Written by scotsmitch2001


I would sit in the chair watching her. Watching as she danced to a tune that played in her head. I always knew when she was in the mood. She wore a short black skirt and a white blouse.

As I watched, she would sway back and forth, it was if I wasn't there. Slowly she would unbutton her blouse, always pulling it from her skirt then unbuttoning from the bottom, moving upwards slowly. Six buttons, I knew how many of by heart, she would undo the last button and slide hands down her body, down to her hips, letting her fingers curl under the hem of the skirt, then as i watched, my breath a little more ragged, she would shimmy it upwards, just enough to let me see her panties, to show me watch she was wearing. Then, arching back a little she would let the skirt fall back down.

I would unzip and slide a hand into the opening of my jeans, always watching her.

That was her slide fingers under her skirt, she would peel her panties off, pushing them down far enough for gravity to do the rest, to let them fall ina puddle at her feet, almost daintily, she would step out of them.

And i sat watching, slowly sliding my rock hard cock from the confines of my jeans.

With her eyes half-closed she would, again, bunch her skirt at her hips, showing herself to me, parting her legs a little, giving me glimpse of her moist lips, she would then stroke herself, a fingertip just slipping into her moist hole...as i started to masturbate.

We never had sex....In fact we never actually touched each other on these occassions, just enjoying ourselves.

After we had both satisfied our urges, I would tidy myself and leave her house.