Written by Runjumpplay66


This story is a combination of fact but does have some fiction.. It is mildy bi (guy).. If you like it drop me a msg and i will continue and let you know how it ended!

Round 1

You and your husband greet me a the door. I present a bottle of nice central Otago pinot. We sit on the couch with us either side, drinking and chatting. The conversation steers to sex... You rest your hands on his and my thighs, and start kissing him, and then turn to me, we kiss. Both guys start kissing your neck and mouth, hands caressing, unbuttoning your top. We all stand up, i move in front and He behind you, caressing, kissing, rubbing. We remove your top, followed by his and mine.

Our hands roam across each others bodies. Your bra straps are pulled down and clasp undone. From behind He scoops up your breasts, You lean back into him, head back kissing deeply. In turn I draw each nipple into my mouth, and unzip your skirt. My fingers dragging across the front of your nickers, they are wet. I kneel down nuzzling Your pussy thru your nickers. My hands stretch up your body, fingers find and tweak your nipples. He starts pulling Your nickers down.

Still on my knees i inhale your pussy, my hand and fingers massaging you, front and back. He is kissing you and playing with your breasts. He removes his trousers and undies, releasing his hard cock. He presses to you and from behind slides his cock between your cheeks, rubbing between and along the outside of your slick pussy as I suck, lick your clit, pussy and inner thighs. As his cock slides forward i open my mouth and allow it to slide in.

He and I swap places, i remove the rest of my clothes. From behind I kiss you, my hands on your breasts, your hands find my hard cock. One of my hands slide down Your body, fingers start playing with your arse.

As he slides his fingers into you, his mouth devouring your pussy. His fingers start to pump into you, while sucking your clit. I slide down your back and start kissing your cheeks, my hands spreading them and my tongue licks and probes your arse. Your body starts to stiffen as an orgasm builds. He and my mouths increase there activity licking, sucking, nibbling, probing. To you it feels like one tongue is licking from your clit to arse. Eyes closed rocking hips forward and back, until orgasm sweeps outwards from your pelvis your knees to shake and mouth to gasp, your hands on his and my head to keep us there. As the last of it ripples down your legs and you slide to the floor.

Round 1 to You... 

Round 2 ...

We have turns were two kneel, sucking, licking, and playing with the thirds cock/pussy/arse.... Rotating position every few minutes.  He then lays down you straddle on top - reverse cowgirl, guide him in and slide and down, his hard cock rhythmically, fucking you back.  I rest my body along side him with my head between your both thighs, mouth licking your clit, pussy, thighs and then his balls thighs..  my hand playing rubbing exploring you both. 

Your hand reaches back and starts to play with my cock .. You pull it towards him, he leans closer, opens his mouth and you wank me into it, he sucks.. 

We change position you get into doggy He slides under - you/he 69.. I enter you from rear, he licks my balls and your pussy/clit while i fuck you... My thumb circles and presses at your arse, then circles again.. you moan... My other hand reaches up and grabs your hair.. Pulling your head back and holding you in  position.  I position my thumb at the entrance to your arse and increase forward pressure, its starts to give way and my thumb slides in to the first knuckle.  I increase the pressure on your hair pulling you back to me, my thumb slides past the second knuckle and I start pulsing it.. 

His hands slide up your front finding your breasts,  enveloping them, pulling you down closer to his mouth, his thumbs and forefingers find your nipples and slowly increases the pressure on them.  

Your moans start to sound more like grunts with each thrust from behind, cock and my thumb synchronised.  I lean to your ear and say.. Both our cocks are going to fuck you.. I remove my cock from your pussy, from below he relinquishes your breasts,  he takes hold of my cock and sucks your juices from  it.  I squirt lube between your cheeks, he uses my cock to rub it around then positions it at your arse.  I slowly push forward, still holding your hair tightly.  You let out a small cry as my the head of my cock passes the first barrier, i pause and let you get used to the sensation. He swivels around, and on his back slide his legs between ours. He positions his cock at the entrance to your pussy, and presses in.  I start to slowly pushing  forward again in sync with him.  we can feel each others cock thru the thin virginal wall separating us. As we both are fully inside i relax my hand, you half slump forward onto your hands, panting.  We both start to thrust, alternating strokes. Your hand find the couch and you steady yourself pushing back against us. Your panting becomes louder and more intense.  Your thrust start to sync again, completely filling, then emptying you. You look down into his eyes, your mouth open, he can see each thrust in you face.  He thrusts harder.  You know they wont stop now, and couldn't tell them to even if you wanted too...

Round 3...

Cumming soon...