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I had two hot friends, I’d played with them both individually before but hadn’t fucked either of them. Ben let me know he was going to be in town in a few weeks….we got to talking bout a threesome and I knew straight away I wanted Sam to join us. It was all booked in.

I was nervous as all hell, my first group play time as a single woman. Excited but anxious, I drove to pick Sam up, then we headed to Ben’s hotel. We stood around, had a drink, chatted. I wondered who would make the first move, I went and stood next to Sam, he put his arm around me and rubbed my shoulder, made me feel reassured. He swept my hair away from my neck and kissed me, I shivered in anticipation. I turned into him and kissed him…he tasted good. Ben was watching us.

I felt the atmosphere change, it became charged, electric. I walked over to Ben and pulled him to me, kissed him hard.

The next thing I knew Sam was behind me. They kissed, touched, rubbed, sucked and undressed me. I was so turned on, so wet already. One of them pulled my knickers to the side to see just how wet I was, barely touched me and I squirted there and then. It was an effort to stay standing. I was undoing shirts, belts, pulling pants down. Took their hands and led them to the bedroom.

We spent some time playing, hands all over each other, mouths, tongues, fingers. I came and squirted countless times. Sam leaned into me and whispered in my ear, what did I want next. I asked him to fuck me. He told me get on my knees, arse in the air and to suck Ben’s cock. I felt him behind me, held my hips and slid his lovely thick cock into me. I was in heaven, being fucked and sucking another gorgeous cock, my neck being held, my nipples being pulled. Ben came in my mouth, I swallowed it greedily. Sam turned me around and kissed me.

After a bit of lying around, stroking each other, Ben was hard again, I told him it was his turn. I lay back on the bed, ready for him. He fucked me hard, it felt amazing….why hadn’t I fucked him before! Sam fucked my mouth and rubbed my breasts, it was sensation overload. I felt Ben pump into me as I kept cumming. I turned over so I could suck Sam’s cock better, told him to cum for me. Felt him tense up and getting close, looked up so I could watch him as he filled my mouth again.

Such a hot few hours with a lovely couple of men who know how to keep me going....can't wait until next time.

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