Written by Dee


My hubby goes away once a year to a special all weekend event with his close friends. Nothing was different this year except i started to feel really lonely and horny. I thought it would be a great idea to write about "Our first time" MFM and wanted to check on some of the details. I couldn't get hold of Charlie (Hubby)so decided to message James (our special friend). He was really helpful and i started chatting and flirting with him. That's when the bantering started about when we were to meet again, what i would wear and what the boys would do with me? I was to wear just a coat and stiletto's and he said the next thing we should try is DVP. Out came google and i read what that was! Sheiks!!! horny gauge just hit red hot and i said yes please. When Charlie returned i showed him our messages and asked him what he thought, I think the boys sent a few txt's back and forward hashing out there plan. The night arrived that we were to play. I shaved everything to smooth in the shower and as i was rubbing the soap over my hard nipples i thought about what we were about to try, i slid two fingers into my pussy just to have a little play to get my body ready for the night to follow. Wow how much i love this special time hubby and i share with James. I then painted my nails and applied a little light makeup, perfume and lippy. Slipping on my silky black dress i put my coat and stilettos into the car and kissed Charlie passionately and we were off. Not far from his house we stop the car and i took my dress off and put the coat and shoes on. My coat doesn't close fully at the front as it just has one hook and eye just under the bust line. The truck driver that passes us as we turn into James's street only had to look sideways and he would have got an eye full. When we arrived at the house i hold my coat closed and Charlie helps me out of the car so i don't flash the neighbors. When we reach the house James opens the door and as soon as we enter i can see he likes what i'm wearing. "Nothing but coat and shoes"He starts to rub and touch me straight away, my senses are really heightened more and more by every touch. James gets down on his knees and starts to eat my pussy, he spreads my legs and licked my pussy with the skills of a pro. I can feel his tongue sliding up and down my clit and probing into my pussy, i am withering at his touch. Charlie then prompts us to all move to the ottoman where it is more comfortable. James starts fucking me and Charlie slides his hard cock into my mouth and i'm in heaven. I love Charlie inside my mouth the feel of his nob passing through my lips as i push down on it more till it breached my throat. The dominants as they take my body at there will and my submission to them is wonderful and so arousing. The word spit roast invokes an amazing memory now that i will be doing a lot more in the future i'm sure. The boys swap ends at there pleasure. After everyone has had there full of this position we stop for refreshments. (Yummy red Pinot) Thanks James.

We decide on our next move and all agree its time to go for it. James lies down and i slide onto his waiting long hard cock reverse cow girl style then Charlie straddles our legs and drives his thick hard cock into me. OMG im so full and extra horny. We start to move in unison and i almost blow. this is amazing. the crazy feeling im getting down there as we move is fantastic. Getting a rhythm going is not easy with DVP but well worth the effort if it is working thats for sure.

We break again for water and then i push Charlie down and ride him till he comes and i'm gushing all over him. I hop off and James takes me from behind holding my hips he slides into my ass and it almost sends me over the edge. He pulls out and i ride him till he also gives me what i want. His sperm deep inside me, this does send me over and i gush all over him also.

Mission accomplished !

What are we going to do next boys ?