Written by CrazyCats


It was a lovely warm night in a foreign city, and my husband and I decided to get a little party mood going on. We went out on the town and had a few drinks at a local rooftop bar and inevitably, our conversation turned to sex. We were both hot and horny and looking for a bit of adventure to top off our perfect evening and holiday. Amongst the crowds of strangers, we leered at each other in the most wanton way and openly shared gropes and fondles, turning each other on even more with our course of open contact for all to see. Our sexy banter was becoming more outrageous with each comment and I discovered how much my man had been excited by a previous experience with two women. Even with the vague details provided, my pussy grew wet with my momentary daydream that I was a participant. It sounded so good, I wanted it too. I wanted to see him so filled with lust that his cock throbbed and exploded continually. I wanted to see him filled with so much desire, it drove him crazy.

Right then and there, I decided we'd have a threesome with another girl that night. But where does one find an available, eager participant at this hour? Thinking on my feet was definitely required! We'd been through a few little alleys with massage parlours and strip clubs on the way to the bar... time to walk back the same way and see if any opportunity pops up!

Off we strode with me leading the way, plan in head and man in hand. My eagle eyes were searching for any available offerings. Passing the first three clubs to find them now closed, I was starting to feel a little dejected and a whole lot sexually frustrated! Place after place was closed and I stopped and took stock of my predicament! “OK” I thought “This is so wrong... I mean, all I want is to find a woman to suck my husband's cock! Why have to be so difficult? Surely he'd have enough offers if I didn't want him to except them! How Fucking Ironic!” Suddenly I burst out laughing at the whole situation and had to confess. I told Mr that I had wanted to take him to a strip club, that I wanted to get him all hot and bothered, and that I wanted to find him another girl to take home with us.

Would any man in his right mind turn this offer down? Being a good bugger and a man who knew how to get things done, Mr got right on the bandwagon. We ditched the strip club idea and got straight onto finding our third party. Picking up a bottle of wine on the way back to our room, we trolled the net to find ourselves a “take away” of a different sort. Looking through photos and profiles, we decided on a lovely looking blonde called “Claire”.

After a couple of wines and some nervous and excited preparations, there was a knock at our room door. This was it. It was game on! I opened the door to be pleasantly surprised by a beautifully dressed lady only a couple of years older than me with a wide beaming smile and a very relieved look on her face. “Wow” she said. “You two weren’t what I was expecting. Are you ready to have some fun?”

While I was temporarily dumb struck with nerves, Mr stepped forward with a glass of wine and asked Claire to come and sit down with us. He explained that although he had had some experience with this before, I hadn’t. Claire smiled and said “Right then, just give me a moment.” She got out her phone and dialed her office. “Hi” she said into the phone. “I’m just letting you know that I’ll be a bit longer on this job. I have a client here who’s new to this, so I don’t want to rush things. OK?” Snapping her phone shut, she looked up at us and said. “Now that’s sorted, we can take our time and really enjoy ourselves.”

It didn’t take long for my nervousness to dissolve and I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get such a great girl the first time. She guided the conversation to relax me and then asked me what I wanted to achieve out of this and what I expected. “To be honest Claire, what I want is to be involved in giving my husband a fantastic time and to see him doing all the things I know he wants to do. I want to see the look on his face while two naked women paw at his body and take turns at sucking his cock. I want to see him pleasured in a way I can’t physically do by myself.”

Another huge smile erupted on Claire’s face as she put down her drink. “I think it’s about time we got started then.”

We all got up and moved to the bedroom where Claire and I striped down to our lingerie in a brief impromptu show. Claire moved over to my husband who was sitting fully clothed on the bed, watching us, and stood him up. We undressed him slowly in the most sensual, teasing way possible and as I unbuckled his belt and Clair unzipped his jeans, his excited member sprang out at us, ready for action. We laid him down in the middle of the bed and began stroking his body all over, being careful to make sure that our breasts teased him and tantalized him in the process.

“I think you girls are wearing too much.” My husband drawled in a voice dripping with lust. Claire and I giggled and removed the remainder of our scanty outfits. As I slipped my g-string down over my hips, I caught the smile on Mr’s lips and looked down to see that I was so turned on, my juices were seeping out of my pussy and had formed a little string of clear fluid that had attached itself to my inner thigh. I moved to the head of the bed and positioned my pussy close enough to my man’s face for him to get a better look and to be able to smell the sweetness of my desire. He commanded me to sit on his face and I willingly obliged, but put myself in the 69 position so that Claire and I could begin to share the pleasure of sucking that big hard cock. We shared his cock well, licking it from balls to dampening tip, both of us at the same time, then one at a time taking him into our mouths and sucking our way down his shaft as far as we could manage without chocking.

With the expert ministrations of his tongue on my clit, it wasn’t long before he had me cuming all over his face. I could not believe what a turn on this all was! “I think you should show Claire what a good pussy licker you are now.” I said and Claire eagerly laid herself down while Mr got on all fours and started teasing her outer lips and tantalizing her clit with the occasional gentle lick and suck. Now I could have his cock to myself, I laid down underneath my husband, gently rubbing his balls and taking his member into my eager mouth. While he was making a meal of Claire, I controlled my attentions so that I got him to the brink of orgasm but didn’t allow him release, easing off just in time and repeating this torture over again.

After the third time of squeezing his balls to stop him from cuming, Mr could take no more and demanded to fuck Claire. We quickly covered his cock with a condom and I helped guide him into her moist, waiting pussy. I wasn’t sure which of them wanted it more as they both instantly started moaning and bucking against each other. I stood back for a moment and watched. I couldn’t believe how hot this was to see. My sexy husband was up to his balls in another woman who was in ecstasy. I was so horny that I lost control of myself and climbed up on the bed behind him. I grabbed him by the hips and started rhythmically pushing his pelvis really hard. Each time he entered Claire, it made their bodies slam together with such a force that Claire began to cry out. I stopped momentarily but continued even harder when I realized that the cries were simply the start of a huge orgasm building up in Claire and I could hear her wetness squelching as their bodies slapped together. Claire’s orgasm was intense and her legs wrapped around Mr while she cried out “Fuck Yes!” so loudly I thought we might be evicted from our room. Her moans and obvious pleasure sent my husband over the top and he gave a prolonged grunt as he came and emptied his load.

It was unbelievable. I thought I might get jealous, but it was the hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! I was so turned on that I started to play with my pussy which was now so wet that my juices were freely running down my inside leg. Snapping out of his post coital bliss in no time, my husband graciously decided to tend to my needs and moved his face between my legs to taste me. He licked me so teasingly that my pussy was starting to ache with the need to cum. “I need your cock in me too.” I said and he quickly obliged, filling my slick little hole with his already recovered hard cock. While my husband fucked me, Claire played with his balls and caressed his body, telling him how good he was. I was replaying the very fresh memories of seeing him balls deep in Claire, and it didn’t take me long to start convulsing in a much needed orgasm.

Being such a good bastard and not wanting to play favourites, Mr then pulled out of me and laid Claire and I down on the bed together. He kneeled over us from the side and began pulling himself off. We looked up and him and told him how much we wanted to share his cum, to be covered in it and have his hot juice splash all over our tits. Our joint words of encouragement didn’t take long to coax out a lovely spray that landed on my chin, down my neck and over one of Claire’s very hard nipples. I rubbed his nectar into my skin and felt so satisfied and glad that I’d given this a go.

Claire thanked us both, and after her two and a half hour session with us left and went home. We spent the rest of our holiday recalling this experience and fucking like rabbits in our room!