Written by Jane_Duh


We all have our realm of fantasy, may be a fairy tale cum true or a figment of a persons overactive XXX imagination. Something that happened to me Labour weekend 2011 was magic. In a way, a dream came true at such a late stage in my life. Guess all of the planets must have lined up and the universe as one. Or as maybe as my mum said “It was in my water”.

I was working on Saturday and Sunday afternoon / evening shift so John and I decided that we would devote Monday to us. To spend time with each, to enjoy one another’s company due to my weekend work and him working Mon to Fri we don’t get to spend much time with each other. So Monday was to be that day. We just thought that we would just sit around and not do all that much. We even arranged for family to stay away that day. And that was a task in itself. Well that plan went out the door. We spend all day either with no clothes on or just wearing a robe. My cunt was licked and fucked all day. I was taken lying down, missionary, cowgirl doggy kneeling and standing, sitting. We done 69. We just fucked all day long. Any way, we done it. As a break we even played on cam, we had full membership on KS then as well as a cam site or two. I showed my stuff. Had my cunt licked, inserted a dildo or two plus eggs and the like. Even stuck a banana up at one stage. I squirted quite a few times, on the floor and on the couch. Gee I felt so pampered. We even had a magical roast meal cooked with only a piny on. Ever been taken bent over a kitchen bench? Dinner was served in the nude complete with a glass or two of wine. For desert I was fucked doggy over the table on cam. Wahoo? Did any of you dear readers see me. Back then we were known as hernme. Ring a bell? To cum so many times in one day was just magic. I am not exactly sure, I reckon I must have cum 62 times plus. I just wanted my John so so much. Might I say that all orgasms were quality, deep and emotional and not clusters. Dear reader these were distinct orgasms split by time and not clusters of little ongoing ones. If I counted clusters there would’ve hundreds of orgasms as I had many deep orgasms followed by lots of little one. You women will know what I am talking about. . Lots of wow and not WOW!

Years ago I was happy to just have one orgasm and that may not have been all that often. I really enjoyed sex so it wasn’t the sex. Then one day no more kids at home and started to feel free as a bird. Still orgasms were slow in coming. John really worked his butt off to help me know my body and for him to find all of my pleasure places took some time.

He is a tremendous lover, very caring and meets my needs first before his own. He just loves Tantric Sex and sometimes takes hours, and I mean hours to cum. Labour W/E Monday an example. I cum 62 plus times and he cum once. What dedication, what attention to my needs. Thank you John.

I find it really interesting here on KS that guys bring me to orgasm once and then they want a fuck and away home. Me I am gasping for more and have to turn to John. Guess it is a little like foreplay. Must say that I do enjoy a hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of my cunt. More so if I have a cock to suck or another cunt to lick at the same time. Just yummy.

Okay you say, so what is magic. A woman who went from maybe 1 orgasm every couple of days to a woman who had 62 in one day must be magic.

Women I do share my hubby, be gentle with him as he will be with you. Mind you I would like to be there to so that I can have a share of the action. Be prepared to be pampered. Oh did I not say that I like licking cunt and fondling and exploring a woman’s body.

A side note, I no longer work weekends so we have fun most weekends. Mostly cum about 6 times on average every half hour of making love. Just love the attention.

Guys spend time with your woman and pamper her, treat as a goddess not a sex object and women pamper your guys.

For me a dream of years ago came true.