Okay. So me and my beautiful partner have been together nearly two years and i have never met her parents, no face book, twitter etc because they didn't have one. After my partner tells me we are traveling to see them for the first time its quite exciting as she has met mine many times. We talk over the phone and get to know each other before meeting it finally comes to the date where we meet, we stay at their house in the spare bedroom. I meet the father and mother and first thought that came to me was how sexy the mother was... she had tied up long brunette hair, lusciously curved legs with a tight singlet dress bringing her hips out, i could only imagine what was under that short skirt. Her thighs, shapely figure, tight clothing and big tits was all i could think about as i greeted myself.. my partners mother was definitely way sexier then her! That night we had dinner and all i could think about was her sexy voice. I imagined it moaning and screaming from my cock, her eyes were green with darkened eyelashes. She kept looking at me as we all talked so i thought maybe she thinks i'm hot? But then i would come to reality and think again no! I'm just horny.. but.. she kept staring, with long moment looks and wine filled gazes. Awhile after dinner she asked me to help her with the dish washing i gladly agreed. My partner whispered to my ear that she was going to "wait for me in the bedroom" and felt my cock.. lol, but even after that the only thing on my mind was the mothers ass, body and tits! The way she spoke and held herself turned me on so much.. after dishes and a good talk with her i went to tend my busting urges with my partner as she was already waiting. Within seconds i was fucking my girl hard, fast and repetitive, forgetting to close the door but that only made it more exciting i guess..riding my dick she cum within 8 minutes and i pulled out without cumming because i couldn't for some reason, i could of kept going but i pretended like i already finished.. in my head was later on i wanted to go finish off later on in the bathroom thinking about the mother, so i did.. at 12 something a.m i walked to the main bathroom after my girl fell deep asleep, i started stroking my dick.. thinking of my girls mums sexy figure and sexy voice.. halfway through i hear a creek in the door so i panic, tuck my cock in and quickly stand up! Its the mother! I was frozen and tried to hide behind the door but she already spotted me.. in a night gown she quickly froze up as well and apologized, but me having a near cumming full blown hard on under my underwear she spotted that as well, she stopped what she was saying, stood and stared for awhile.

She gazed back up at me with a blushing red hot face and said "what were you doing?"

Now weirded out by such a random question at such a random moment i just took the risk and said..

"All i could think about while i fucked your daughter was fucking you instead"

She dropped her whole confident front and simply said

"Well.. fuck me then?"

I grabbed her by the waist, brushing my throbbing cock on her stomach.. stuck my tongue in her mouth and picked her up by the legs.. i starting sucking her neck, she started sweating and trying to hold her moans in, i placed her on the sink and lifted her legs up, she was dripping wet and i tongue fucked her clit and pussy groaning calling her "maarmi i wanna fuck you so bad" she came on my face clenching her legs and smacking everything off the sink..

I pulled her down, grabbed her by the hair and rammed my 8 inch cock right in making her scream!

She slapped the mirror like a magnet, i thrusted and thrusted, she couldn't hold in her moaning any longer.. i rammed it deep and started pumping faster and faster, I fucked her and she couldn't stop screaming, i could tell she hadn't had a dick like this before..

After 5 minutes of fucking her against the sink mirror she came again shaking her legs like she was going to drop! I grabbed her neck, slightly squeezing her on the sides so she stood back up. I turned her around and started sucking her nipples, i fucked her again and again and i came all inside her warm busting pussy..

After a few moments she had realized what just happened, said nothing and slowly walked off after wiping her pussy, i stood there for a bit and washed my face.. i went back to bed with my partner and she wakes up asking to go again? I politely say "No babe, i'm tired" and turned over to sleep.

The next morning i tried to stay in the room as long as possible, avoiding the awkward breakfast. But inevitable i joined the family and the mother just acted as nothing even happened, i was glad!

Its been 5 years since then now and not one word has been spoken about it until this story.. well.. a couple of my close friends know. And i am still with my beautiful partner (now wife) lol..

But in saying this i love my wife and her family :) and i will always remember that night and she will too. No more awkward breakfasts.