Written by Wicked1


Advanced warning .. this turned into something i never expected!

All details are true...as far as memory serves☺

So at 22 I had been broken up with my 5 year girlfriend (her idea) for 6 weeks. I'd moved into a flat and been doing some further study for a degree.

I was flatting with Mike. Mike is studying with me. He is 19, loves his music, blonde and somewhat of a surfer type. We get along well in the typical bloke way.

After 4 weeks of listening to my breakup angst he suggests we need a night out. He tells me he is interested in one of the girls (Amy, blonde, long haired, 18 and sweet) in one of our tutorials. Problem is she wont go out without her friend Lisa (dark, spiral curls and very well endowed) so Mike needs a wing man.

The invite is made and accepted. Come friday night we travel to Hastings, where the girls live in a boarding house, and meet up at a club. Everyone has a great night, I had been hitting it off with Lisa. Mike was having some intense talks with Amy. There had been lots of laughing and fun and only one or two drinks!. Before we know it its 3am and the club is closing.

Since we have had a great night Mike shouts me a whiskey then since its late the girls ask us to come back to theirs for a few more drinks and to stay over. At this stage that whiskey has kicked in and I'm thinking "Good for you Mike, looks like your charm has done the trick!". Little did I know the cunning plot that was underway.

Now what I dident know was that Amy and Mike had been having those intense talks for a few weeks. Turns out Mikes crush is on me! And Amy has wanted to get to know me, mike AND Lisa.

So taxi back to theres. Empty house!....out comes the Ouzo and on goes the music.

The music is playing and the Ouzo is being consumed. We have moved out two big chairs and taken over the lounge where Amy normally sleeps on an enormous, fold out 5 seater couch/bed. Some bad dancing and few more laughs are had but generally were all starting to feel a bit sleepy. Its late (or is that early).

Lisa and I have shared a few nice kisses and had started to snuggle a bit on one end of the couch. In fact I already had a lovely warm handfull of breast under her top and was enjoying caressing a nipple between two of my fingers.

Mike has started making loud yawning noises from the other end of the couch. Amy anounces its time for bed and that we need to get off her bed so she can make it up.

Hmmmm... my nicely rising erection would rather not have me stand up thanks. My jeans are tenting and Lisa's nice warm hand on my bulging penis is not discourageing that! Thankfully Amy turns out the lounge light then opens the curtains "just so we dont trip over in the dark".

Bed gets made up and Mike starts taking off his jeans and shirt. Both girls follow suit and strip down to bra and panties.

Now honestly I am a tiny bit pissed and Im not even thinking about the fact we are all crashing in Amys bed.

Its really big and I am really only thinking about my hard on and watching Lisas top come off. So down comes my jeans and im in just a dress shirt having gone comando.

Now you can call it stupidity or lack of planing but I had honestly not expected anything to happen that night. I had really only thought Mike might get lucky and Id be geting a cab! really at 22 I should have known better about the undies and, I am ashamed to say, no condoms as well. Hmmm.. lets hope the brain kicks in soon....

So Amy is down to just super small undies and is climing into bed. She has a nice petite pair of breasts and I cant help but notice erect nipples. She climbs into the far end of the bed and pulls covers over her bottom half.

Im still standing there like an idiot. My eyes are dividing their time between a topless Amy and skimpy bra and panties Lisa. My erection however is happily swinging free and now poking out from under my shirt. Okay it might be dark'ish but I need to cover up a bit!

Now this is the point that Mike decideds to pipe up with "well if your going to swing free then so am I"

Okay so not a classic line, but off come his boxers and theres his circumcised penis. Hes modestly built and has a gently curved erection with a small but perfectly shaped head.

He hops into the bed next to Amy and shuffles down under the sheet.

So far the bed arangements go far left Amy, then Mike ( raised sheet I see). This is when I feel Lisa's warm hand close around my cock as she steps past me. Shes naked and steps onto the bed while gently tuging me after her. Talk about being lead around by my cock! Shes getting in next to Mike so I hapily follow after her lovely full booty and scramble into the far right side.

Well I have lost any sense of modesty. My shirt gets tossed on the floor and I reach out and turn Lisa's face so I can kiss her. The sheets been pushed down off and the last thing I really see in the half light is Amy bending forward and taking Mikes head into her mouth. Then my focus is on the feel of Lisas warm mouth agianst mine and her warm hand moving up and down my shaft. She releases it and moves her hand to my chest. Pushing me backwards and down so I am on my back. She then stoodup and stepped over me, legs either side of my chest. Looking up I had a great view of her body as she kneeled down over my face. Not shaved but tastfully trimed. Her now very moist vagina is pressed to my lips.

Of course I took the only course of action I could and used my tounge to part her lips and gently stimulate her clitoris. Moving my mouth and tounge to enter and tease her , stimulating as much of her as I can. My arms are a little trapped at my sides but I have enough reach behind her to be able use my hands to spread her cheeks.

Meanwhile out of my eyesight interesting things are happening. I can feel a second persons weight on my legs and a mouth has closed over my cock. I feel a tounge is flicking across the opening in my head then moving up and down me. After a wonderfull while of this BJ it stops and the weight shifts significantly. Then a hand takes hold of my penis.

I still cant see anything more than Lisa and my mouth and face are realy geting wet. Moisture and sexual abandon have blocked most of my senses. I have managed to note that a - I can feel Lisas lovely tight anus is pushing against one of my fingers..

And b - the head of my penis is also pressing against something suspicous tight and anus like while the hand is pushing it harder into it...

Well as for point a.. I just cant resist. My little finger pushes a little harder and I feel it slip in just a bit. Lisas muscles relax then tighten around my finger. All the while she has been letting out small moans (I think I hear them around clenched thighs) but this time her whole body stiffens and my mouth feels the contraction of her small orgasm. She pushes backward with her butt and drives my finger a little deeper.

So to point b... while Im even more excited now by Lisa I am also feeling increased pressure on my cock.

Suddenly theres a slackening of pressure on my head. It slides past the muscles and in. pressure shifts down to clench again on my shaft. I feel great! Im trying to decide if this is realy just a very tight Amy or if some thing else is going on. Up and down movement starts to form a rythum.

Im still stimulating Lisa and also getting carried away by this mystery fuck going on down below. The pressure is odd and exciting at the same time. At this rate I will be havingy own orgasm before I can figure out who or what!

Lisa moves back and sits up off me. She climbs back onto the bed and pulls Amy to her.

Hang on if thats Amy?

I look down

And theres mikes back. Hes facing away from me. Squating over me and sliding himself forward and back. Up and down. I look lower and can see where the swell of my cock rises up to disappear between the cheeks of his ass. Well...

What do you do? Its just great sex right. Am I enjoying it? Honestly.. hell yes.

And Mikes a damn good guy. Hes decided to do this.. so....


I manage to sit up more and kiss him on his neck and shoulder. I put my arms around him and firmly pull him backwards onto the bed, my penis sliding back and out of him. Then I move myself down the bed and turn to face him. Now Im kneeling in front of him he has a leg either side of my legs.

I move forward, lifting his legs so that the cheeks of his ass seperate. He is slowly stroking his very erect cock. Runing his hand up and down while his thumb rubs over the top of hìs head.

My cock is nudging against his anus. By thrusting forward I pierce into him and drive deeply inside his asshole. He moans and rolls his head to one side. I slowly pull back and then thrust fòrward again quickly.

My rythum is picking up pace as my urge to cum starts to rise. With each stroke he moans and his hand moves faster. My strokes are getting longer and harder. With each one the tip of my cock comes all the way out of him then pushes back in forcing open his sphinter and plunging deeply inside as far as I can go.

Suddenly he comes. Bucking once and his shot of come sprays out onto my chest and over his own stomach. A small drop.lands on my lip and I can taste the sweet salty tang.

This drives me over the edge.

My own orgasm starts in the root of my cock and burts up through and out of me. I feel my balls contract and the shot of cum shoots straight into Mike. I contract again and he gets another.

As I begin to relax I slow slide backwards and my still erect cock slides easily. Theres a last tiny pressure as my head reaches his anal sphincter muscles and pulls past. A stream of my cum runs out of him and wets his left cheek

And thats the way I remember it !

Totally not what I expected!