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8 Mar 2016

(Memories) Spank you later.. theres Squirt in my eye


14 minute read

So about 16 years ago I decide to jump careers.. with many surprising results! But the most surprising was one of my co-workers. Belinda. She was 6 foot tall, had short brunette hair, amazingly Amazonian warrior in build and had a quiet demeanour that was belied by an impish glint in her eyes. After a short time getting to know Belinda I irreverently called her Bee’s. I will confess here that it was my private reference to her fantastically large breasts and cleavage I could get lost in. Now I like people. but sometimes there's that almost electric arc feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know something is going to happen. It might be wonderful or terrible. But whatever happens … you have to know what it will be!!! ------ So the draw to my fate started one morning. Bee's walked in slightly late, as usual, looking somewhat downcast and hunched. Sat down at her desk next to mine and swivelled to look at me. Being me I had to try and cheer up my busty friend. Besides if she was hunched any lower to my desk one of her nipples would have been in my coffee. "Good morning3, looking wonderful as always" says I. B is only a year younger than me and married, migrants from South Africa about two years earlier. Knowing she had two kids, one school age boy and a university age girl both living at home, I assumed this was the source of the trouble. "Thank you, you're always nice to me" I get in response. Shit…. sounds bad at home. Do I ask or let her tell if she wants too ? oh well boots and all… "You okay ? want to talk to me ?" okay a mediocre effort but I'm trying. "my husband… he's stupid and has no idea about women. Should have stayed in SA if he doesn't like what NZ is doing to my attitudes" hmm…..Oh Darn…. I may need expert help. They are both from a very sheltered, conservative place somewhere in SA. "oh.. well you guys are going to find us different for a while. And I'm stupid as well Bee's, I have no idea about Kiwi women either :)" She fixes a look on me, sort of measuring and long. Lasted just long enough to make me feel like a Roast being slid into the oven and put on 230! " Come out for lunch with me, I need to talk to you". "Okay Bee's, 1:00 ?" "Around rolls 1 and its time to head off with B. Out the door, hit the elevator and B punches the parking level where her people mover is parked. "Where to Bee's?". "My place if thats okay. I dont want crowds or busy so we can talk properly". "Sure thing". I worked in Auckland at that time and she lives in a near by suburb. Five mins drive and we are parked in her shrub overgrown driveway. Two mins later and were in her emtpy house sitting on her couch. "Coffee, tea or something stronger?". "mmm... to early for me if we are heading back?" "Well I am and I really need one to talk. All we have is some old Vodka and you have to have one with me." Well Im not a fan but B is pushing. This looks big plus I see a taxi trip comming up to get home. May as well. One concern, are hubby and kids going to come home and think the worst ? I dont want whatever is wrong to go nuclear. "Okay sure Bee's. Where is everyone?." "He has gone to Tauranga for three days. Went this morning and dropped the kids off at their friends for the same while I am to stay home and CLEAN". Oh there goes strike one. "Okay.. vodka time." Plastic glasses out. Scary full bottle of Mr vodka opened and poured. Two full glasses raised and then one sipped and lowered. Mine. B still had hers in her hand. Raised. DRUNK. Then lowered. "Shit Bee's. Slow down or your going to be sick!" She just fixed me with that stare again. "Can I tell you something Ive never told anyone?" Oh darn?. How bad is this?. Is he hurting her or the kids? "Yes. Please trust me Bee's. Especially if you need help" "Okay.... Im a freak" WTF... ??? okay I missed something. "WTF .... what do you mean?" "I need something more and he dosent care about anything but fishing and me cleaning" Hmmmm sounds like strike two but Im lost. " okay.. so I think I understand he's being crappy. But how does that make you a freak Bee's. What am I missing here." "Because what I want is Wrong!" Oh man Im still lost! Perhaps the key to this is that vodka.. wheres my glass. Okay I still dont like you that much mr vodka but lets be friends until B makes more sense. Big gulp. "Okay. So you have to explain so I understand Bee's. Or I swear I am going to pinch one of your wonderful nipples until it turns blue" Oh dear... I think that was Mr Vodka talking. Bastard. "YES!.. please would you. I knew you understood me! I knew you wouldnt think I was sick or something..." At this point 6 foot of B knocked me back on the couch and very soundly kissed me. Glancing at the coffee table Mr Vodka looked as confused as I did even though my last words had been his idea. Yay! Any more ideas Mr V? B sat back on the couch, yanked off her blouse and striped off her bra in three seconds flat "Will you pinch me?" Well god her breasts were as beautiful as Id thought. Last words out of my mouth were about a nipple pinch. God knows I did love her grape sized nipples pointing back at me like that. So... I placed my hands softly on top of her breasts, fingers spread and pointing towards her collar The heel of my palms rested lightly on her nipples. Slowly I moved my hands downwards, her erect nipples tracing lines up to the centre of my palms. Once there I changed direction, closing my fingers so they griped her nipples. Then I squeezed and twisted, lightly at first but increasing my pressure tiĺl she started to softly moan and leaned back. "Like that Bee's?". "YES" I shifted on the couch, my cock was a little twisted in my jeans and the rising erection was making me uncomfortable. B got up and just sort of thrust her pants and panties to the floor then unceremoniously kicked both away. Nude and clearly horny and standing in front of me... yay me! In fact I could see she was horny. In my life I'd never seen such a wet girl. she stepped rigth up to me and kissed me again. "Take your pants off. I want to suck your cock David. "Oh.. right.. okay I can do that." Wow I dont even remeber where those jeans went, but they went fast. I lay back on the couch and put my legs up. B climbed on too but turned standing over me then squated down right on my face. Yep so amazingly wet. Her pussy, thighs and butt were all shiny with her natural lube. I used the fingers of one hand to grip her right cheek and my thumb to slip between the folds of her labia and open her a little. Then the other hand to squeeze her left cheek and press my thumb against her anus. Leaning forward I put my tounge into her a tasted her juice. She was sweet and musky. Really very nice. While this was going on my cock was being gently explored by her mouth. She was softly kissing my head, sucking me into her mouth and then running her tounge around it and taking me out again. Repeating the same gentle move each time but sucking me deeper into her mouth with every repeat. "Bite me" she said. What.. bite me? Did i hear that right? "Bite me" Okay I Did hear that... I teased her labia with my tounge, moved it between my lip and sucked it into my mouth. Then gently bit. Not breaking the skin just a nibble. She squirmed and I felt her shiver. my cock got sucked harder and deeper into her mouth. So I continued to lick, suck and nibble on her, and started to increase the pressure of my left thumb on her anus. My cock stopped being sucked.. "Oh.. push it in.. push it in" Ahhh.. sucking had resumed.. So I pushed harder and felt her sphincter part and let my thumb slide inside her ass. Then the muscle contracted clenching at the base, holding my thumb insde her. I pressed it forward inside her. Pressing against her just right so the pressure was transfering inside her ass to her pussy's G spot. Not easy but can be done. Suddenly she moaned around my cock. Her body stiffened and she rocked a bit. Then the wetness increased. A lot. My mouth was full.and my chest soaked.. She had seriously squirted in my mouth and across my chest. Well.. that was a first. I swallowed. Why you might say.. Well partly out of surprise and a partly to see what she tasted like. Honestly it turned me on.. really so dirty and a little taboo that it excited me. So much so that I went back for more. "Oh my god do that again and let me see babe." B stopped sucking and turned around. She moved so she was squatting in front of me over my chest. Then she started to squirt just gently over my chest and then stopped. I was so turned on I plunged my face into her pussy and devoured her. she pushed me back onto the couch and then moved back over my cock. Mounted me and began to ride me. This went on for a fantastic while until I couldn’t take it any longer and came inside her. She felt me cum and slowed then stopped. Slipped backwards a bit until i slid out of her then quickly moved forwards and squatted back over my mouth. So I obliged. My face was so slick with our mixed juices that my goatee was more like a mohawk, sticking together and pointing in about three differing directions. She built rapidly to her climax, shuddering, her vaginal muscles pulsing and thighs almost squeezing the blood out of my face. She squirted again across me as her control slipped. Then she slipped slowly backwards till she was lying on top of me. I could see her clit still making slight spasms as she spiralled back down from her orgasm high. "Will you stay for a while David?" "Of course Bee's, we need to talk" "Yes, but I want to hold you first and maybe we talk while we do that?" "Oh Bee's that would be awesome" "Okay roll on your stomach please" Huh? Mmmm.. okay, can do..I rolled over onto my stomach, couch somewhat damp now but not cold. "Like this Bee's?" "Yes thank you sugar" She moved so she was kneeling over my back. A leg either side of my butt and her hands on my shoulders. Then she started to massage me. Deeply kneading into the muscles in my shoulders and neck, then over the next 30 odd mins working her way down my back and spine. She had skills! I was in all sorts of bliss and my total weakness for massage had me putty in her hands, literally. She reached the top of my butt and started to work both cheeks. At the time I never even knew there was such a thing as a proper anal massage technique, but here was my crash course. Her fingers then thumbs were used to work my cheeks then my anus itself and slowly but surely she inserted a finger and started to massage my prostate gland. By this stage i had another hard on trapped between my stomach and the couch. She reached her free hand under me and slowly pulled my cock backwards then placed her mouth over my head again. Well no prizes for guessing the out come again. However after I had orgasmed this time she proceeded to rim me. Using her tounge to replace her finger my asshole recieved a full service. I was having a very very interesting afternoon OH my god Bee's. I've never had so much attention paid to me" "Your welcome but I need you to help me" "How?" "I want you to fuck me all the time. And dominate me, use me anyway you like and lead me please. I Need you to tie me and hurt me to please" Errrŕ.. ummm.. gosh. Well fuck that sounds damn good to me but wow .. l totally didn’t expect that to come tumbling out. "Are you really sure Bee's? I mean that sounds fucking fantastic to me." "I am sure. So you will? I really need it” "Okay..yes." "Oh thank you Sugar" "And wow Bee's, you really are my dirty woman.. you know that ?" "Yes.. Im a really bad girl" "Come here bad girl" She came and stood next to me. I took her hand a pulled her towards me. She stumbled and lost her balance as I continued to pull her forwards. Then she fell, ending up lying butt up across my thighs as Id intended. "Are you a good girl or a bad girl ?" "Im a bad girl" "No you are a FILTHY girl" Smack, my open hand struck both her cheeks. "dirty filthy girl" Smack Her bright red butt cheeks still quivered and looked sore. So I let go of her and bent forward then kissed first her left then her right cheek My cock was doing me proud and rising again. Not bad considering the duration of this adventure. She had spread her long legs wide and was pretty darn open. Her sweet pussy looked vulnerable and exposed with her lying across my lap. My rising tool was now pointing straight between. It was such an easy, natural move that I just used my hand to push myself inside her. My head and some shaft were now in her lovely warm body. She gave a little moan and started to wriggle, trying to drive me further inside. The angle wasn’t great but it did give me one fun idea. I could sort of bounce her on my lap. This made my cock slip back and forward inside her, shaft rubbing nicely against her clit. It was stimulating us both well enough that we started to get a rhythm going. B was making happy murmuring sounds and I could feel myself building. However if I was going to fill my end of this thing I needed to take this up a notch. Luckily a dirty little plan was forming. Every time B bounced on my lap her butt cheeks parted exposing her asshole. So.. with no further thought i placed two fingers on her ring and pushed down on the next up bounce. Bingo... both fingers parted her sphincter and entered straight in. I got a satisfying gasp of surprise and was so deep that I could feel my own head thrusting with every movement. Frankly there was so many mixed juices in and on us that lube was not needed! Okay now I was really getting into this. We were both enjoying the feelings and sensations but I needed something more to reach that climax this time. I really wanted to see her face and feel more intimate a connection. ..really? I hear you say.. So.. i stopped.. removed my fingers and cock, then slid backwards out from under. But I just as quickly got on top of her back. My legs were between hers and held her open. I put the head of my cock hard against her partial open asshole and thrust into her, hard and deep. She gasped and her body stiffened in surprise and possibly a little pain. I laid on top of her back so my weight held her down while I continued to thrust and thrust deep inside her ass. My left hand pushed down past her stomach, lower till my fingers could flick and tease her clit. But in this positon i was now able to kiss the back of her neck, her shoulders, along the line of her collar bone. Niping the skin and leaving little marks. Sucking deeply leaving love bites as well. Her moans were rising in intensity. Matching my thrusts and clit play the combined pressure was bring her on. My urgency was coming on as well. I was getting faster and more urgent. Pushing as deep as I could. Suddenly I went over the edge. I came deep inside her ass. The whole combination of sensations pushed her over, almost a simultaneous orgasm.. not quite but damn close enough. Well who cares.. we were both happy!

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