Written by Baku_Kiwi


I placed an advert on an expat website in Dubai stating (White guy seeking couples), after a week or so I had a few replies and after I sorted through the fakes and seedy ones I found a couple who were interested in some fun with a Kiwi guy like myself, we emailed a few times just to get to know each other a bit, they were from India and working in Dubai for the last 7 years and he had always want to see his wife enjoy another man but been indian she always put his ideas off until 3 years of telling her this was his wish.

I was staying in a hotel after my flight and we agreed to meet in the hotel and I would buy them breakfast and chat face to face just to see if we all felt OK with each other.

Well I was down stairs waiting and 10 minutes after the agreed meetup time I thought this was just another waste of time (had a few of those) then in through the front door came a very large Indian man and his chubby wife.......... I was waiting for them to come over to the lounge area and ask if I was the Kiwi guy.... but they just headed off to their room. I thought it an't going to happen again so folded up the newspaper and started to standup when in front of me was a short indian man and his very shy wife behind him (very pretty wife I must say). I sat back down and we went through the introductions and started to chat for a while and started to get comfortable. We ate breakfast and during this time I was checking her over hoping that they liked me as much as I was liking them.

Nothing much happen so I thought that the husband had called it off. BUT as we went to leave he said we should retire to my room and enjoy each others company.

Well we got to my room and he double locked all the door and closed the windows and curtains, I could see his cock pressing through this pants and knew he was busting to see his wife naked with me, I was on the couch with his wife touching and massaging her to help her relax, I removed her top removed her bra and started to kiss and suck her nipples, she loved it and she started to stroke my cock. Before long we were both naked in the kingsize bed I ripped her knickers of to see a shave juicy pussy and just had to have a taste of that so I worked my way down to her pussy after about 20 min of eating her out she was screaming in orgasm, I had never heard a woman so loud but her husband standing watch and wanking was saying that she loves it and thanks for making her so vocal. I then placed on a condom and started to have sex with her and she was riding me like a wild horse. We enjoyed several different positions all morning her husband joined in several time but really just wanted to see his wife enjoy a western cock inside.

After we lay in bed for a while his wife fell asleep and he asked if there was a steam room here in the hotel and that we should leave her to sleep it off as I was the only other person to have sex with her and she may want time to herself.

I agreed to got the steam room and relax after the long flight and the full on sex with the complete strangers, the the steam room was just me and my new mate sitting there both naked..... he sat right next to me and asked if he could touch my cock, I thought what the hell if you want to, so he lended over and started to stroke me until I was rock hard again, so thought I better return the offer and as I placed my hand on his hard cock he started to kiss the head of my cock, the room was full of steam and I just saw his head bobbing up and in my lap.

It was a great way to finish off with the husband cleaning me up......... I had to promise not to mention this to the wife when we got back to the room, this friendship seems to have got off on the right foot.