Written by kathy1968


Someone asked did l ever get to see the Meterman again after being Caught Out. The answer is yes about 8 mouths later l had been and had coffee with my girlfriend, she had been divorced for over a year and had just meet up with a guy they had spent the weekend in Taupo. She told me all about what they had done including how great the sex was.

After l left her l was at Pak n Save at the Deli, whe this guy comes up next to me and says " hello Mrs Bin.....its been a long time since I have seen you, however I still enjoy looking at your photos "

I look at the guy and realize that it is the meterman, he is about 10yrs older than me but not bad looking,he smiles and shows me a photo on his phone, there l am naked form the waist down with hubby behind me fucking me with a cucumber, my face is clearly visible and anyone that knew me would recognize me.

He said " l think I will go and buy some vegetables, and I think you should follow me down to the river and I will show you the other photos ".

I just smiled and said okay, l must admit that seeing the photo and having spent the previous hour talking sex with my friend l was feeling a little horny.

l followed him to the river and we parked in a secluded area, l got into his van, l looked around and saw that there was a si gle mattress in the back of his MPV He smiled and said since his wife died 12 months ago he had developed quite a few wo men friends who providedhim with sex in return for him not publishing their compromising photos.

He then showed me the 4 photos that he had taken of me and hubby 1 with hubby fucking me, the rest with hubby using the cucumber.

He said okay these will not get put on the Internet as long as we can have some fun, having no option and being horny I agreed, so we got into the back and stripped naked, luckily it was a sunny day and nice and warm, he started kissing m0 and squeezing my breasts making my nipples hard, l could see his cock starting to get stiff, so I reached down and started stroking it, that is when he pushed 2 fingers inside my cunt which by now was nice and juicy. After finger fucking me and stimulating my clit with his thumb for a while, he moved me onto my back and spread my legs wide apart, he then pushed his nice hard cock deep inside my cunt, l couldn't stop letting out a moan of pleasure feeling him filling my cunt with his cock. Hethe started to pound me pushing in really deep then pulling right back before driving jn deep again, l was now completely caught up in being fucked and was pleading with him to go faster and deeper and to cum inside me, Suddenly I felt h0 cock starting to pulsate as he shot his load deep inside my cunt, that is when I orgasmed .

After he pulled out and laid beside me he said " I have a little surprise for you " he then open the Pak n Save bag on the floor and took out a cucumber and a carrot, he then got me to lay on my side with my back to him, he then pushed my top leg up and forward, l then felt his fingers back inside my cunt finger fucking me again, then he slipped in the carrot and started fucking me with it, however it was not big enough to create any real sensation, so he replaced it with the cucumber which was a really good size and felt really nice when he started driving it in and out.

By now l was absolutely over the moon with what was happening l was having multiple orgasms, then he stopped, ll then felt he slide the carrot into my arse, which meant l had a cucumber in my cunt and a carrot in my arse, he then started fucking me with both of them at the same time, l was screaming with pleasure it felt soooo good l just orgasmed over and over until l was pleading with him to stop as l was having problems getting my breath.

After he stopped l just lay there absolutely fucked l couldn't move, it felt fabulous. I recovered after about 5 minutes and said to him " that was awesome we need to do this again " l then pushed him onto his back and gave him the best blowjob ever

We did meet up a few more times however it was never as good as the first time.

l hope you enjoyed