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Mrs. Fantazia
23 May 2015

My and Dylan's playdate


13 minute read

My story plays of in South Africa where we’re from. I had to come here for business recently leaving hubby back in New Zealand. We’ve had an open relationship for years and made some nice friends along the way. Many are intellectuals that we share our bodies and minds with but many are mainly playmates with one purpose only. To satisfy the carnal desire that can only be satisfied by a big dick stuffing your every hole. When I returned to SA I did not really want to connect on an intellectual level. I was too stressed out by work and being separated from my hubby that I did not want to strain my mind any further. When We chated over Skype one evening he reminded me that one of my long time “toys” was still residing here in SA. Dylan. Dylan Dildo I used to call him. He was like the “real human” version of a Ken doll. Although just a brunette as opposed to a blonde. He is a professional tri-athlete. Everything perfectly proportion, a tall 7 feet in his socks and a 12 inch dick that is as thick as a large cucumber. He is also clean shaven from head to toe because of his sports career. He just turned 24 recently. (We’ve been fucking since his 18th birthday. I met him and some friends when they were out celebrating his birthday. I decided on whim to fuck him for his birthday. (Not so much a whim when I saw the outline of his semi hard penis wraped to the left of his waste when he got out of the pool...) We had a quickie in the women’s bathroom and he came to visit me and hubby the next day and stayed for the rest of the weekend. But that’s another story…) He had the recovery power of a thirteen year old boy on Viagra. He lasted for hours and could cum on demand. I have such fun with him. (Fun = massive waves of explosive orgasms) When I said he is not one of our intellectual friends don’t misunderstand me, he is not unintelligent. We just never connected in that way. I liked him for his physical attributes and never intended to get to know him better. I just wanted his sex. The raw, unapologetic, urge to fucking his young body. Remembering the times we’ve spend made me wet. Hubby set up everything for me to play with Dylan in a few days and forwarded me Dylan’s new contact details. Hubby had SexyB to attend to so we agreed to share our stories after the play dates and have Skype sex. I prepared for Dylan by having a full body wax a few days before my sex date. Had a facial, pedicure and manicure as well. We were meeting early on Saturday afternoon. In the morning I used one of my toys to insert some long lasting lubricant and went for a long cool shower. I tied my hair into two ponies and did make-up and put on porn star lashes. I donned thigh high boots and my red coat. (Same one as in one of the public pictures) I drove out to Dylan’s place and was met by him at the door. He was wearing only his smile. He half lifted me into an embrace and passionately kissed me. I felt him harden as we kissed. He was still as well shaped as I remembered. He put me down and struggled with my coat buttons. I quickly assisted and I dropped my coat on the floor. His erection grew immediately when he saw I was wearing nothing but my boots underneath. I put both my hands on his erection moving it up and down slowly while I stood on my toes sucking one of his stiff nipples and gently nibbling on it. I could feel his whole body starting to tremble. I looked up into his eyes and instructed, “Cum for me”. I bent slightly to take the head of his penis into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. Because he is so big nothing more than his head fits into my mouth. I cupped his balls with my one hand and used the other to gently stroke his thick shaft. Within a few seconds he started convulsing and came into my mouth. He has huge loads and I had to swallow continuously and quickly to contain everything in my mouth. As it always was the case with his first loads, I could not swallow it al and some cum ran down my chin and down my neck. I hate wasting cum so I wiped it with a finger that I licked of. When I looked up he had this awesome smile and amazed look on his face. He lifted me into his arms and I put my legs around him. His penis shaft was between my legs, pressing on my pussy. As he walked towards his big bed my clit rubbed on his shaft. He threw me on the bed and roughly started eating my pussy. I put my hands on his head and pulled on his hair to pull him away slightly. He looked at me, and I said, “Gently big boy, gently”. He quieted down somewhat and licked my clit softly and started sucking on it just the way he knew I preferred. I still kept my hands firmly in his hair afraid that he will stop at a crucial moment. I liked forcing my clit into his face. He moved his muscular hands up my body cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples between thumb and index finger. He moved his hands up and down my body in no particular pattern, alternating the speed and extent of the slow rubdown so that sometimes his hands was on my breast at the same time and at others they were at opposite sides, one on my shoulder and the other moving up my leg or on my inner thigh pushing my legs apart. He looked up from his position between my legs constantly to make sure I am still ok with what he is doing. Every time I look into his green eyes I get a jolt when I see the pure animal lust reflected in there. After, what felt like only a few minutes I grabbed his hair, indicating to him that I am about to orgasm and he dares not stop, alter his motion change anything he is doing under threat of me pulling out all his hair. He does not disappoint and continues to lick the spot as wave after wave of orgasm flow through me while I scream Dylan’s name over and over in passion. Just as the last waves are about to pass I let go and stretch out to release the tension in my body. He rose up smoothly, placed his strong hands on either side on my hips, with my legs still open and slightly pulled to my chest, he pulled my waste towards him and slowly pushed his massive manhood into me. He was again fully engorged and he filled me like no other man have ever before. I spasmed in the last throws of my orgasm and looked up into his smiling face with his body towering over me. He put his one hand below my hip slightly lifting me and started to forcefully fuck me with long deep strokes. With his other hand he caressed my body teasing my swollen nipples with his fingers. There is no nicer picture than a powerful man towering over you, penis balls deep inside of you and you see into his soul that you are the only women he lusts after at this moment. He moves his other hand below my other hip and lift me slightly of the bed. His massive penis is now rubbing the front walls of my pussy and raking over my G-spot every time he goes in and out. I grab his ass with both hands forcing him even deeper into me. He is so deep it is an almost painful feeling. I keep him deep inside me for a few seconds just feeling the throbbing of his heart in his manhood. When he tightens his ass his penis head enlarges and I feel it deep inside me. “Cum for me”, I ask him softly. Without moving in or out he starts cumming in shuddering movements. I feel his massive orgasm spill deep inside of me. The sensation spreads as he is emptying his balls deep inside me. The intense feeling of him cumming drives me over the edge and I have a second massive orgasm. I scream, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming Dylan, fuck me Dylan, fuck me”! I let go of his ass and he pulls out and push back in with long strokes, his penis stimulating my G-spot to increase my orgasm. I feel our combined juices run down my inner thighs and making squishy sounds as he still pounds away at me as my orgasm peaks and I feel pins and needles all over my body as the last vestiges are building to a final point of intense pleasure. I let out one massive shudder, my pussy contract convulsively and expels him with a huge load of our combined juices onto the bed. He collapses next to me cupping my breast with one hand and nudging my neck with his mouth. He whispers to me, “I want to fuck you again”. I slowly rise and go onto all fours in doggy style. My pussy fully exposed for him to see the mess he made. Our juices still running down my legs. I lower my upper body to his bed leaving my hips in the air. I look at him over my shoulder and say,” Waiting for an invitation or will this do”? He smiles, moves in behind me enters me fully almost triggering another orgasm. He keeps it there for his body to stop shaking causing an unbearable pleasure to course through me. He start moving in and out of me with short fast strokes alternating every so often with longer deeper ones. He grabs my hair and pulls me back into him forcefully. I have never experienced this lust from him in al the times we have been fucking together. “Have you missed me Dylan?”, I ask coyly. He fucks me with more zest, Pulling my hair and said.” Does it not feel like it to you?” and starts shuddering. “No, don’t cum yet”, I say loudly, “Hold it in, till I’m ready”. He starts moaning, but I feel he is definitely not cumming in me yet. As his force and depth increase my orgasm builds like a slow warm sensation deep inside my belly. It grows and grows, fans out to the rest of my body until I can no longer hide it. I start moving to his rhythm and said, “Cum for me now”, and he increases his speed and depth and I feel his cum squirting searing hot inside me, with my orgasm threatening to render me unconscious with all the intense pleasure as it washes over me in an unending wave. We collapse sideways in the traditional spooning position with him still inside me shaking. As we lay on our side breathing heavily he strokes my shoulders and neck, and cups my breast. “I have lusted after you since you guys have gone. I am so glad I got to fuck you again”, he says softly to my back. “Nobody else has ever commanded me to cum as you have. It is so empowering”, he said continuing slowly stroking his penis in-and-out and in-and-out of me. He starts to slowly cares my body all over with his hand that is not pinned under my hip. He keeps his momentum steady and regular. After a long time of this we again cum together without me telling him to. I fall asleep with him still inside me and now holding me tightly. A few hours later I wake up with him still inside me. I pull away slightly to get up and go to the bathroom. I am a mess of our combined bodily fluids and decide to take a shower while I am in there. I take of the long boots, having to sit down on the toilet seat to accomplish the feat. He has a double walk in shower. I stood under the showerhead with my head back and eyes closed allowing the water to slowly wash away the previous hours of passion. When I open my eyes I find him staring at me smiling. I cocked my head to the side to invite him in. He stood next to me without a word and opened his shower. He rinsed himself a bit and then started rubbing soap all over me, spending extra time in some places, clearly intending to dirty what he was cleanhing. I was returning the favour as much as I could. He pushed me against the wall with my back towards him and entered me as if it was the first time. By now I was quite sensitive and told him,” Careful, my pussy is sensitive, don’t break it”. He slowed down and did longer deeper strokes as he eased into me. I did not thought it possible but I had a massive orgasm again after only a few minutes. It has been a long time since I have been fucked in a shower. When my orgasm subsided he pulled out, leaving me disappointed that he did not cum and I turned towards him to complain. As I turned he pushed on my shoulders and thrusted his penis towards his face. I smiled. Men and mornings. “Cum when you are ready”, I said just before I took his penis head into my mouth. I again swirled my tongue around and stroked his shaft with one hand while the other hand stroked his balls. I liked down his shaft and taking his balls into my mouth. Then up again to take his massive head into my mouth. After a few minutes of this I felt him tense and started sucking on his head again. I was soon rewarded with a massive load that I was unable to swallow in time. It spilled out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my breasts and ran partway to my stomach. I stood up straight while I stroked the last bit of cum from him with my one hand and looked into his eyes. He bend down and kissed me and hugged me so tight I almost suffocated. We continued our shower by washing each other and then drying each other. He helped me back into my boots and coat and walked me naked to the door. He opened the door and kissed me passionately goodbye. As I was exiting his driveway I saw a blonde in a tiny sports car waiting her turn to enter it. I was glad to see Dylan was still as popular as always.

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