Written by Nympho


Here she was standing looking at me still being held by him, seeing his hand still rubbing my used pussy , she said without no hesitance....Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?

I said immediately after, 'Sheena calm down its not what it looks like it was him he grabbed me and wouldn't let me go, I had asked him to Sheena honest I did... I felt a pang of guilt wash over me even though I had just finished the best fucking Id ever been given, I still felt the after math of his cock, I was aching and I was oozing cum , I could feel it smothered all over my pussy lips from his hand and fingers prodding and rubbing me, She then said to him ..'James you horny barstard you couldn't help yourself could you? You just couldn't keep that cock in your pants, now I have to question what else you have planned in that mind of yours? You just cant keep your cock in your pants at all...and it was then she made him stand and she then grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed me down to the ground I was at that time on my knees, she pushed my face into his crotch and she said , 'You like my mans cock do you? you dirty little girl !!! she yelled, I pushed my head back and said Sheena you've got it all wrong it was him not me...she then sat so I was between her legs and mid between him he was still standing , she grabbed his crotch and said so do you enjoy her young sweet trimmed cunt do you ? 'Do you answer me you barstard, she reached up and slapped his face then she put her hand back to his crotch, she was still holding me by my hair she pulled my face over to him again and she said to me..open your eyes. Open your dam eyes , she then unzipped his fly and out fell his cock she grabbed it and she shook it in front of me , she then said 'Now lick it ...lick it now im telling you and with that she tightened her hand on my hair with me still on my knees knelt before him and her and she pulled him over and slapped my mouth with his cock that was slowly taking delight in it, she spat on his cock and she started to wank it with her one hand and he groaned, and she was stroking it from the base to his knob I could see pre cum on it and she spat again making it nice n wet , he groaned more and as she did this she was telling me I was a whore and that he was a sneaky bastard for fucking me without her...just then she pushed my face closer to him and she then grabbed my chin she said suck it...suck his cock now I want to see you suck his cock now !!!!! her voice lifted her hand tight on my jaw I refused to open my mouth she poked the side of my cheek and said ..Open it now you naughty girl, and show me how much you love his cock , I gave up resisting she wasn't going to listen and on top of that I realised my pussy was responding to the demands I could feel my pussy aching as she made the dirty demands, I closed my eyes and took his cock in my mouth and she was shaking it , she said' More' I want to see you swallow it...he groaned and he said to her ...'Stop it hunny your scaring her. don't do that I don't think its a good idea, but I noticed he wasn't pulling away from me either, by now I was sucking his cock nicely wetting it and licking it from the tip of his knob licking it all over and down to the base she then pushed my head again and said ..'Noooooooo I said swallow!!!! this time she was saying it with a louder angrier voice...she told him to fuck my mouth deep...' Fuck her mouth James fuck her mouth I know you want to ...fuck her mouth deep now just as she said that I felt him push down into my mouth deep so deep I gagged and again and again and again that fast I could hardly get my breath or breath and he was fucking my mouth so much now I was gagging at every push he gave my mouth with his rock hard cock ...., she however by now had reached down behind me as I was kneeling and lifted up my short summer skirt and run her hand down past my arsehole ..stopping for only brief seconds to rub the entrance and then down further to my wet and hot sex , she moaned saying ....mm mm your cunts so wet from him using you...she then put her hand to her mouth and licked her finger that had just finished tracing my reddened pinkie cum filled slit and she tasted me, she moaned, just then suddenly she grabbed his cock from my mouth and looked up at him and she took his cock in her own mouth whilst still holding me by the back of the head and she deep throated him whilst looking at his eyes with piercing angry hungry eyes and then she took it back out of her mouth and forced his hardness back in mine...while she adjusted her own summer frock ...and I seen her pull her dress up her thighs so high I could see her pussy , and it was sexy if you don't mind me saying she was smooth and she was looked so delicate and pink and pouting as if swollen with arousal , just then she pulled back hard on my long hair and grabbed my head with both her hands after taking him out of my mouth and she steered my head towards her crotch and she said...'Lick it..and lick it real good...NOW !!!...she shoved my face into her crotch I had no choice but to do as she said and then I felt her hold change she started to what seemed relax and her hold of my head went to stroking my head and hair and she was moving her hips into my face. She was so wet now and she moaned. Stick your tongue in me and your finger NOW...nowwwwwwwwww I said...so I did and as she seemed to be pushing her pussy against my tongue and fingers she took them out and she then leaned me forward so as my arse was in her face and she buried her face in my wet pussy, doggy style standing up , she was feasting on my pussy on my sex, she stuck two fingers in and told me to fuck her fingers so as I pushed back obeying what she asked after a few minutes she pulled her fingers out and looked at James and demanded he put his cock in me...My conscience was looking at me from the side and she was saying to me ...you know you love it so enjoy it give them what they want and what you need...so with that I moaned with every push he gave his hard cock into my wet pussy ....he moaned and I moaned, he was fucking me steadily and she went around the front and while he was fucking me doggy she opened her legs and said eat me...so here we all were ...having one big fucking frenzy and I must admit we were all by then enjoying her demands so was she. She was getting aroused by her own actions...just then she told him to stop and she said turn around so I turned around and she pulled me back down in her lap so my arse was sitting on her she then opened her legs wide and she pulled my thighs wide and she told him to fuck me and so he bent grabbed my legs and pulled them wide open stretched that far..and she held them and said hold them open to him, and she had her legs also open wide as I sat on the front of her and he then pushed into me ...I groaned and he groaned, she pulled me back enough so she could see what he and his cock were doing and she held my hair up out of the way and she slapped my pussy..and rubbed my clit while he was fucking me and then he pulled out and crouched abit lower and started fucking her hole as well she was moaning and panting loudly and so he went back n forth from pussy to pussy ..my god it was hot and we were all enjoying what started off as dirty demands, to a fucking frenzy , and we were both moaning so eagerly for his cock while the other was having him we were both moaning with sexual excitement in our pussies and then he took it out and walked to the side offering Sheena his cock to suck clean and she did and wen she finished he stuck it back in our pussies.....fucking our cunts..she had one hand on my waist holding me to her and one on my hair - That was so hottttttttt , and it wasn't long before he started to groan louder and then started fucking us faster and then he started to pound Sheena's pussy and then she let out a loud moan he started grunting and giving her faster pounds and until he finally pulled out of her and she pushed me up so I fell down on my knees and she held my hair up and he pushed his cock into my mouth , stroking deeper and deeper into my mouth making me gag again and then he let out a Loud gasping groan and he pulled out and she held my mouth open and he spurted what seemed a huge hot fountain of thick thick cum filling my mouth and all over my lips and my face and hair it seemed to not stop as he kept pulling and stroking his sex, his member giving himself the best possible pleasure from it.....He was then spent....me however had a mouth and face full of cum licking it all ..and she leaned over my shoulder taking my chin in her hand and she pashed me ;licking and sharing his hot thick cum..with me....

Well that was one boat trip I can tell you ill never ever forget ...and I may as well tell you also that we ended up down in the hull of the boat licking and sucking all over again...I went home with a well used cunt...and a swollen pussy.....and you know what...?

It felt so dirty and great I loved it !!!!! and so did they ....

Hope you enjoyed and hope you share your comments with me .... xoxo