Written by scotsmitch2001


There's a line and you usually know where it is but sometimes it blurs, you're fine one minute then it changes in a heartbeat.

Evelyn moved into the house next door. She was in her early 70's, a trimly built, grey haired grandmother who was still sprightly for her age.

Over the next few months we would bump into each other, pass pleasantries etc.

One day I was in the garden and she called over the fence in a panic because her kitchen sink was blocked and she wanted to get it fixed. I shrugged my shoulder and offered to fix it.

It didn't take long and she asked if I wanted a drink of tea or something. I sat and chatted with her for awhile before leaving.

From there it became a regular thing, couple nights a week I would und for a "cuppa", she was lonely and enjoyed the company I guess and to be honest, I enjoyed listening to her talk about her life.

One night we were talking and I noticed a short black negligee , folded up from just being washed, I made a comment about it, she blushed and told me it was a small pleasure she did for herself, buying sexy lingerie and nighties although it was only for her benefit. I asked to see and she took me into her bedroom, opening the middle drawer she blushed as I gasped at the range of nighties, teddies , robes etc it contained .

We both knew we were crossing a line but at that moment I didn't care.

I ran my fingers through the drawer, then pulled out a red silk nightie. This one, I said, let me see you in this.

She blushed and said no, I told her I would go back to the lounge and if she wanted to she could no pressure.

I left her in the room .

About 15 minutes went by, I was about to leave when she walked into the room.

I sat there stunned , the nightie clung to her body, the hem stopping about mid- thigh, it showed her body off to good effect. She was embarrassed but also a little excited. I stuttered a Wow, then told her she looked great.

She gave a little bow and turned to leave.

Do I get to see the black one ? I asked

She hesitated then left the room. I sat there, my hand moved up and massaged my erect shaft under my jeans , I couldn't believe how horny I was.

A few minutes later she walked back in. The black negligee was even sexier, and shorter.

She looked at me shyly and told me I was the only man to see her with it on. It was filmy and hung loose around her body, slightly see through.

I gulped and looking at her I told her she was beautiful . I hesitated then whispered, the bra you're wearing kinda ruins the effect.

She looked at me, then left the room again, walking back in a few moments without her bra.

I couldn't stop staring at her body. The effect she was having. I stood up and walked over to her.

Thank you, I whispered, I touched the hem between my finger and thumb just gently feeling the material. She stepped back placing her hand on my chest.

I better get dressed she said.

I nodded and she walked out the room.

I stood there for a moment then followed her. She had just got into her bedroom and was looking at herself in the full length mirror in the corner of her room. I walked up behind her my arms going around her waist, my hands moved up and cupped her breasts, they fitted perfectly in my hands. I pressed inwards, letting her feel my arousal.

She whispered that we shouldn't and I whispered too late as I started to kiss the back of her neck,

She just stood there, arching back a little as my hands explored her body,

We moved over to her bed and she lifted her arms for me as I removed her nightie.

She was smiling as I quickly undressed her eyes fastening on my hard cock as I got on the bed,

It's been a long time? She whispered , I kissed her? Letting my hands touch her breasts her stomach moving in between her thighs.

I don't know what I was expecting but it was no different from any other woman,

Maybe a bit slower, a bit less passion but that brought out the sensuality and eroticism of what we were doing,

I took my time, savouring what she was giving me,

And it was amazing