Well, the moment I laid eyes on her, and drank in those full large breast, pert tight arse, and pacific blue eyes, my large cock tingled, in my Levis, after we chatted on the phone I loved her accent, and not being a local had me wondering what a European woman was like in every way, as soon as she opened the door I wanted her spread in front of me, but I knew that rushing might lose my window of opportunity so I kept my raging desires in check, as I pulled her close for a hug, her long dark hair silky against my face, the smell of her perfume was as intoxicating as her pressing against me, I brushed my hand over her arse, God it felt so good, skipping forward I didn't get any further that day but the next was awesome, I remember showering and waiting in her bed, the smell of her and the thought of my devious plans in reach was make my cock long and fat, then in she came holding a thick candle, her night gown was sheer black lace, and the preview was a tanned body, toned in a curvy way like a 50's pin up, her breast were large and with big areolas, nipples were hard to against the fabric, she wasn't shy at all, I could see a sexy landing strip of dark brown hair, now I really wanted to just tear her up, she placed the candle beside her night stand, as I flipped back the sheet for her to slid in, the lace fell to the floor as I drank in that form, I love a woman's body, the hips, the curves, the soft skin..as she snuggled up to me I placed my hand on her thigh, I slid my other under her arm so she was kissing me on top, her hair fell down around my face, forming a private kissing booth, as our lips met, my tounge eager to explore her mouth, my hand roving up her back over her ass, it wasn't long before she reached down for my cock, I gasped as her cold fingers wrapped around the burning shaft, I then flipped her onto her back, kissing along her neck, then both breasts, sucking her firm big nipples, cupping her large tits in my hands in slid down between her tanned thighs, I was staring at her flat seamless pussy, so beautiful, the lips perfect, not large floppy skin, like a pussy I always dreamed about eating, I kissed both side of her slit, smelling her scent, the wetness, she was responding with a slight hip rising, I gently probed my tounges tip just enough to part her lips, I felt the wetness and flavour, God I love to give head to a woman, soon I was kissing her clit and flicking and licking slow circle's, I could hear her breaths, her body wriggling and writhing, under my tounge, every now and then I'd speed up the flicking, then back to slow oh so slow, she wrapped her hands in my hair, forcing me in deeper, so I bought a hand down to spread her clit hood and expose her little bean, I licked over and around it, gently sucking on the whole area, she was breathing hard now, and trying to force my tounge over her button, I wasn't playing her game and loving the feeling of being in total control, by this time my cock, was so stiff and hard it was aching to fuck her, I put both of my big hands under her arse and forced her soaking pussy into my tounge, I stepped up a gear licking soft but fast, I felt her rising on the sheets, the next second she gasps and moans as a shudder rippled through her, her body bucking up, head thrown back and hands pressing my face into her thrusting slit, after a few seconds she just let go, knees shaking and lying so still, I hoped she wasn't out for the count, her ragged breath the only sign she was alive..t.b.c.