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Ants 4 years ago

Me and my Mrs 2

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3 min
....We had been fucking for month now het pussy truley and well sretched from the constant fucking i was giving her and now moved on to us experimenting and finding out what she likes and loves so we had a drink and her friend picked us up and we had a few together while we waited for her man we fell asleep and i woke no one home yet my gf friend asleep next to her i slid my gf pants down moved her panties to the side and slid my cock in her semi wet hot pussy i fucked her slow at first i felt a thrust back on cock so i went faster and faster untill she awoke almost about to cumm looking at her friend move from the motion off us fucking she later told her friend she leaked cumm all over her bed and she smiled and said its okay... We went home cleaned up and talked about the night before i could see my gf getting horny talking about it and we started to get ready for a birthday we went to the party and had a good time having shot after shot we were wasted stumbling home we got to the bed were my sexy gf got on all fours naked spreading her legs so i could see her pussy ready to be fucked and slammed when i opened her ass cheeks and pushed my tounge in her hole she yelped in suprise as i tounged her bum and licked my way to her pussy she was so horny i never felt that before she said as she slowly deep fucked my face twirling on my tounge untill she yells give me your cock as she sits on it fucking me hard she cumms and lifts up abit so i keep going watching her face as she has a orgasm getting off she says she squirtted i laugh lay her down and fuck her to sleep... The next day i hear her friend saying shes having a party we should go so we get ready and go we say hi to everyone and hav a few drinks later on we notice after kissing abit her wanking me and me poking her as we tell her friend were going she comes with us and were thinking why then we gt back to our room and her friend txtd someone we all walk inside as my gf strips and lays in a sheet on the bed i look over and her friend is naked in the same sheet i put it my gf and start pounding away as we watch her friend suck cock i put my hand out and reach for the other pussy under the sheet and rub her as she moans and has a mouthful of cock i stroke her clit fast she starts moving i move my hand as i hear her pussy getting filled my gf on the verge of having a orgasm looks at her friend and sees a cock going in and out she grabs me and says fuck me harder i pull her closer and go for it as she moans we can hear her friend moan i start cumming in my gf and she cumms we look over her friends cumming too what a i night we wake up and i over herd my gf tell her friend that i fuck her and she cries somtimes during but she doesnt know y. .....

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