had for Martin where going to be reignited with James but there was to be no future in these thoughts.Almost telepathically the text on my phone rang thus breaking the moment, James withdrew from within and i scrambled to pick up my phone, it was Hugh, he wanted to know what was happening, i replied give me 15 minutes.The next 15 minutes i revealed to James my true identity, reasons for what had taken place and he lay back intently listening to my every word, when i completed my story there was a silence that haunted the room for what seemed like an eternity until he finally asked if i wanted Hugh to join us, i said yes, i knew there could be no other way as this was to be the defining moment.James said he had never been in this situation before, of course he had thought about it but never considered it would eventuate and finally he said that since it clearly was a consensual arrangement he was agreeable so i text Hugh our room number and i went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I heard voices when i stepped out of the shower knowing Hugh must now be with James so i went to join them, James had a towel wrapped around his waist and was talking with Hugh, i was still a bit nervous about Hugh but the fact that the two of them were relaxed in each others company made the atmosphere very easy.I went to Hugh and gave him a kiss and drew him over to the bed and James joined us as well, Hugh quickly undress and the difference of a man clean shaven against a man that is covered with hair made an interesting comparison.Hugh's cock was hard and i took him in my mouth as James started sucking on my breasts, i could feel a warmth running through my body again and i saw that James cock was again fully erect, i switched cocks and began to suck James and Hugh started to finger my pussy, Hugh pushed me on my back, spread my legs and began giving my pussy oral attention that it was now craving.Hugh said he wanted to see James fuck me and he boldly reached out and grabbed James cock from my mouth and lead it to the entrance of my pussy, James retained his poker face as a man held his cock, i was at this point turned on as my husband held this mans cock at the entrance of my pussy and Hugh guided him into me, i could feel again waves of ecstasy flowing through my body as James entered and slowly started fucking me, this time he took much more time and Hugh remarked that he wanted to fuck me, James pulled out and Hugh thrust into my pussy with one powerful stroke causing and immediate orgasm, Hugh fucked me like a man possessed and shortly started moaning that he was coming, he pulled out and James then entered me this time he to fucked me hard, lasting longer than Hugh since he had come earlier, i was in heaven, James body tensed as he to unloaded his seed into me.

We all lay on the bed blissfully spent, James said that he could leave now if we wanted but we asked if he could stay, he said he wanted to leave early next morning in case his wife rang so he stayed until 6.00am.We all slept in the same bed, both men fucked me twice each that night, James clearly was more accomplished in his ability to be able to fully service a woman's pussy so when morning came my pussy felt like it had been worked over by a rugby team ( not that it ever has).

James met with us regularly for the first couple of months, but he was getting concerned about his wife finding out so we agreed to a meet once a month, i have been lucky that we have retained our coffee friendship but i am ecstatic that he now services my greater need once a month.