Written by MadelineG


My First MFM

Many, many years ago I had the same lover (let’s call him Mr L) for many years; after quite some years together a close male friend of his (let’s call him Mr C) joined us for MFM (at the time I had no idea of a name for this kind of sex/play). After many months of Mr C joining my lover and I at Motels/Hotels just for titillation, it was a very gradual process, and with my confidence growing a perfectly timed opportunity arrived for a threesome. My boys, as I used to call them, were totally at ease around one another naked (played rugby/socialised together a lot in their younger days) but totally straight – so never was the sword (cock) going to cross/meet. Mr L my lover was a lot taller than me and had a sizeable cock, Mr C a little taller than me with a more manageable cock.

My lover and I had developed a game that would keep the play fluid, fun and arousing……. We had a Chinese Checkerboard, some sex cards, and a 30 second rule (until we did not need that rule anymore); the backdrop being some music and drinks. The game being that when one of the players had got their counter into the opposite side of the board, they could play a card which would be acted out for 30 seconds only.

Mr L and I arrived at the Motel around an hour before Mr C was due to arrive and we set the scene. We set the checkerboard up at the corner of a kitchen bench-top – the plan being that I would be at the end and my boys would be either side of me. We decided that we would deal four cards to each of us; (the cards had a picture on them – lady lick, kneeling blowfish, wall banger, lady’s choice/man’s choice) I assume you get the idea. The drinks and CD player were at the opposite side of the kitchen, and I would be the sexily glad waitress moving from one side of the kitchen back to my boys.

Mr C arrived and he sat in the lounge area and I poured us all a drink......

We moved to the bench-top; my boys naked either side of me, and I was sexily glad in slip, undies, fishnet hold ups and heeled shoes. I got the first counter in the other side of the board and played my lady lick card. A chair was set, on which I sat with Mr L kissing me and teasing my nipples. Mr C removed my knickers, spread my legs gently and started to lick my pussy and clit. The sensation of my Lover kissing me and teasing my nipples and Mr C lapping at my pussy was delicious. I evoked the 30 second rule......27, 28, 29, 30.......to be continued