Written by Mrs


I want to share a wee story with you.... You see my husband has been a very generous man over the years and there are numerous stories I could share but I want to tell you about my first time... My first time with my husband and another man...

It was about a year or two into our relationship many years ago, we were hanging out at a mates house, party time as you do in your youth. By the end of the night there ended up only being myself, him and his mate left standing. We thought it was a good idea at the time to go for a wander. It was a hot night, very hot middle of summer and we decided to jump a fence and go for a swim in a public pool. (I know don't judge!)

So we jumped the fence, stripped off, the blokes in their undies and myself a shirt, knickers and bra as I was a tad shy. Few laps done, few races and the likes... Next moment my partner grabbed me and started to try and undress me in the pool, started to kiss me, touch me all whilst his mate was swimming in the pool watching.

I had never done anything like that before and of course started to protest as you do, well as I did! But I will admit that my heart was racing, I felt sexy, I wanted him to continue, I started to get wet and not the swimming in the pool type wet.

Against my feeble protests, he pulled off my top, my lacey bra, and scant panties and there I was naked in the pool with two blokes looking at me. It felt hot.

I had two sides to me, the angel on one shoulder saying I needed to stop and this wasn't right and the devil on the other saying go with it, feels good, it is totally OK.

Guess what one won? The one that said go with it and I'm so glad I did....

As next minute the boys were naked with big hard cocks floating in the pool. My partner grabbed me again and started to kiss me, touch my breasts, play with my pussy.

We all hopped out of the pool and laid down beside it. The friend still hadn't touched me yet but having him watch the both of us was so hot and by this time my partner had his big cock deep in my mouth. The friend touching himself watching.

My partner then proceeded to say to his friend she's hot aye bet you want to come in and join... My mind was screaming OMG... My pussy getting wetter and wetter.

The friend started to join in... Touching me, touching him, him touching him it was rather sexy. Then Mr entered me whilst the friend watched, stroking himself. Fuck it felt good and I loved watching the friend play with himself he had a nice looking cock.

Mr said to the friend put your cock in her mouth whilst I fuck her doggy style, both blokes pumping away at both of my holes is something I'll never forget.

They decided to swap places, me fondling Mr balls as he rammed his cock into my mouth whilst the friend fucked me deep and hard, my pussy was dripping wet, hands were all over my body, I didn't know who was who and I liked it. I liked that feeling very much.

The blokes at this stage were very close, hard throbbing and ready to explode which they did all over my bare breasts, it felt amazing two guys shooting their loads over them... It's a memory I'll never forget... Thank you, Mr. :)

Since then we are still friends with the friend.... Mr and I have talked about it many times in bed, whilst wanking or fucking, reliving the experience over and over... Love it.