Written by Nympho


Feeling his bulge against my arse and feeling the warmth emitting from between my legs, sent a soft tinge of excitement thru my body and I could feel my nipples respond beneath my blouse, I blushed slightly as I stepped down from the last step into the hull. Anyone for a drink he asked as he brushed past behind me placing his hands lightly on my hips as he slid past me. It took be my surprise the fact he made skin contact with me....

I was reading too much into it maybe then my friend stepped towards me and said 'Yes we will both have one each...and a shot to go with it..!

I said ..."whoa girlfriend do you think its a good idea drinking on the boat? she said. Don't panic we're going to be fine...'James knows what he's doing come on relax we're going to have a great day, and James said yes relax and sit down put ya feet up! By this time I felt he was flirting with me, and my mind wasn't playing tricks after all..

After an hour setting off on the boat and another glass of wine later as I was sitting up on the deck I could hear Sheena laughing, it sounded mischievous....then I heard James.. 'Sheena your cock teasing me again...! If you keep bending over im going to shove my cock in your pussy !!!!...I heard her giggle, Sheena said back to James ..Oh like how you were rubbing your cock your bulge against Tracey on the way down to the hull....? your the tease James you know it turns me on wen I see you flirt with others !

James replied back saying...oh and who's idea was it to invite Tracey? yours you teasing little cunt, all because what you really want is her pussy don't you Sheena? I heard her giggle again. She lowered her voice this time , and I heard her say to James well who was it that offered the drinks?

This time they both laughed. Then silence...then chuckle, then I heard him groan...and then he groaned again and again ..I decided to peep down the hull door and here was Sheena on her knees taking him in her mouth, he was holding her head and he looked to be really enjoying her sucking him off, Omg she sat back on her knees and started wanking him I seen his member spring upward with her hand stroking him, he was huge and he was the finest cock id ever seen, all handsomely standing there proud and bobbing while her hand worked him more and then more as she sapt on his dick he groaned 'good girl baby ' 'good girl mmmm baby mmm that's it, I blushed and I was feeling that warmth sensation growing deep in my stomach and deep in my pussy ..Just then he looked up, oh my god he seen me,.....Oh I quickly stepped back a foot so he couldn't see me and I turned around and tip toed back to where I was...

Oh my god that was hot all I could think of was his cock and her kneeling and his hand rubbing and holding her head close.


Oh my god It turned me on to watch, that was so hot I was thinking, my pussy was throbbing from seeing them both, and then seeing his cock sprung to attention as she let it fall freely from her mouth and started stroking him. Mmmmm if only , It was me I was thinking with my mouth wrapped around his rigid member, how I would so love to taste him in my mouth, have her taste me..

Omg omg Tracey I said to myself, get a hold of yourself do you know what it is your thinking? my conscience was staring back at me and shaking her head, think about what it is your contemplating Tracey.

a few minutes later James was on the deck, 'Pity you never hung around longer and joined in I had enough for both of you.. I blushed I could feel myself staring at him, I looked away quickly as if I was distracted by the sound of the waves against the boat and the sun shining. then I felt an arm slip around my waist from behind an arm across the front of my chest holding me tight against his chest I could feel his bulge in his pants and he was grinding himself against me..'Don't I said, he proceeded to put his hand under my skirt he started rubbing my mound, then quickly further till he was rubbing my lips I had a G-string on. He said mmmmmm you love it I know your cunt lips are all wet, by this time his fingers were sliding up n down my slit ...I couldn't help but moan as I felt my pussy respond to his rubbing he slid a finger in me and started to finger me as he held me and I moaned again , he said mmmmmmmm you dirty little cunt your fucking horny as ...im going to taste that fine juice from your tight cunt and lifted his fingers to his mouth , his cock pressed against me and he moaned pushing against me mmm you taste good little darling...!

he then sat back so I was on his knees and he spread my legs and he found his way back to my pussy and started the rubbing again....I was so wet and horny he rubbed up n down my slit...mmm fuck it was so good I panties then he undone his shorts and I felt his hot knob between my legs he slapped it against my inside thighs and then my pussy and he lifted my hips and placed me back down on his lap slowly pushing into me..before I knew it he was pushing up into my hole and slit ..I moved my hand to my pussy to hold him inside me he released his other arm so both hands were on my hips...he said to me abruptly. Ride me you dirty wet girl. Ride me you know you want too. With that I started to move up and down his dick mmm it felt so good I felt myself quicken upon him then he lifted my legs so my feet were on his knees and he pushed faster and deeper into me holding me against him ...mmm baby fuck yes oh fuck your tight pussy feels so good and my cock will give your tight twat a good stretching mmmmmm you've not had big cock in you have you? he asked me ...with that he pumped and pumped me faster I started to shudder he put his over my mouth as I moaned louder , he said shut your mouth you naughty girl and he pushed deep into me faster and faster pumping his cock in me till he moaned into my shoulders and he was pumping his cum in my wet horny pussy as I squeezed on his rigid member....he grunted and grunted then he just held me I knew then he had finished pumping full of his hot cum...mmmm... a few moments later he said im so glad you came Tracey I've wanted to fuck you since I laid eyes on you baby....he brushed his fingers against my pussy and scooped up sum cum that was oozing from my pussy and he lifted it to my mouth and pushed his finger thru my lips taste me you dirty naughty girl , that's what you done to me now lick it from my finger like a good little girl...

Just then Sheena appeared ........

is there a part 3 you think?????????