Written by ants


she was much older and married i was young and really horney..

she would wait for me to come home drunk we played touching each other kissing and her saying that she couldnt.

when one weekend we were both drunk we kissed and played she gave me hickies when i led her up to my room we got naked and still licked and touched when she grabbed my cock and sat on it..

it went all the way in and i could hear her starting to moan i could smell her pussy and her juices were all on my blanket when i came in her she laughed and kept going i was only 16 but i loved her smell and the way she fucked me..

i would offten take friends home they would go to sleep and i would sneak down jump in bed with her and start touching kissing then eventually thrusting my cock inside her pussy i cummed everytime..

a few weeks later we were at a party it all died down so i went to bed she followed closing the door behind us she layed down and we started to kiss as i rubbed her pussy i thought i want a taste so i went down she opened up her legs and pushed my head in closer i come back up licking her all over and took her from behind she loved it i noticed she had cummed already so i kept going and going till i came we layed there cuddling hugging and got back into it this time we were both wasted and i didnt care i had to please her the night ended with us both waking up and kissing and having a quickie before anyone woke up.... i loved all the times fucked and her pussy was nice and tasted good i will never forget fucking her..

too be continued...