Written by Anonymous


I met him online, he was Dom and older, I was a little scared of him at first. I was always used to calling the shots. He hounded me for months and months, relentlessly. Every time I was in the chatroom he'd pounce on me. I liked playing hard to get, stringing him along. I finally let him message me. He would send me vids of him fucking other women. Asked if I'd like to be fucked like that.

I was planning a trip to a swinging club for my birthday. He found out and we tried to work out how he could see me. I let him have my cell number, he'd ring me late at night. I liked his voice, he would talk to me while I masturbated. Listen to me cum while he stroked his cock.

So I got to the hotel early. Messaged to tell him I was there. I was so nervous...poured myself a wine. Knock at the door...there he was. Taller, thinner than I imagined. He knew I was nervous, didn't try to touch me. He sat opposite me, put a birthday card on the table, didn't let me open it. I had my wine, we chatted, I started to relax, felt ok. He had intense eyes, staring at me the whole time. Once I finished my wine he said, open your card.

I read it...the closing line said...if you want me, stand up and take your clothes off. I was hesitant but did it, stood up. Took my dress off, then my bra, then my panties. In front of him naked. His eyes never left my face. He kept eye contact the whole time. He came and stood behind me. Not touching but close enough that I could feel his breath on me. He moved in front of me...barely brushed my hard nipples with his fingers. I shuddered, goosebumps covering my body. He ran his hand down the curve of my waist...across my stomach. He kissed me then.

He turned and sat back in the chair, said my birthday present was in his pants and to come and get it.  I kneeled in front of him, unzipped his pants, greedily devouring his cock. He loved it, talked to me how good I was , how it felt fucking great, that I was a good girl, his hand in my hair. I wanted to make him cum but he stopped me. Told me to get on the bed and spread my legs, show him my wet cunt. I did it, quivering in anticipation.

He came to the edge of the bed and sank his cock into me, it felt amazing. I came as soon as he entered me. He fucked me all over that bed...I came and squirted and came everywhere. He sat me on his lap, facing a mirror and made me watch myself fuck. Told me how great I was, how hot I looked, how I was more than enough for any man. He slapped my arse, making it bright pink. He told me to lie on bed, legs over edge...fucked me from behind. I begged for him to fuck my arse...I was so wet he slid in easily, his cock felt so good.

He lay back on the bed, I sucked that delicious cock some more, loved hearing him groan. I hopped on and rode him, so wet and slipping and sliding all over his cock. He was deep in me. Said he was going to cum. I begged him to do it, fill me up and his hot cum exploded into me. He wanted to send me on my way with his cum trickling out of me.