Written by Ants


This is going back to when we first started sleeping together but wanting to have sex......

We were at her friends party having a good time when i met her parents for the first time we drunk for hours and hours till people started leaving my gf parents had left and most of the party when we decided to lay down it was 2.30am and she lied ontop of me kissing me and leaving huge love bites on my neck we could hear a sound it was her friend on the couch letting out quite moans as she fingered herself while her bf was asleep in the room.

We kept kissing and my gf pulled out her tits and rested one by my mouth as i sucked and tounged her hard pink nipple she played with the other and she let out a little groan as i slowly started flicking hard hot wet clit side to side she then said she cant not here but undid my pants and peeled me back and started licking my nob swirling her tounge round and round made me so horny she wanked my hard cock and licked it as i told her baby im gana cumm i felt her lick harder and suck the tip of my cock as she licked my hot cumm as it shot into her mouth and dribbbled down my cock someone woke up for work so we stopped i left and told her i would txt her....

The next day i txt saying how lastnight was awsome she replied that i had the biggest cock shes ever had in her mouth and soon to be pussy she told me how her ex had a small dick and couldnt fuck her right so that made me so horny i then asked were she was and she said her cousins i went over and had a few bottles to break the ice. 2 hours later me and my gf were drunk talking dirty when we went inside her cousin let us borrow her bed we went in closed the door and she jumped on the bed took off her pants and panties and layed there legs open laughing

quietly while rubbing her clit whipering to me here you go come fuck me now weve been waiting so long so i led my hard cock towards her pussy then she grabbed it wet my nob with her finger guilding it in slowly to her hot wet pussy she then said quitly to me push it in baby i pushed and i couldnt beleive how tight she was she pulled a pillow over her face screaming OHH FUCK. OMG SLOWLY BABY .

i could feel her pussy lips griping against my hard cock she cummed twice and i just couldnt cumm for some reason. The next morning we woke up opened the door to my gf besties saying she finger fucked herself to sleep listening to her friend get fucked hard for a hour and a half...

I then txt and said i was coming over she had a shower and laied in bed waiting about 7.30pm i opened the door jumped in next to her and she grabbed my cock and told me she loved it as i rubbed her clit we took off our clothes and i inserted my cock into her hot tight wet pussy she moaned as my hard cock filled her pussy and she said please cumm this time as i started pounding away 5 mins later shes screaming digging her nails into me yelling im cumming but she is shocked becoz shez never cummed while been fucked untill me but she her legs shake eyes roll body stiffins and her pussy is pulsing around my cock as it fills her pussy with hot cumm she then explains she just had her first orgasm telling me she wants more and she let me fuck her allday sometimes. ... To be continued.