Written by JustUs


It was a day of celebration and I was at a function partying up large. The man I had been working with for sometime was upstairs in his accomdation so I went to get him to come down. He was doing work and said he might come down.

He was sitting at a desk and I came from behind and put my arms around his neck and said hurry up. He said 'miss, you better go before I do something.'

We had an attraction to each other but never acted on it. I didnt move. He turned and kissed me, I returned the kiss. A friend walked passed looking for me and caught me kissing him. I left after that.

I went back downstairs and had a couple more drinks but I wanted to go back. I waited for my friend to leave then went back to his room. He was lying on the bed. I walked in and he came to me and was kissing me against the door. He decided to lock it this time not to be disturbed.

His hands were all over me - caressing every inch of my body. He slowly took my clothes off admiring every part that was undressed. He finally got to my underwear and just picked my arms up and looked at me. He slowly took my underwear off and said he was going to take his time with me. I was standing against the door naked and vulnerable. I turned the light off so he couldn't see but he turned it back on and gently picked me up and moved me to the bed. He wouldn't let me touch him as he wanted to saviour every inch of me. We kissed each other passionately and he was saying that he had wanted this for a long time and told me I was naughty for not leaving when he said.

He moved down my body. He was so gentle. He caressed, sucked, licked and kissed everything. He lingered by my pussy and the wetness was glistening. He finally spread my legs and his head went in. Gently his tongue was licking the length of my pussy. He lifted my hips a little to get to my arse then my legs to have more access. He couldn't get enough of it. He never once put a finger or cock in there, he always used his mouth.

But i had already cum.....

My body had settled down and he started  again on my pussy.... his chin and nose were covered in my juices. I wanted him inside me. He wouldn't come to me until he had finished with my pussy. When he had finally finished I grabbed his cock and played with it. He wanted to be inside me before he exploded. He laid me down and put his cock inside me. He was so gentle and did not want to put his weight on me.

He knew how to work his cock. I had cum again with him pumping his cock and his ball rubbing against my arse, at the same time his finger rubbing my clit.

He came with an explosion. He kept pumping until he was expensed.

We lay there for a while. He knew I had to go home to my husband. He got a bowl of water and soap and washed me down but not before he went down on me again.

He walked me home but we didn't do anything on the way.

He was and still is a gentleman.