Written by Cheeky


I've always enjoyed my encounters with older women. This is one of my favorite encounters.

I have been seeing her on and off for a year or so.

I decided one night to tie her up to my beds supports. Blind folded and all she had on was her bra and undies.

I lit some body massage candle oil and grabbed some cubes of ice.

I sensed she was nervous yet excited.

I let some warm oil drop onto her body. She twitched a little. I spread the oil with my hands as I sat on her to keep her from squirming. I lowered her bra straps and unhooked her bra to reveal here nipples. I grabbed an ice cube and rubbed it on her nipples making them nice and erect. I sucked on them gently and this caused her to moan. I ran the ice down her belly and along her legs and in between her thighs .

Her legs spread , I licked her on the edge of her pussy. She squirmed and moaned a little.. Moving it to one side I gave a nice slow lick and a nibble on her clit. Could feel how wet she was getting.

I rubbed my now hard cock along her pussy lips and let my cock

Slip in. I got up and placed my cock in her mouth and wow, she loved the taste of herself on my cock.

I decided to fuck her a little more , she kept wanting more. I stopped myself and let her suck me again.

I felt a sensation as if I was about to blow as she sucked harder and deeper . Felt so amazing . I couldn't stop her. I exploded in her mouth and had to pull out but she sucked harder and wow, it was wet.

My first ever squirt.

Staying hard, I fucked her again and she was getting wetter and wetter.

I gave her more oral and finger fucked her making her squirt in my mouth.

Yummy night that was.