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test_the_waters 6 years ago

MMMF Success

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4 min
Motel room booked. Stunning wife dressed simply but delicious and so desirable with a terrific bra that let her boobs poke out. Her white milky skin, jet red hair and super fit figure looked amazing! We arrived and settled in for a drink of wine and readied ourselves and a few elements in the room to be moved. But we had an early guest with the knock on the door and our surprise gentleman who we had not yet had time to meet had arrived. We chit chatted a little and our 2nd man arrived shortly after, this was the same who we had met, vetted and then gone onto a dogging session with. He liked to be hard and liked to please (great!). No real point for too much conversation but they gave Mrs TTW some lovely compliments and she was very turned on and made a point to go to each gent and straddle them and make sure her breasts were in their face and they had a little feel and taste of what was to come. It was not long at all before x3 of us had stripped off and she had her mouth firmly wrapped around the cock of one man, then the next, then mine and sometimes two in her mouth at once. She was good enough to go down on her knees and have us gently slap her face with our cocks and enjoy us one by one with some terrific tongue and lips doing all they could and she had 3 very hard cocks all baited and ready. Mrs TTW went to the bed and laid back resting on her elbows, the 3 of us men then spent some wonderful time alternating between licking her out and cupping and sucking her breasts and nipples. At this stage one of the men started to finger her and blurted out “she is so wet, she must be horny” and he was so right. Soon after I positioned myself behind my hot wife and proceed to fuck her tight but very wet pussy with my thick and erect member which was loving the moment. She asked for a cock for her mouth and was then treated to the 3rd man going underneath her so her boobs could be constantly sucked. We changed positions a couple of time and we insisted our 2 men use rubbers. I cannot recollect when it happened but I remember being behind her and starting to play with her ass when she just demanded to be ass fucked. After I sampled we had one other guy enjoy and then at another point while I was fucking her one of the guys got between her legs to lick, finger and suck her pussy. Mrs TTW was loving this and beyond wet now. She then asked for more cock to suck and then asked us to cum on her. So one by one we pumped our loads over her face and hair, I have to say I came first and unloaded across her left cheek and watched it go into her stunning hair and down to her breast, shortly after the other 2 also unloaded in the same area. Looked amazing! As we started to breathe a little easier, I have to say the sexual energy was not over and soon after one of our men became hard again and started to play with my wife and I also was getting very firm again. He started to rub his cock against her pussy and she started to thrust back and she said “do you want to fuck me?” and he said “yes but I have no hat on....(rubber)”, Mrs TTW responded by letting him slip his hard cock in her used pussy and she began to be pounded and used her arms to brace him to her which made his pump even harder. Meanwhile I was being re sucked and started to cum again over her boobs and our fella then exited her legs and started to be sucked and fondled by this well used wife until her blew a 2nd load again across her face and boobs. While she had not yet cum she remained turned on and played with her pussy a little. The men thanked us and got dressed and departed. We cleaned up and came home and got into our bed where we recounted what just happened. I licked and sucked my wife till she came with 3 fingers playing with her gorgeous ass. She came twice. It was the perfect night as I then came a 3rd time inside her pussy shortly afterwards. The only regret was in our motel exit we left my wife’s bra and it was such a winner look we will have to go back and reclaim it or allow the maid to have something special funtime.

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